Crazy Detective
109 Who’s the Third Party?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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109 Who’s the Third Party?

in the hallway outside the interrogation room, zhao yu was once again terrified! there had been no conflict, and miao ying was only thinking about the case wholeheartedly at the time. facing zhao yu, she had no way to dodge his vomit. even though she jumped to the side as fast as she could, her pants were still stained quite badly. the air was suddenly filled with the smell of puke.

 almost like super saiyan, miao ying’s entire body looked as if it had been set ablaze. her mushroom hair style looked like it was about to explode. when her anger reached its peak, she kicked zhao yu right in the chest!

 when zhao yu flew back, not only was he flying, but he even looked as if he was swimming through the air. even his tongue was flying out…boom! zhao yu landed heavily on the ground. he had thrown up everything he could, and there was only blood left! he immediately slumped against the floor, unable to move.

 "zhao yu!" miao ying leaped through the air, crazy with anger as she yelled, "you…what are you…doing?! ah…" after she finished yelling, miao ying immediately left to find new clothing.

 in that moment, the surrounding investigators could not even move. they had been part of the police force for so long, but they had never seen such a daring move! usually, they did not even dare to talk loudly to miao ying, but now there was someone who had straight up puked on her! this boldness, this daring, could only be described as unprecedented! they were seriously wondering, "zhao yu…is he a masochist or suicidal?"

 but the people were still kind hearted. the investigators saw zhao yu unmoving on the floor for a long time, and feared that miao ying killed him with the kick. they crowded around him to examine him. there were even people sticking their fingers out, wanting to poke at zhao yu to see if he was still alive. but before a finger reached zhao yu, he suddenly sat up and yelled at the top of his lungs, "oh! i got it! i got it!"



 zhao yu’s roaring scared everyone, and they all backed up. some slammed into the wall, some stumbled on the ground. the most unfortunate of them fell onto the ground, and realized they had fallen into zhao yu’s puke. the hallway was suddenly filled with commotion. there was surprised yelling, agonizing wailing, even some angry cursing…

 "i got it!" yet zhao yu stood up. his eyes bulged as he yelled, "i know who the third party is! i know who killed jian wenli! hey…" zhao yu clutched one of the investigator’s collar and asked in a hurry, "quick, quick, get me liu pengfei! i have an important question to ask him! the truth…the truth is coming out! muwahaha…"

 the poor investigator was already stunned. obviously he would not argue with someone who had dared to mess with miao renfeng. he immediately nodded at zhao yu, then went to get liu pengfei.

 zhao yu coughed dryly, and could not contain his thirst. he turned and saw the water fountain. rather than getting a cup, he turned his head and put his mouth directly on the water outlet as he drank vigorously.

after drinking the water, zhao yu felt very refreshed. even though his chest was still in pain, his mind was finally clear. only now did he become aware of the commotion in the hallway, and the disgusting smell of puke permeating through the air. "huh? what happened?" zhao yu scratched the back of his head, and asked the investigators around innocently, "who…puked?!" god…the investigators all fell on the ground in exasperation!

 a few minutes later, the investigator took liu pengfei to the interrogation room. just as they arrived at the door, zhao yu rushed forward and hit liu pengfei’s head, then pushed the man into the room. bam! zhao yu pushed down hard on liu pengfei’s head. the investigators around wanted to stop him, but were simply too intimidated to move.

 "ow…ow…" liu pengfei was a little stunned, why was this demon officer so excited?

 "liu pengfei, liu pengfei!" zhao yu roared, "even now, you dare not to tell the truth? tell me, you killed your wife, jian wenli, right?!"

zhao yu’s words made the investigators around even less inclined to stop him. they all simply let go and let zhao yu do as he pleased.

 "of-officer…you…what do you mean?" liu pengfei yelled in pain, "didn’t i already confess? my wife was killed by lin meifeng! we…we exchanged…ow…" zhao yu was very strong, and liu pengfei could barely speak.

 "hmph! liu pengfei, you won’t admit it until the very end, i see!" zhao yu roared, "planning murder and committing murder are both serious crimes. you should confess as early as you can!"

 "i…i really told you everything!" liu pengfei yelled out innocently.

 "did you really?" zhao yu flipped liu pengfei around, pressing the other side of the man’s cheek against the table, "then, let me fill in the rest for you!

 "on the day you planned for lin meifeng to kill your wife, you felt very anxious! why? because you realized there was a huge problem. lin meifeng was too weak! you were worried that she couldn’t kill your wife properly, so…you came home earlier and strangled your wife. by the time lin meifeng arrived, your wife was already dead!"

 "what? what? no…" liu pengfei tried to defend himself, but was pressed down again by zhao yu.

 "don’t think i don’t know. even though you had an alibi that you were working overtime in sanlitun’s clothing shop, the shop was very close to your house. you had plenty of time to slip back home, commit the murder, then go back!

 "this way, lin meifeng would think she actually killed jian wenli. this way, your murder exchange would be even, and you wouldn’t have to worry about lin meifeng selling you out, right?" all of zhao yu’s reasoning had come from his teammate’s suspicions and guesses when they had eaten barbecue.

hu bin felt that lin meifeng was too slender and would not be an effective murderer! li beini felt that liu pengfei might worry about lin meifeng’s lack of cooperation, and try to force her in other ways. based off of this, zhao yu reasoned that the mysterious third person was just liu pengfei! he had plenty of reason, motive, and opportunity to do such a thing!

 "officer, i’ve already confessed everything. i killed yu zhigen, but i honestly didn’t kill my wife! it really was lin meifeng! oooh…" liu pengfei raised his voice in defense, but his speech was slurred as zhao yu pressed down on him.

 "stop!" with a bell like roar, miao ying suddenly appeared in the interrogation room. she pushed zhao yu away, yelling out, "zhao yu, this is rongyang branch. you can’t just do as you please!"

 liu pengfei’s face was beet red, and he coughed violently. a few smart investigators immediately moved forward and cuffed him to the interrogation chair.

 "zhao yu, your reasoning doesn’t stand at all," miao ying had heard zhao yu’s suspicions, and shook her head. "liu pengfei had a perfect alibi. if jian wenli was murdered by him, we would’ve cracked the case long ago! the surveillance cameras in the clothing factory, and the workers’ testimonies both confirm that liu pengfei didn’t leave that area the night of his wife’s murder!

 "even though the factory was in sanlitun, it was very far from his house. not to mention, it was pouring that night, and the roads were muddy. there was no way he could go home, then come right back! the third party couldn’t have been him!"

 "hmph!" zhao yu huffed coldly, then suddenly remembered his magical lie detector and spoke very confidently, "fine, i’ll ask him a few questions and see if the third party is him or not!"

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