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123 Terrifying Though

He never would have imagined that the bag was filled with...cash!!! "No way?!" Zhao Yu felt like he was dreaming. Just before he was fighting for his life against Yang Wentao, so did he just find a bag of cash in the blink of an eye?

"This feeling…why do I feel dizzy? Am I dreaming?" He grabbed a wad of cash and looked carefully. The bag was filled with one-hundred dollar bills. Even though they were old, they were all still usable. Zhao Yu recognized that the bills were part of the fourth edition of bills the Chinese government had printed. If he had to do a rough estimate, there was probably eighty to one-hundred thousand yuan in there!

 "This much money?! Holy sh*t…" Zhao Yu could not help but gasp in shock. Even though this type of money was no longer printed, it was still usable. Also, because it was old, it was possible that they had some additional value! At the very least, if each bill was two to three times its original worth, then that would be quite a lot of money! "Woah…Then…aren’t I rich?!" Zhao Yu thought. "Geez, I almost forgot, today’s hexagram not only had the "gen" hexagram, but also the "dui" hexagram for money!

 "To think that the "gen" hexagram helped me catch Yang Wentao, and the "dui" hexagram was also helpful and got me all this money…Muwahaha…This amazing system, I love you so much!" Just as Zhao Yu was feeling good, he wanted to check if there was anything else in the bag, but everything suddenly went dark and he could not see a thing!

 The invisible night vision’s effect only lasted an hour, and Zhao Yu had just ran out of time. After a few seconds, the invisible telescope also stopped working.

 "Tsk,tsk…" Zhao Yu quickly put away the money and started thinking. He had not thought that he had been in the cave for that long. Without night vision, it could get quite dangerous. Could he manage to make it out with just his phone’s flashlight? He had gotten himself lost some time ago, and had no idea in what direction the exit was.

 Zhao Yu turned on his phone’s flashlight to take a look at Yang Wentao. His entire face was covered with blood, nose broken, and his eyes looked like the half-blind dog—one of them could not even open anymore! The man was moaning miserably. Even though he was not dead, he was completely passed out. The rock Zhao Yu threw had not landed lightly...

 "Whew…" Zhao Yu breathed in and tried to calm his agitated heart. What should he do now? Even though he had caught the suspect and found some money, if he could not find his way out of the cave then nothing would matter!

 "Then…how should I leave?" As if guessing Zhao Yu’s thought, the half-blind dog turned around a few times and barked at Zhao Yu, as if he wanted Zhao Yu to follow him!

 "Nah!" Zhao Yu did not want to take the chance. He figured that the dog was a sh*t expert, so if it took him around the cave looking for sh*t, how could Zhao Yu survive?

 "Nah, let’s think of something else!" Zhao Yu waved at the dog, asking it to quiet down and stop moving around. He focused on Yang Wentao again. Since this was Yang Wentao’s area, surely he knew where the exit was. But this guy was an escaped murderer. It was not impossible that he would rather die with Zhao Yu than being captured. Also, this guy was very injured. Zhao Yu was not sure when he would wake up. He could not put all of his hope on him.

Zhao Yu decided he could only rely on himself. He searched through his mind and quickly found two items: the signal amplification device and the invisible GPS. With the two of them combined, it seemed like a perfect solution to his problem. Zhao Yu used them immediately.

 After using the system items, Zhao Yu’s phone immediately had signal, so he immediately called Peng Xin. It was already one o’clock in the morning, so Peng Xin was half-asleep when she picked up Zhao Yu’s call. When he described his situation, saying that he had caught Yang Wentao, but was now stuck in a cave. He heard the sound of someone falling on the floor.

 Zhao Yu gave his location through the invisible GPS to Peng Xin. Now he just had to wait! But Peng Xing said they still needed at least two hours to get him. No problem, it was just two hours after all…

 Zhao Yu found a place near the wall and sat down to rest. Because he and Yang Wentao were handcuffed together, he could only pull hard and drag Yang Wentao with him.

 "This guy…" Zhao Yu thought, "If this guy is actually awake, I want to ask, ‘what were you thinking? Did you want to live your entire life in the cave?’

 "‘Also, was the person near the water reservoir you? Could it be…we got the wrong person? Why did you run to the water reservoir again?’" But Yang Wentao was completely knocked out, with no sign of waking up.

 The half-blind dog was very obedient. Seeing that Zhao Yu was no longer moving, he immediately laid beside Zhao Yu and made no noise.

Even though the half-blind dog could only smell sh*t, Zhao Yu really liked it. Without its help, he never would have been able to find Yang Wentao for the second time! "Alright, once we get out, I’ll definitely buy a huge chicken for you to eat!"

 Bored, Zhao Yu started thinking about the system again. The "gen-dui" hexagram was truly amazing. He had captured the culprit and even made a ton of money. It was truly best of both worlds...totally insane.

"But…it’s already one in the morning. I caught the culprit, I got the money, so why isn’t the system’s ending message not here?" Zhao Yu wondered. "Could it be…my adventure still isn’t over?"

 Thinking this much, Zhao Yu could not help but remember the bag of cash. Not only was it unexpected, but also strange. In an abandoned, crumbling cave, how come there was so much money? Clearly the cash was unrelated to Yang Wentao. Zhao Yu had only picked it up accidentally, but where did the cash come from, and from who? Who hid it there? Maybe the money had something to do with the silver mine. Maybe there was some secret dealing going on in the mine back then, but…this was such a huge amount of money, who would just leave it there?

 "Wait," Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something, "in front of the tunnel there was a lot of broken rocks. Could it be that something had caved in down here? Oh…" Zhao Yu felt a chill run down his back. Could it be that the owner of the cash had been crushed under the rocks because the tunnel had caved in. Could it be…that there was still…other things to be found?