Crazy Detective
122 Unexpected Discovery
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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122 Unexpected Discovery

Zhao Yu had not expected Yang Wentao to be so tenacious. He had been on the run for almost two weeks without proper food and water, and was exhausted. Logically, he should have been subdued easily! However, Zhao Yu rolled around with him in the water, unable to defeat him. Due to Yang Wentao’s desperate struggle, Zhao Yu even got a few mouthfuls of stagnant water! In this area of the mine pit, not only was there ankle-high stagnant water, but also objects previously used for mining, such as a few wooden racks, tattered baskets, and even half a push-cart.

The two wrestled in the water and suddenly hit the push-cart, causing it to fall onto the two men. The stones on the push-cart fell onto Zhao Yu and slowed him down. Yang Wentao took this chance and got up before running deeper into the cave. Yang Wentao also seemed unfamiliar with the place. And without any lighting device, he stumbled as he ran and tripped onto a pile of fallen stones after just a few steps!

At that very moment, Zhao Yu’s night vision finally came into good use. He struggled out from the stones and went forward to grab Yang Wentao’s left leg, pulling him back into the stone mess! In desperation, Yang Wentao frantically took a stone and threw it at Zhao Yu. Luckily, Zhao Yu was able to see clearly and quickly tilted his head to dodge it! 

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu was also anxious. He let go of his hand and allowed Yang Wentao to climb onto the pile of stones. Zhao Yu had already clearly seen that this enclosed cave was actually a dead end. It was possible that there had been a landslide, and that the stones had already blocked the pathway. There was no way for Yang Wentao to escape!

However, Yang Wentao was not aware of this. It was when he climbed higher up that he realized there was no escape. Unexpectedly, he started to pick up stones again, intending to throw them at Zhao Yu.

"Heh heh heh…" Zhao Yu laughed coldly and said to himself, "Who doesn’t know how to throw stones?" He bent over, picked up a stone the size of a football with each of his hands, and shot them at Yang Wentao! One stone hit Yang Wentao on the chest, and the other one hit him right on the face!!

Yang Wentao grunted and lost consciousness at once! Along with his body falling, the stones from the landslide fell and produced a series of loud noises, causing dust to fly all over. Zhao Yu breathed heavily and took a closer look. Yang Wentao’s face was already covered in blood and obviously disfigured! However, this his life was not in danger. Despite being unconscious, he was still mumbling and bobbing head at the same time. Zhao Yu took another deep breath, but his body was completely exhausted and he even felt a little dizzy. Zhao Yu could not help but feel puzzled. This little bit of activity was nothing to him, so why did he feel so lousy? Could it be because of the night vision?

"Woof! Woof! Woof!" A few dog barks suddenly came from outside the wooden fence. Zhao Yu turned around and saw that it was the blind dog which had followed him. Not knowing why, Zhao Yu actually felt a sense of companionship looking at the blind dog. He quickly waved at the dog, "It’s okay now, bro, the baddie’s been caught! Come over!"

"Woof woof woof…" The blind dog barked a few times at the door, as if replying him. It barked outside the door and did not want to go in.

Huh? At that instant, Zhao Yu seemed to have figure something out. Could it be...the oxygen level was low in the cave? Was that why he felt dizzy? Right! He suddenly thought of something again. Among the system tools, there was an invisible air monitor. This item was able to test the air quality, which would make it useful to use now.

With this thought, Zhao Yu quickly activated the tool. Once it had been activated, a red light lit up in his brain. The air monitor was warning him that there was excessive carbon dioxide in the air. it was extremely harmful to the human body and he had to leave immediately!

"Oh my goodness!" Zhao Yu was speechless. No wonder he felt dizzy and out of breath! If he had not used the tool, he would have definitely passed out and died! Zhao Yu quickly went to pull Yang Wentao, but he did not move at all! Eh? He hastily went in front of Yang Wentao to check on him and saw that a huge rock had landed on Yang Wentao’s arm!

Zhao Yu sighed. Although Yang Wentao was a murderer, Zhao Yu still needed to help him. If not, he would definitely die down here. Zhao Yu used all of his strength and lifted the rock up a little bit. He lowered his head and tried to pull out Yang Wentao’s arm.

Unexpectedly, just as he pulled out Yang Wentao’s arm, Zhao Yu saw something under the rock! The texture and shape of the object was clearly different from stones. Out of curiosity, Zhao Yu patted off the dust on top and realized what the object way! It was actually a leather bag! Zhao Yu pushed aside the stones around it and finally dug the bag out. It was a small rectangular bag, but he was unable to make out the color due to his night vision. Nonetheless, the bag was bulging and seemed to be filled with something.

At a dangerous moment like this, Zhao Yu did not have time to look closely. He quickly put the bag under his armpit and got up, dragging Yang Wentao out from the cave! As the ground was filled with stagnant water, Yang Wentao had also drank quite a bit of it. After Zhao Yu pulled him up, he continuously coughed out the water. Zhao Yu did not waste any time and quickly cuffed the other end of Yang Wentao’s handcuff onto his other hand!

"Huh! Are you great at running away? Show me how you’re gonna run away this time?" Feeling pleased with himself, Zhao Yu could not help but gasp in admiration at the quality of handcuffs these days. Yang Wentao had been on the run for two weeks, but he had still been unable to open them! If the handcuffs had not made a clanking sound, then Zhao Yu may not have even have discovered him! What a great coincidence!

Thinking about how he had caught Yang Wentao, Zhao Yu realized that he had made any mistakes, the result would have been different! It was simply too much of a coincidence!

"Woof woof woof…" The blind dog was still barking beside Zhao Yu. He did not know whether it was celebrating for him or about something else. After getting out of the enclosed cave, the red light on the invisible air monitor finally turned green. Zhao Yu also felt that he could breathe more easily. To play it safe, he dragged the semi-unconscious Yang Wentao far away from the wooden fence to a safe place. The blind dog had stopped barking, and started going around Yang Wentao in circles.

"Alright," Zhao Yu was dizzy watching the dog go in circles. He shouted, "That’s enough. This fella is not able to poop for the time being!" After saying that, Zhao Yu thought of the leather bag that he had picked up just now. The bag was bulging. He wondered what was inside. Since Yang Wentao was not totally awake, Zhao Yu took the bag out to check. There was an obvious butterfly logo at the bottom of the bag, and its design was old and simple. There were also two handles on top, and it looked a bit like handbags carried by aunties for grocery shopping. This type of design could probably be traced to the eighties, and it was probably quite old.

Although the leather bag was bulging, Zhao Yu did not have high expectations for what was inside since he had found it inside of a mine; however, he was wrong again this time! When he pulled the zipper open and saw what was inside, he was dumbstruck!!!
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