Crazy Detective
121 “Bullsh*t“ Detection Exper
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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121 “Bullsh*t“ Detection Exper

Zhao Yu did not know how to communicate with the dog, and could only gesture at it. "Bro, can you help me find the person who was just shitting here? Later I’ll buy fried chicken for you, okay?"

 Unexpectedly, the half-blind dog woofed a few times as if it understood Zhao Yu’s words. It made circles around Zhao Yu again and picked a direction, gesturing at Zhao Yu for him to follow it.

 "Ah?" Zhao Yu was very excited and immediately followed the dog.

 The dog quickly fleeted through the caves almost too easily. Zhao Yu could not understand. This dog was blind in one eye, and it was dark in the tunnels, how could it see? But the dog’s sight seemed amazingly good. It never slowed down, and seemed completely unaffected by its own blindness.

 Zhao Yu simply followed the dog through the coiled path. They walked for nearly half an hour before stopping at the corner of a cave. Zhao Yu had long lost his sense of direction by that point, and had no idea where he was.

 The half-blind dog first walked towards the edge of a wall, then started circling around something on the ground. Zhao Yu was wearing his night vision. He looked down and immediately saw what it was.

 Zhao Yu was stunned. On the ground was...a pile of poop! This one clearly was from a long ago, no longer fresh. "Geez…Holy sh*t!" he realized the half-blind dog had misunderstood him. It thought Zhao Yu was still looking for poop!

 "Are you some sh*t finding expert?" Zhao Yu gestured at the dog again. "I say, I need to find a person, person, like me, do you get it? Not sh*t…"

 "Woof, woof, woof…" The half-blind dog barked a few times at Zhao Yu. The barking was especially loud in the dark cavern, and it even echoed.

 Unexpectedly, just as the dog started barking, Zhao Yu suddenly heard something from the deep part of the tunnel on his right side. He heard the sound of metal and of some rocks falling.

 "There’s a person?!" Zhao Yu suddenly was alert, and ran toward the noise. The half-blind dog saw Zhao Yu run and immediately followed.

 After a few steps, Zhao Yu saw that the cavern had a small open area. There was a lot of trash, some old bed covers, and some pots and pans. "Oh…" He finally understood. It turned out that he had stumbled upon the headquarter of the hiding suspect. So this guy had been hiding in a place like this...

 "Oh…" The poop that the half-blind dog had led him to was also from the suspect! Zhao Yu was not sure if the half-blind dog was really amazing, or if it had been a complete coincidence!

Irregardless, he had just found some traces from the suspect! Zhao Yu could not let the opportunity slip away again! He immediately ran forward, dashing into the cave.

 "Woof, woof!" The half-blind dog followed Zhao Yu and called after him, as if trying to tell him that it could not catch up if he kept running that fast! But Zhao Yu did not care that much. He immediately started running deeper into cave.

After two turns in the tunnel, he finally caught up with the mysterious shadow. Even though the suspect did not have night vision, he knew the mines like the back of his hand. Even so, he needed something to see with. He was holding a nearly dead flashlight as he ran.

 Zhao Yu had finally caught sight of him, how could he let him go? He immediately started running as fast as he could and was soon right behind him. "Hmph! Still want to run?" he said to himself.

 Zhao Yu jumped up and flew forward, kicking the suspect’s back. The suspect flew forward and fell hard on the floor. His flashlight rolled away with a loud noise. Zhao Yu immediately ran up and stepped on the suspect’s back!

 Hearing a cry of pain from the suspect, Zhao Yu leaned down to lock their elbow. He had wanted to lock his elbows behind him in order to immediately restrain the suspect. But Zhao Yu would never have thought the suspect would roll on the ground and free half of his body, then swing his right arm and flash something shiny!

Pain…Zhao Yu felt coldness at his feet, and realized he had been stabbed!

Just as Zhao Yu bit back the pain and retracted his feet, the suspect once spun around and somehow, with a beautiful curve, stood back up again!

 Zhao Yu kicked again, but this time, he was truly shocked! The suspect strode towards the wall of the cave, and as if walking on the wall, ran past Zhao Yu. The most impressive thing was that his body was nearly parallel to the ground. Such an unbelievable move would stun anyone watching!

 Zhao Yu turned and chased him. The suspect continued to run deeper into the cave. Seeing the suspect’s agile figure, Zhao Yu remembered that the suspect practiced parkour. Zhao Yu could not help but yell, "Yang Wentao! Stop!"

 Hearing Zhao Yu yell, the suspect suddenly stopped and turned to look at him.

 Zhao Yu was finally able to get a good look at the suspect’s appearance. His face was covered in stubble, his hair was messy, and with his rag-like clothing he looked exactly like a hobo!

 But Zhao Yu knew Yang Wentao’s face well. With just one look, he was sure that the man before him was indeed the suspect who had been running away for two weeks—Yang Wentao!! To think that this guy had been hiding in a place like this?!

 Yang Wentao heard Zhao Yu yell his name and was shocked. He immediately ran deeper into the cave. Zhao Yu was riding on his adrenaline and immediately gave chase.

 However, Yang Wentao knew this area well, and within a few steps, he ducked down and crawled into a small tunnel!

 Zhao Yu ran forward and intended to follow him, but realized that the cave was tight. If he wanted to get into the tunnel, he would have to press himself to the floor! How could he let that happen? Zhao Yu was not dumb. He knew that if he crawled in, Yang Wentao only needed a rock to end him! Not to mention, he had a knife!

 Zhao Yu looked carefully and realized that the cave wall was not made of rock, but was just an old wooden fence. Due to the aging process, the wood was already rotten. His eyes lit up. He took a step back, then threw his body against the fence!

 Zhao Yu guessed correctly. Yang Wentao was indeed waiting on the other side with his knife, but he never expected that Zhao Yu would burst in from the side instead of following him into the tunnel.

 Slam…The wooden fence was broken by Zhao Yu. Yang Wentao could not dodge, and was slammed into the ground. The knife in his hand flew far away!

 Zhao Yu had lightning fast reaction speed. He immediately grabbed Yang Wentao’s clothes, intending to throw him against the wall! Yet, Yang Wentao’s clothing was made from cheap material. With a ripping sound, the cloth fell apart, and he fell into the cavern behind the cave.

Unexpectedly, the floor of the cave was filled with water. Yang Wentao fell with a splash. Zhao Yu roared and immediately kicked! Unexpectedly, Yang Wentao was very flexible. He scrambled up from the water, not only dodging Zhao Yu’s kick, but he even managed to stand up and was ready to run again!

 Zhao Yu already knew that this guy was good at running, so he could only send himself flying forward, pushing Yang Wentao into the ground!

 Splash…With a splash of water, the two rolled in the water of the cave.
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