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107 Dream-like Items

"Cheers!" Zhang Jingfeng raised his cup high, then downed it in one gulp. To celebrate solving the Slaughter Case, Zhao Yu and his team were all getting barbeque! Zhang Jingfeng, Liang Huan, Li Beini, and Hu Bin were all present.

 "Hahaha…Amazing!" Zhang Jingfeng slapped Zhao Yu on the shoulder and praised Zhao Yu excitedly, "Much to me and Liang Huan’s heartache, to think Zhao Yu managed to end it!"


 "Zhao, tell me, are you Sherlock Holmes reborn? I was still looking for information when you already closed the case! Your speed, power, and ability are all completely unimaginable!"

 "Yeah! Here, here…" Liang Huan smiled as he held up his cup, "Let’s drink to Zhao Yu! Cheers, Cheers!" The group raised their cup once again!

 After finishing his drink, Liang Huan shook his head, "What a shame. If Zhao Yu had come to the Cold Case Department earlier, then me and Zhang wouldn’t have had to leave! Zhao Yu, you have to continue this glory, and crack a few more cold cases, and see if the higher-ups still look down on us!"

 "Yeah!" Zhang Jingfeng grinned. "I really wanted to know what happened when Liu Changhu heard that Zhao Yu cracked the case. What did he look like? His face must have been unbelievable, right? Hahaha…I want to laugh just imagining it!" The crowd laughed along.

 "Yu," Hu Bin laughed then turned to Zhao Yu seriously, "I still don’t understand. You didn’t have any actual evidence, so how did you get the culprit to admit to the crime? Is he stupid?"

 Zhao Yu smiled gently. Due to the rather questionable method that he and Miao Ying had used, the two had reached an agreement to stay quiet about what had happened in the interrogation room, but he still humored Hu Bin’s question, "We used psychological warfare! Actually, the culprit already wanted to confess, so we didn’t have to do much before he confessed everything!"

 "Oh…" Even though Hu Bin nodded, he still did not quite believe it.

 "Murder Exchange Case!" Li Beini shook her head, speaking to herself, "To think it was this complicated! I thought that this kind of thing only existed in movies! To think that it could happen in real life!"

 "True!" Hu Bin knitted his brows. "Liu Pengfei was just too bold. To find someone to exchange his dirty work with! Killing someone isn’t a joke. Since Lin Meifein is so weak and small, how could Liu Pengfei not worry that she might mess up?"

 "Right!" Li Beini agreed. "Also, if Lin Meifeng doesn’t cooperate, what would Liu Pengfei do? Isn’t that just giving Lin Meifeng a get-out-of-jail-free card?"

 "Not really!" Zhang Jingfeng chimed in, "Didn’t they write an agreement to murder together? If Lin Meifeng didn’t kill Liu Pengfei’s wife, then Liu Pengfei could just say that Lin Meifeng agreed to, and take her down with him!"

 "Wrong" Li Beini refuted, "If you killed someone, and no one suspects you, why would you go confess yourself? Look, Liu Pengfei definitely has some other dirt on Lin Meifeng!"

 Hearing his team discuss the case, Zhao Yu did not participate, but drank by himself.

 "Huh? Weird?" Li Beini noticed Zhao Yu’s irregular behavior and nudged him, then asked, "Senior, what’s wrong? Why are you so down? This isn’t like you! If you were feeling well, you would proudly have your nose in the air right now, right?!"

 "Right, I noticed that too. it’s too quiet!" Hu Bin agreed. "Yu, are you worried about something else? Tell us! It it...something about woman? Also…that tiger woman…"

 "Get away, get away…" Zhao Yu grabbed some meat as he spoke, "I’m still thinking about what to do with my sixty-thousand yuan!"

 "Tch!" Li Beini breathed in and spoke in disdain, "All you think about is money…"

 "No, not just money!" Zhao Yu continued seriously, "I was also thinking about what to say once I get the end-of-year Excellent Police Officer Award!"

 "Pfft…" Li Beini looked at him with even more disdain.

 "Hah! Of course!" Zhang Jingfeng only laughed. "It’s been less than a month and you have already solved three major cases. The Excellent Police Officer Award definitely belongs to you! If they give it to someone else, then those higher-ups must be blind!"

 "All of us!" Zhao Yu raised his wine glass again, yelling, "Don’t worry, guys, I am very loyal to my friends! If I get a promotion and get rich, I’ll definitely take care of everyone! Beini, in the Slaughter Case report, make sure to put everyone in, and make it as important and as exaggerated as you can. Everyone worked hard to crack this case, after all!"

 "Great! Good friend!" Zhang Jingfeng clapped his hands happily, and was the first to stand and cheer with Zhao Yu. Everyone else stood up too, downing their drinks in one shot.

 By the time Zhao Yu returned home, it was already nearly dawn. The sound of the system completion rang as he opened his door. This time, Zhao Yu’s completion rate was 90%, and he had obtained three amazing items! Hr had obtained three invisible surveillance cameras!

 True to its name, the invisible surveillance camera was godly for eavesdropping! With this item, he could see all sort of things without being noticed…hehehe…In the bathhouse? Or in Yao Jia’s bathroom? Or on some famous celebrity? "Hehehe…The amazing Miracle System! The godly "Gen-Kan" Hexagram! I love you so much!!" Zhao Yu thought gleefully.

 Zhao Yu pulled out his notepad and started jotting down notes out of habit. The "Gen" hexagram represented work, which he had managed to complete spectacularly that day. Even though he had had a conflict at Rongyang branch office, knowing that he had cracked the case was truly satisfying. As for the "Kan" hexagram representing woman, Zhao Yu felt that "Kan" more or less represented Miao Ying! She was the only woman he had talked with that day.

 Thinking about Team Leader Miao, Zhao Yu could not help but focus his attention on the case once again.

 Miao Ying had sent the information late that night. She told him the details regarding the Murder Exchange Case, which she had already reported to the higher-ups, and she had also alerted Rongyang Branch Office of Zhao Yu’s contribution. Starting tomorrow, Zhao Yu could officially take part in the investigation of Jian Wenli’s murder.

Miao Ying also told Zhao Yu that Lin Meifeng had been successfully apprehended. Unexpectedly, when the police officers told her why they were arresting her, Lin Meifeng quickly confessed. Her confession matched the details of Jian Wenli’s murder perfectly. It seemed like she had been ready to confess a long time ago. At the moment, the police were still interrogating her, but by the next morning, the entire case would be finished.

 Lying in bed, Zhao Yu exhaled. Regarding the Slaughter Case, he had guessed the beginning and the end correctly, but not the process. Normally, he would have felt proud and relaxed since he had solved such a big case! But at the moment, he felt even worse than after he had solved the Lost Hand Case. There was something still unresolved in his heart.

 Zhao Yu knew that it was because of Lin Meifeng! He honestly had not wanted Lin Meifeng to have turned out as the murderer. This poor woman was already pitiful, but she had finally found happiness! Why was reality so cruel?

 The backstory of the Exchange Murder Case was even more complicated than the Lost Hand Case’s. It was all so confusing for Zhao Yu.

 "I…what’s wrong with me?" Why did he suddenly care so much about other people’s feelings? "Lin Meifeng’s fate has nothing to do with me, but why am I sad for her?" he asked himself.

 Zhao Yu looked at his own hands in shock. He started to suspect that his personality was beginning to mix with the Zhao Yu of this world. Did he have feelings now? Or could it be some change was…happening to him?