Crazy Detective
103 Completely Despicable
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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103 Completely Despicable

even though liu pengfei still refused to confess, miao ying was not discouraged. she calmly returned to her own seat, and continued to assault liu pengfei’s psyche. first, she made use of the technique "punishment to the liar," telling him that if he did not cooperate, the consequences would be more severe when he received his sentence.

 she continued to negotiate with "mercy to the honest," saying that according to the law, criminals who confessed willingly could have their sentences reduced. if liu pengfei cooperated willingly, she could influence the prosecution so that his sentence would be significantly lowered.

 miao ying spoke eloquently and politely, and had reasons to back up every claim. even zhao yu who was listening felt like he should confess all of his illegal actions from his previous life! but liu pengfei continued to stay quiet, as if silently protesting.

 the interrogation continued for over an hour, but liu pengfei showed no signs of confessing. miao ying was out of ideas, and could only shake her head helplessly at zhao yu, as if to say, "our plan failed, let’s stop now!"

 contrary to miao ying’s expectation, zhao yu refused to give up. he was looking for more ideas, and ignored miao ying’s signal. because of the lie detector, zhao yu knew better than anyone that liu pengfei was the culprit! therefore, he could not give up so easily even though liu pengfei refused to confess!

after thinking for a while, zhao yu finally came up with an idea! even though he wasn’t sure if it would work, he had to give it a try! zhao yu stormed towards liu pengfei, then raised his arm up high!

 liu pengfei was shocked and thought that zhao yu was going to slap him. he cowered his head and braced for impact! yet, when he raised his head, he saw that zhao yu had slapped a photo on the desk!

"liu pengfei! look carefully," zhao yu roared like thunder. "other than concrete evidence, we also have witnesses. we have presented all sorts of evidence to you, so what else do you have to say?"

liu pengfei looked carefully. when he saw that it was the photo of lin meifeng he had hid in his wallet, he was thunderstruck! "how…y-you guys…" liu pengfei’s eyebrows knitted and he trembled as if he were suffering some kind of serious mental trauma.

 zhao yu had nothing to substantiate his claim. he had only taken the photo out as a bluff, trying to intimidate liu pengfei, but liu pengfei’s emotional reaction was completely beyond zhao yu’s expectation. why? could it be that there was some sort of secret behind this photo?!

 "she…she already…confessed?" liu pengfei spoke offhandedly, shocking zhao yu and miao ying.

 zhao yu reacted quickly and said, "isn’t it obvious?"

 this time liu pengfei was truly defeated. after a few minutes of silence, he finally nodded and spoke in a nearly inaudible voice, "okay, i confess! i…murdered yu zhigen!"

 hearing this, miao ying was stunned. zhao yu acted as if he was very experienced, and calmly asked liu pengfei to repeat what he had said. after liu pengfei finally clearly said that he had murdered yu zhigen’s, zhao yu finally sighed in relief.

 miao ying looked at zhao yu stunned, but zhao yu only nodded proudly. without liu pengfei noticing, he shot a small thumbs up at miao ying. as it turned out, the entire interrogation had been planned by the two! they had set up a rather despicable trap for liu pengfei!

 the evidence miao ying had mentioned was all fake, forged by her technicians! the fingerprint comparison, photos, hairs, and even the fingerprints from the gloves had all been made up. yet, when they had stacked all of the lies together, and with miao ying’s performance, it sounded so real! the evidences seemed so real that zhao yu almost believed it!

 zhao yu could not help but see miao ying in a new light. he had simply offered the idea of the interrogation, but miao ying had gone beyond his expectations, and had performed perfectly! "miao ying’s shameless look of justice is even better than mine!" zhao yu thought.

 during zhao yu’s initial interrogation, miao ying had realized that liu pengfei was hiding a huge secret. if he really was the culprit of the slaughter case, then not only would it help her own case, but she would also be credited with solving the crime! there was no downside to helping zhao yu. thus, when zhao yu had asked for her cooperation, she readily agreed. not only had she forged a bunch of evidence, but she had even helped zhao yu plan the whole thing, patching up some of the flaws his original plan had had.

 but miao ying’s approach was completely different from zhao yu. she could not have been so illogical, and made claims without being able to back them up like zhao yu. even though liu pengfei seemed like a murderer, there was not any evidences, so she could not just make things up. the reason why she chose to cooperate with zhao yu was because she wanted to use zhao yu as a bluff against liu pengfei, to see what he was really made of! if liu pengfei confessed, then he really was the murderer! if he had not confessed, miao ying could only act by the book, and could not frame him.

 miao ying’s strategy was to act first and ask questions later! but she had not expected to actually catch a murderer, which was why she was so stunned!

 when liu pengfei confessed, miao ying’s started to see zhao yu very differently. this guy…wasn’t normal! it was no wonder that he managed to solve the taser rape case as well as the lost hand case! what kind of methods did he use? he had even solved a case that had been unsolved for ten years! such ability was very rare!

 but…looking at zhao yu, miao ying was also confused. zhao yu’s eyebrows were furrowed, and he looked even more serious than before. but why? the culprit admitted to the crime. why did he still look so worried?

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