Crazy Detective
120 A Dog Never Changes its Habit of Eating Poop
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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120 A Dog Never Changes its Habit of Eating Poop

Zhao Yu only had a few cans of beer since he knew he could not drink too much. He was clearly aware that the photo of Yang Wentao was a printed copy from the police station, and it was impossible for it to have Yang Wentao’s smell. It was also impossible for the blind dog in front of him to bring him to Yang Wentao! Nonetheless, Zhao Yu followed the blind dog without hesitation. As of now, the system had not announced the end of his adventure that day. Even if the blind dog was unable to find Yang Wentao, it might be able to bring him to some clues.

The blind dog limped but moved quite fast. Zhao Yu had to run slightly along the way to catch up with it. The blind dog was afraid that Zhao Yu might get lost behind it and barked from time to time to alert Zhao Yu.

They passed through a small alley at the back of the mountain. It was a dark and windy night, and the area was overgrown with weeds. Zhao Yu had no choice but to switch on the flashlight on his phone. The blind dog brought Zhao Yu through the weeds, and turned in different directions. They soon arrived at the foot of the mountain. There was a tall elm tree there, and the blind dog finally stopped under the tree. "Woof woof woof…" The blind dog barked continuously at Zhao Yu and seemed to want Zhao Yu to see something.

"Oh...there’s something here! It’s time to witness a miracle!" Zhao Yu thought.He was already filled to the brim with excitement and quickly ran forward, wanting to know what the blind dog had led him to. Zhao Yu looked at the ground and was stunned by what he saw! "What...damn…"

The thing that the blind dog had led him to turned out to be a steaming pile of poop!! "Holy sh*t! A dog never changes its habit of eating poop!" Zhao Yu could not help but feel despondent. "I came all the way here just to see you eat poop? What the…"

As Zhao Yu was turning crazy, the blind dog excitedly ran around the pile of poop in circles as if it had found some treasure, and kept barking at Zhao Yu at the same time. This time, Zhao Yu finally understood something. The dog was trying to return the favor, and used the poop to repay him! "Holy sh*t!"

"Oh, I treated you to chicken drumsticks and feet, and you’re treating me with...this!? Is this good food?"

"Woof! Woof! Woof!" Hearing the blind dog’s loud barks, Zhao Yu could not wait to give it a kick. "What is going on? I was going crazy trying to solve the case, and ended up being played by a dog…"

Eh? Eh!? Just as Zhao Yu was feeling depressed, he suddenly heard a few clanking sounds. Although it was faint, it was not far from him. The sound was obviously from metals knocking against each other, but this was a barren mountain with no one around. How could there be this sound?

Zhao Yu quickly turned on his flashlight and looked around. At the same time, a thought came across his mind. The poop under the tree had steam coming out of it. That meant that...someone here had just…

Suddenly there was movement in the bushes, and Zhao Yu saw a man scurrying out! The man’s speed was very fast as he fled toward the back of the mountain. Zhao Yu was less than ten meters away from the man. Although it was dim, he could still clearly see that the man actually had some shiny object hanging on his right wrist! The clanking metal sound just now was from this object! "Ah! Handcuffs! Wasn’t that a pair of handcuffs!? The man...why was he wearing handcuffs?"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu had been closely following Yang Wentao’s case, and he instinctively recalled something. The day Yang Wentao escaped, one of his hands had already been handcuffed by the detectives. He had escaped when his other hand was about to be cuffed! "Could it be...this man who just fled...ah, holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu quickly held his flashlight higher to find the man, but the fella was very fast and had already disappeared into the night.

"What, how can this happen!? If that was really Yang Wentao, we cannot let him escape again!" Zhao Yu anxiously ran toward the mountain, but his flashlight was too weak and he could not even see the road clearly, let alone chase a person.

"What should I do? Right!" Out of desperation, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered he had the invisible night vision from the Miracle System. This was a chance not to be missed. If he did not use it now, when else could he use it?

He quickly found the tool in his brain and selected it. The tool did not activate immediately, and cautioned him that the tool should be used at night and that strong light should be avoided or else it could be harmful for the eyes. Zhao Yu quickly tapped on it again and finally activated it. This tool was indeed amazing. Zhao Yu felt that his eyes suddenly went into night vision mode. The surroundings were colorless, but he was able to see clearly. Although he had night vision, he was still unable to see faraway places clearly. Having no other choice, Zhao Yu also activated the invisible telescope, combining the two into one and maximising their power.

Zhao Yu quickly searched the faraway places. Fortunately, the weeds were not tall and within ten seconds, he saw a man flash past the entrance of a mine some distance away! "What...this fella ran so fast? He actually got so far in a blink of an eye!? Oh…" Zhao Yu suddenly recalled that Yang Wentao was a parkour practitioner. "So...this fella really is him!?" Zhao Yu did not have time to think further and quickly ran toward the entrance of the mine. 

With the night vision, he was able to move fast and reached the mine pit in no time. The dark pit became clear with the use of the night vision. The tools boosted Zhao Yu’s confidence, and he went straight into the mine pit without a second thought. Zhao Yu thought that since he had night vision while the man did not have any sort of light, he had the upper hand in a pitch-dark place like this, and he would be able to catch up with Yang Wentao soon!

However, Zhao Yu had overlooked the most crucial problem. The mine in front of him was not a dead-end, but had numerous connecting tunnels. Not long after, he came to an intersection. Zhao Yu was eager to go after the man, and had not thought about it too much. He felt that the path on his right had some movement inside and ran straight inside.

Who would have known that this mine pit was like a maze? The deeper you went in, the more intersections there were. Gradually, Zhao Yu had gone down a few tunnels and had no idea how to continue the chase. Although he could still hear some vague movements, he was unable to ascertain where the sound came from exactly.

"Tsk tsk...what to do now?" Unexpectedly, just as Zhao Yu was faced with difficulty, a series of rapid noises came from behind him. He quickly turned his head and saw the blind dog appear out of nowhere.

"Wah, are you kidding?" Zhao Yu felt that it was amazing and could not figure out how the dog followed him. However, seeing the blind dog rekindled Zhao Yu’s hope. "Doggie, since you could never change your habit of eating poop, why don’t you help me find the man who pooped!?"
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