Crazy Detective
117 Curses and Evidence
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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117 Curses and Evidence

while he was looking for yang wentao, zhao yu never forgot about jian wenli’s case. when he was resting, he would often flip open his records, trying to find any leads.

 according to the plan, miao ying had already sent liu pengfei to rongyang prison for surveillance. due to his absence, zhao yu had left all of the follow-up work to be finished up by li beini. 

 over the past few days zhao yu had tried to contact miao ying to inquire about the investigation, yet it seemed that he had angered the feisty woman last time. miao ying did not respond to any wechat messages or phone calls. maybe she had even blocked him.

 actually, because of the difference in jurisdiction, zhao yu could only cooperate with the jian wenli’s case independently. it really did not have much to do with him, so he did not need to worry at all, but because of lin meifeng’s involvement, he simply could not let go of the case. he still felt like he had to help lin meifeng gain her innocence! every time he thought about this, the image of lin meifeng laughing with her children in the morning floated into his mind.

 having met an investigator so far from the city by coincidence, zhao yu felt there was something more to it. even though he was trying to intimidate the new investigator, he had secretly put his hand into his car and stolen his recording pen.

 when he turned on the recorder pen and listened to all of the information on it, he finally understood why the investigator had gone all the way to the shop in yulang. apparently, the white-haired man that appeared at the door was originally a police officer responsible for jian wenli’s case, but he had retired already. miao ying sent someone over to find him because she wanted to understand the original case situation, and see if they missed anything from before.

unexpectedly, the interview with the retired police officer really produce some important details. according to the footprint left at the crime scene previously, the suspect was a strong man that was at least 5’11"! also, according to the rather experienced detective’s reasoning, he thought the suspect’s right foot had some sort of disability because he noticed that all of the right footprints appeared to be a little shallower compared to the left.

jian wenli had been strangled by someone. using the marks left on the corpse, they concluded that the culprit was tall with long arms and thick fingers, and was very strong. also, jian wenli’s pajamas had had a lot of mud on them. the police suspected that the bed where she was found may not have been where she was murdered. the victim may have been strangled by the culprit while pinned against a wall! according to the old police officer’s recollection, these details had initially been recorded, but had not been saved for some reason. he was not sure if it had simply been ignored, or if there was some sort of mistake.

 after zhao yu heard that, he felt even more confident. with this new evidences, there was no doubt that lin meifeng was innocent. jian wenli’s murderer was indeed someone else! he was not sure if miao ying would find the culprit in the end.

 zhao yu was thinking about this when his phone rang. he opened it to see it was from miao ying.

 the call had just connected when miao ying’s angry voice came from the other side, "zhao yu, you good for nothing, are you crazy? if you wanted to know more about the case then just look for me, why did you follow my investigator? and…and followed him so far, too! if you know what’s good for you, go and return the recording pen to zhang!"

 "hey hey…" zhao yu was prepared and replied immediately, "team leader miao, don’t be so angry, okay? i already explained myself. i came to yulang for another case; it was just a coincidence! also, i did want to ask you about the case, but how come you didn’t answer me? did you block me on wechat or something? also…what pen? i don’t know what you’re talking about!"

 "zhao yu, don’t play dumb with me!" miao ying roared, "okay…you said you wanted to understand the case. i’ll tell you right now. lin meifeng’s office supply shop was destroyed! also, liu pengfei’s storage room was set on fire!"

 ah? what? zhao yu was shocked. he asked in a hurry, "who did it?" but he did not need miao ying’s response to know the answer. who else could it be? obviously, it was jian wenli’s family! now that the case had been reopened, and the police had uncovered liu pengfei and lin meifeng’s murder exchange plot, jian wenli’s family would stop at nothing to get revenge.

 "you happy now?" miao ying continued, "also i’ll tell you now, the victim’s family has already started putting pressure on the police! if we can’t find the truth, and the higher-up can’t take it anymore, they might use lin meifeng as a scapegoat!"

 this... zhao yu could not have imagined this. to think the situation with jian wenli’s case had worsened so quickly. it seemed that they could not wait two months anymore. they have to close this case as soon as possible.

 "don’t worry, if i go down, i’ll take you down with me!" miao ying threatened him, "as long as i send your information to jian wenli’s family, rongyang branch will also die with me. i’ll see where you run then!"

 zhao yu swallowed and thought to himself, "this woman...savage!"

 "didn’t you say we were taking too long? why don’t you come and help us?" miao ying continued to scold him, "what were you following my investigators for?"

 "fine!" zhao yu did not stop. "first you give me the information. once i finish what i’m doing now, i’ll go and help you investigate!"

 "it’s helping yourself, not helping me! okay, i’ll give you the information soon!" miao ying agreed, then asked, "then…what about the recorder pen?"

 ten minutes later, the young agent, zhang, drove his own passat and pulled up in front of zhao yu.

 zhao yu ignored him and simply held his pen out the window.

 zhang opened the door and got out of the car. as he got closer he pouted and was rather frustrated, then grabbed the pen angrily. he had wanted to just turn and leave, but he still felt angry, so he turned and cursed at zhao yu, "officer zhao, yulang has a lot of cliffs. if you aren’t familiar with this area, be careful not to fall, okay? it’ll hard to clean up!"

 how could zhao yu take this sort of insult? he did not even need to think before he replied, "then let your mom come and clean up after me! we were in bed together anyway! later, she’ll tell you the truth, kiddo!"

 "you…" zhang shuddered in anger. he had wanted to yell at zhao yu more, but zhao yu suddenly turned on the car and purposefully zoomed past him. zhang almost fell over in shock!

 when zhang turned to look, not only did he see the car leaving him in the dust, but there was even a middle finger sticking way out of the car window.

 "tsk, tsk…" even though zhao yu had messed with zhang a little bit, he did not feel good at all. he had not thought that jian wenli’s family would so rush to make a commotion! also, he had not thought that yang wentao would be so hard to catch! no wonder peng xin and the others had worked so long but still could not close the case!

"this guy…where is he hiding?" zhao yu thought. "i’ve finally opened the "gen" hexagram. what kind of adventure did the system give me? could it be the meeting with the investigator just now?"

 thinking this much, zhao yu was suddenly inspired. he recalled the investigator’s words, "officer zhao, you aren’t familiar with this area...don’t fall off a cliff!"

 "unfamiliar?! familiar?!" zhao yu pondered carefully for a few moments before saying in shock, "ah!! i was wondering what i was missing?! so, the key to the problem...was here?!"

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