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119 You Gotta Help Me

When Zhao Yu saw the dog eating the beef jerky, he suddenly came up with a very important question. If Yang Wentao escaped into the mines, then…what did he eat?

 The area around the mine had nothing but mountains and uninhabited areas, not even any wild life. Even edible plants or seeds were rare! This guy was not sitting in the cave catching mice, right? On the day he ran off, he could not have brought that much money, and probably could not have bought much food. Then…What had the guy been eating for all of these days?

 Zhao Yu vaguely felt that even if Yang Wentao had went to the mines, he could not be far from people! If he wanted to live, he needed food and water, and he could only get that if he was near a town or village. Then…

Zhao Yu turned on his phone and started checking out the map of the area Peng Xin sent him that morning. He wanted to see, within Yinpan Mountain, what towns or villages were close to the mine area.

 As it turned out, according to the map, the place he was in, Pangyin Town, was the town closest to the mine. West of the town, and behind the mountain, there were many mining caves!

 "Tsk tsk…Interesting…" Zhao Yu thought that if he was Yang Wentao, he would probably pick a place like this to hide too. In the morning, he could stay in the caves, then he could go to the town to buy some food and things to use at night.

 "I hear the sound of the ocean, standing in the center of the town. I think of the tears from the decision when you said yes that day…" Hearing song on the radio and seeing the half-blind dog who had just finished the beef jerky, Zhao Yu felt that he should look around.

 Unexpectedly, just as he made that decision, he received a message from the system. This time, Zhao Yu’s adventure completion rate was seventy-three percent, and the system rewarded him with a signal amplification device. With it, one could amplify a phone or other device’s signal.

 "First an invisible air monitor, and then Invisible GPS, and now a signal amplification device. System, are you really worried I’ll get lost?" he thought. Since the adventure was over, Zhao Yu did not really want to think about anything else. He locked up his car and went upstairs to sleep. Before sleeping, Liu Xueshan called him, but Zhao Yu did not bother picking up. Zhao Yu could not care less about the slacker.

 Even though the hotel was awful, Zhao Yu was so exhausted that he slept until morning. Following his old habit, as soon as he woke up, he smoked! As soon as the hexagram explanation appeared, Zhao Yu’s excitement lit up!

"Gen-Dui hexagram," The system said. "Gen for mountain and Dui for swamp. Marsh within the mountain, dark and light all prominent, objects return to nature, very strange."

Seeing early morning he already managed to obtain the much anticipated "Gen" hexagram. Besides that he felt lucky, Zhao Yu also felt that maybe the hexagram he had received could be related to the hard work he had put in before. "Maybe…because the direction of my investigation is right, I managed to get the "Gen" hexagram?" he thought. "If so, then I have to work hard today. Maybe…I’ll get huge rewards! Hehehe…" Thinking about that, Zhao Yu got up and washed up in a hurry. He ate something light, then immediately started his investigation!

 First, he searched through all the areas he had not gone to the day before, then he started searching towards the back-mountain’s mining area. In order not to miss any evidence, he asked almost everyone around, even the children who were going to school.

 Not only that, he also interviewed many old people, and asked about the situation at the mine area, then personally went to search. Inside the mine, there were many caves almost like a maze. Zhao Yu didn’t dare enter, and only searched around the cave entrance, before going back to the town. And just like that, he had searched until eight at night, but Zhao Yu still had not made any progress.

As the town descended into night, the stubborn Zhao Yu suddenly came up with a strange idea. He thought that since Yang Wentao was kind of handsome, maybe he was hiding in some woman’s home. "How about I look in those places? And…take care of some of my own frustration while I’m at it…?" he thought.

 Thus, somewhat distracted, Zhao Yu started making rounds in the town once again. However, the poverty of Yinpan Village was beyond his expectation. He looked through the town’s many shops. Even though there were a few salons, they were all hair salons and were less than savory. The stylists were all old men or old ladies! And the bathing house was also just a bathing house. There was no fun to be had there!

 Zhao Yu could not help but be a bit disappointed. His adventure would end soon, but he had spent the whole day wandering around and had found nothing! Was his direction wrong? Or had he missed something important? If Yang Wentao really was hiding here, how could nobody have seen him? Zhao Yu could not come up with anything, and could only drive back to the hotel.

 When the car stopped, Zhao Yu once again saw the half-blind dog from the night before wandering beside a wall. Ah, Zhao Yu realized that the dog was not only blind in one eye, but its rear leg also had problems. The dog limped as he walked! Also, the dog was mostly skin and bones. It was clearly a stray that was always hungry.

 "Sigh! Poor guy…"Zhao Yu sighed softly and got out of his car. Even though he had fed it only once, when the half-blind dog saw Zhao Yu, it hobbled over to him. It raised its head and looked pitifully at Zhao Yu. Only dogs could show such a pitiful expression.

 The dog did not bark or block his way, but when Zhao Yu stopped when he saw it. He wondered if he had anything that the dog could eat, then he could at least give him a bite! But the beef jerky was already gone, and Zhao Yu did not have anything else to eat.

Zhao Yu looked around and saw a small shop was still open, so he walked in and bought a huge bag of chicken legs and chicken feet. "Here…eat up, eat up…" Tearing the bag open, Zhao Yu started feeding the dog in front of the hotel. Seeing the delicious food, the dog immediately started gobbling up the food as fast as it could.

 Zhao Yu also bought a few bottles of beer, and simply sat beside the dog and started drinking himself. Dog ate meat, while human drank beer…

 As he drank, Zhao Yu could not help but think back on the case. "Gen-Dui hexagram. That’s both work, and money!" It was a good hexagram, but how come it was not working? "I’ve worked hard today, but I still feel like I’m missing something. What…am I missing? I’ve already asked everyone in the town. Is it possible that Yang Wentao really didn’t come here? Hmm…"

 Zhao Yu looked at the half-blind dog. As if joking, thought of a stupid idea. "Well, if the people of the town didn’t know, how about…the dog? Could the dog have seen Yang Wentao? Apparently, a dog’s nose is good. I have Yang Wentao’s scent. Could the dog help me find him?" Then he realized, "Oh? That’s it!"

 Zhao Yu suddenly remembered that the police team had many police dogs. If he got one of them, then maybe it could sniff out Yang Wentao! "Yeah!" Zhao Yu made up his mind and decided that after he finished the bottle of beer he was drinking, he would call Peng Xin.

 Yet, before he finished, Zhao Yu suddenly had another idea. Maybe he had drank too much, but he pulled out Yang Wentao’s photo and put it in front of the half-blind dog. "Hey, I fed you well, so you gotta help me I guess…" Zhao Yu was rather dizzy, and started talking to the dog, "Here…have you seen this guy?"

 Unexpectedly, when it saw the photo, the half-blind dog actually stopped eating and stared at the picture with its working eye. "Woof! Woof! Woof!" After two seconds, the dog started circling Zhao Yu, and barked a few times. Then it dragged its disabled leg and walked towards an alley behind the hotel and started nodding at Zhao Yu. Apparently, it wanted Zhao Yu to follow it!

 "Holy sh*t! No way? No way…" Zhao Yu looked at the beer in his hand Was it fake beer? Why was he so dizzy? Could it be…this dog…really…?