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Crazy Detective

Author:Kuang Hai Wang Hu

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UpdateTime:2018/12/12 18:30:49

Updates:Chapter 363: Walls Have Ears

A little ruffian who fought recklessly without any morals and bottomline accidentally time-traveled to parallel space and became a Key Case Investigation Team agent. The huge change in identity had him creating chaos in the police station. However, a strange miracle system helped him repeatedly solve mysterious cases, turning him into an impudent ruffian detective! 狂探
《Crazy Detective》 Text
Chapter 1: Taser! Taser!
Chapter 2: Miracle System
Chapter 3: True Love? Priceless: A Night? Three Thousand!
Chapter 4: Invisible item
Chapter 5: Another Game of Roulette?
Chapter 6: Professional Opinions
Chapter 7: Housing Adventures
Chapter 8: The Shameless Are Truly Invincible
Chapter 9: Lost Hand Case
Chapter 10: The Bet Made in Anger
Chapter 11: Lost Hand Case ≠ Lost Hand Gang
Chapter 12: Camels! Camels!
Chapter 13: Where’s the Brake?
Chapter 14: A Classic Old Tune
Chapter 15: Like a Ghost
Chapter 16: The Four Gorgeous Neighbors
Chapter 17: Even If I Stand Alone, I will Not Fall
Chapter 18: Misfortune Is Here!
Chapter 19: Key Case Investigation Team Is Just as Shady
Chapter 20: The Unfortunate Bros
Chapter 21: The Reason for Lost Hand
Chapter 22: Be My Dad
Chapter 23: The Missing Link
Chapter 24: Piano
Chapter 25: Where are you?
Chapter 26: Destructive Quality
Chapter 27: Skipping Authority Levels
Chapter 28: Who Is the Next Victim?
Chapter 29: The Skeleton Key
Chapter 30: Who Is More Absurd than Me?
Chapter 31: Hello Miss
Chapter 32: Something Strange
Chapter 33: Kid Genius
Chapter 34: The Expert In Finding People
Chapter 35: How Many Cues do You Want to Hit?
Chapter 36: Do You Have To Do This?
Chapter 37: Taboo
Chapter 38: The Unimaginable Truth
Chapter 39: The Answer was Close
Chapter 40: Why Aren’t You Wearing Gloves?
Chapter 41: Perfect Crime
Chapter 42: A Hole on the Grave
Chapter 43: Could I make it?
Chapter 44: Where Will the Crime Take Place?
Chapter 45: The Ignored Water Gun
Chapter 46: Why Are All Forensic Pathologists Great Beauties?
Chapter 47: The Competition to Catch the Culprit
Chapter 48: Man Will Triumph Over Nature
Chapter 49: How did you find me?
Chapter 50: Get It From the Camel
Chapter 51: Call Me Your Senior
Chapter 52: Rules Of the Underworld
Chapter 53: Better to Conquer One’s Heart than Body
Chapter 54: Points Difference
Chapter 55: The Same Pain
Chapter 56: A Great Mistake Made in a Moment of Weakness
Chapter 57: Feel Free to Touch
Chapter 58: The Dad with Split Personality
Chapter 59: The Nerve-wracking Experience of Playing Pretend
Chapter 60: My Dad Is Really Ill
Chapter 61: Great! Amazing! Thank you!
Chapter 62: Using Violence to Curb Violence
Chapter 63: Can Be What Again?
Chapter 64: The Scammers Got Scammed!
Chapter 65: I Want to Eat Watermelon!
Chapter 66: A Different Tool
Chapter 67: Who Should be Your Successor?
Chapter 68: Someone Is Thinking of Me?
Chapter 69: Damsel in Distress…?
Chapter 70: Despicable Turn
Chapter 71: Black to the Core
Chapter 72: Playing With Life
Chapter 73: Emergency Mission
Chapter 74: A Female Corpse in the Reservoir
Chapter 75: Reliving the Past
Chapter 76: The Overlooked Hobby
Chapter 77: I Think My Arm Broke!!
Chapter 78: No! Watch Out!
Chapter 79: I Can’t Stop You if You Want to Die
Chapter 80: Cries of the Dragon and the Tiger
Chapter 81: True to My Words
Chapter 82: What Did You Understand?
Chapter 83: Unwelcomed Sources
Chapter 84: How to Solve It?
Chapter 85: Go with My Feelings
Chapter 86: That’s My Line
Chapter 87: Debt Seeking or Revenge?
Chapter 88: More than What Meets the Eye
Chapter 89: Where is My Adventure?
Chapter 90: You Did That on Purpose!
Chapter 91: Fateful Encounters Only Exist Between Enemies
Chapter 92: Personal Relationship
Chapter 93: My Own Team
Chapter 94: Here Comes What I Fear
Chapter 95: Anyone but You is Fine
Chapter 96: How to Compete?
Chapter 97: Helpful Gods
Chapter 98: Unconventional Interrogation
Chapter 99: The Magical Lie Detector
Chapter 100: Join in Your Doings
Chapter 101: You’re the Culprit!
Chapter 102: Concrete Evidence
Chapter 103: Completely Despicable
Chapter 104: The Other Half of the Whole Truth
Chapter 105: Murder Agreement
Chapter 106: Disgrace to the Key Case Investigation Unit
Chapter 107: Dream-like Items
Chapter 108: Inconsistent Statement
Chapter 109: Who’s the Third Party?
Chapter 110: The Bewildering Truth
Chapter 111: The Incompetent Can’t be Saved
Chapter 112: The Kick was Too Light!
Chapter 113: His Highness Zhao
Chapter 114: The Woman and the Encounter I Missed
Chapter 115: The Most Familiar Stranger
Chapter 116: You’re Still Too Young!
Chapter 117: Curses and Evidence
Chapter 118: A Man and a Dog
Chapter 119: You Gotta Help Me
Chapter 120: A Dog Never Changes its Habit of Eating Poop
Chapter 121: "Bullsh*t" Detection Expert
Chapter 122: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 123: Terrifying Thought
Chapter 124: The Shocking Hexagram
Chapter 125: Your Police Dog Is So Pretty!
Chapter 126: Repeat Offender
Chapter 127: You Guys Showered Together?
Chapter 128: How to Put to Shame?
Chapter 129: Just Follow Me!
Chapter 130: Specified to Meet
Chapter 131: Why Is It You?
Chapter 132: The Key and the Lock
Chapter 133: Don’t Even Think About It
Chapter 134: How Much Do You Have?
Chapter 135: The Qinshan Nemesis
Chapter 136: Glory Beyond Glory
Chapter 137: Overwhelmed by Surprises
Chapter 138: Pace of Perverted Tendencies
Chapter 139: The Tracking Dog that Lives Up to its Name
Chapter 140: I Have a Name Now!
Chapter 141: Brother Tianba from Shunfeng Street
Chapter 142: Give Me the Full Service
Chapter 143: Strike Out
Chapter 144: Who’s at the Door?
Chapter 145: Attend Alone
Chapter 146: Even Praise Can Be Offensive
Chapter 147: It’s Gotten Out of Hand This Time
Chapter 148: Couldn’t Help Himself
Chapter 149: Turn Over a New Leaf
Chapter 150: Let’s Gather Some Good Karma!
Chapter 151: Twists and Turns
Chapter 152: The Sneaky Kidnappers
Chapter 153: The Eyewitness Who Disappeared
Chapter 154: Get Away from Miao Ying If You Value Your Life
Chapter 155: It Was Not only Wealth That Was Out of This World
Chapter 156: My Guesses
Chapter 157: They Are All Millionaires
Chapter 158: Free for You
Chapter 159: Getting Better
Chapter 160: Unforgivable Acts
Chapter 161: Field Study
Chapter 162: Special Identity
Chapter 163: I Haven’t Used This Trick Before
Chapter 164: I’m a Professional
Chapter 165: Expert?
Chapter 166: The Third Possibility
Chapter 167: The Expert Cleared Up Doubts
Chapter 168: The Contractor Whose Family Broke Apart and Died Himself
Chapter 169: Something Big!
Chapter 170: The Uniform Remained
Chapter 171: What If It Wasn’t an Accident?
Chapter 172: Who Will Come with Me?
Chapter 173: Massive Killing
Chapter 174: The True Face of a Fighter
Chapter 175: The Unexpected Accident
Chapter 176: How Do We Ride?
Chapter 177: The "Spirit" Catches the Murderer
Chapter 178: The Delayed Salute
Chapter 179: New Tool
Chapter 180: How Did It Come to This?
Chapter 181: Talking About Me?
Chapter 182: Baldie Zhao’s Conjecture
Chapter 183: A Bad Omen
Chapter 184: Zhao Yu and the Shoe
Chapter 185: The Yellow Notebook
Chapter 186: The Older, the Craftier
Chapter 187: Possessed
Chapter 188: Ghostly Hounding
Chapter 189: Hello, New Team Leader!
Chapter 190: The Frightened Colleague
Chapter 191: The Possibility of Turning Enemies Into Friends
Chapter 192: Conscious Hypnosis
Chapter 193: You Really Want Me to Tell the Truth?
Chapter 194: All This Trouble for a Date
Chapter 195: The Fatal Hidden Secret
Chapter 196: A Kiss as a Reward Is Also Good
Chapter 197: Twin investigations
Chapter 198: Please Take Me Along
Chapter 199: Unpreventable Manoeuvre
Chapter 200: The Second "Gen" Hexagram
Chapter 201: There’s Another Person
Chapter 202: Deep-seated Grudge
Chapter 203: The Simple Truth
Chapter 204: Uncle
Chapter 205: She's More Ruthless Than I Am
Chapter 206: A Fifth Possibility
Chapter 207: The Troublemaking Plan
Chapter 208: How Could You Just Take My Phone?
Chapter 209: Latiao Bomb
Chapter 210: Where’s Your Rage?
Chapter 211: One Price
Chapter 212: Any Fish?
Chapter 213: Do You Feel Guilty?
Chapter 214: Eliminate the Evidence
Chapter 215: How to save her?
Chapter 216: The Shocking Gunpoint
Chapter 217: How Did You Get Here?
Chapter 218: Magic Again
Chapter 219: I’ll sacrifice myself
Chapter 220: Come and Get Rich with Me!
Chapter 221: More Than a Hundred Percent
Chapter 222: What to Do Against Stubbornness?
Chapter 223: This Is an illusion
Chapter 224: The Sinful Exchange
Chapter 225: Cycle of the Evil-Doing
Chapter 226: The Shameful Truth
Chapter 227: An Inevitable Hopeless Outcome
Chapter 228: Fell for Me?
Chapter 229: The Apology that Came Late
Chapter 230: Another Unexpected Reward
Chapter 231: That Important Video
Chapter 232: The Illogical Approach
Chapter 233: Insight to Recognise a "Pig"
Chapter 234: Something Shocking
Chapter 235: You Are the Double Agent
Chapter 236: Roadblock! Roadblock!
Chapter 237: The Shocking Turnaround
Chapter 238: Important Instructions
Chapter 239: The First Angry Generation
Chapter 240: Both Mentally and Physically Fit
Chapter 241: Zhang Jingfeng’s Flashlight
Chapter 242: So Close yet So Far
Chapter 243: The Second Angry Generation
Chapter 244: Against the Norm
Chapter 245: The Big Red Envelope
Chapter 246: Keep Them Naked
Chapter 247: Make a Run
Chapter 248: Nothing Goes as Planned
Chapter 249: The Third Angry Generation
Chapter 250: The Complicated Secret
Chapter 251: Hundred Percent True Man
Chapter 252: Yet Another Shock
Chapter 253: Scumbag Cancer, and the Second Time He Wet Himself
Chapter 254: Here’s the Big Incident
Chapter 255: A Peculiar Corpse
Chapter 256: Came Prepared
Chapter 257: For Some Other Reason?
Chapter 258: The Vacuum-Sealed Female Corpse
Chapter 259: Strange Disappearance
Chapter 260: Time for a Huge Business
Chapter 261: Custodian Turned Thief
Chapter 262: Psycho Killer?
Chapter 263: Severe Consequence
Chapter 264: The Power of “Kun” Hexagram
Chapter 265: Still Revenge?
Chapter 266: Perverts Also Mess Up
Chapter 267: Zhao Yu’s Ultimate Killer Move
Chapter 268: Plans Gone Wrong
Chapter 269: Three Women in a Show
Chapter 270: Actually Jealous?
Chapter 271: The High IQ Criminals
Chapter 272: The Plot Thickens
Chapter 273: The Sixteen Suspects
Chapter 274: A River of Tears
Chapter 275: Black Market Merchant
Chapter 276: Competitors
Chapter 277: What Gym?
Chapter 278: Depth of Breath Gymnasium
Chapter 279: Pixelated Image and Gecko Power
Chapter 280: The Person Who Opened the Shelf Is Him?
Chapter 281: This Coach Is So Amazing!
Chapter 282: Just What Was Lost?
Chapter 283: The Disappeared Stamp Album
Chapter 284: Changing Appearances
Chapter 285: Formidable Combination
Chapter 286: I Want Only You!
Chapter 287: Play with Fire and Get Burned
Chapter 288: Fake with Me
Chapter 289: The Return of Friends from Above
Chapter 290: Illogical Actions
Chapter 291: Outsmarted The Others
Chapter 292: Haggis Soup
Chapter 293: Who Are the Police?
Chapter 294: The Blurry Truth
Chapter 295: Intention of the Robbery
Chapter 296: The Ruined Robbers
Chapter 297: The Living Sherlock Holmes
Chapter 298: Special Class Item
Chapter 299: Let’s Try Something More Exciting
Chapter 300: Justice
Chapter 301: The Golden Boy and Jade Girl
Chapter 302: Though I Know Missing You Is Painful
Chapter 303: Why Didn’t You Say Earlier?
Chapter 304: Unorthodox Fighting Style
Chapter 305: Don’t Need to Feel Sorry for Me
Chapter 306: Taking Advantage
Chapter 307: A Peculiar Revenge
Chapter 308: My Mother!
Chapter 309: What? Group Blind Date?!
Chapter 310: Quite Miserable
Chapter 311: Mess Around
Chapter 312: Don’t Mess with My Son
Chapter 313: The Seventh Victim?
Chapter 314: Vanished
Chapter 315: The Three Investigation Approach
Chapter 316: Different Response
Chapter 317: Pointing at the Truth
Chapter 318: Accident! Accident!
Chapter 319: A Great Breakthrough
Chapter 320: Who Is the Real Murderer?
Chapter 321: Ghost Town
Chapter 322: An Intractable Accident
Chapter 323: The Amazing Daheng
Chapter 324: Not an Easy Clue
Chapter 325: A Brutal Memorial
Chapter 326: Magical Fecal Detector
Chapter 327: Watch the Stump and Wait for a Hare
Chapter 328: Dangerous Play
Chapter 329: Hand of Sin
Chapter 330: One Last Glance
Chapter 331: The Avenger that Lost Himself
Chapter 332: Inadvertent Happiness
Chapter 333: Ghost Bagua
Chapter 334: Distorted Truth
Chapter 335: Eye Opener
Chapter 336: Zhao Yu’s Concern
Chapter 337: Make a Determined Effort
Chapter 338: You Are My Daughter-in-law
Chapter 339: The Horrifying Dumpling Making (Part 1)
Chapter 340: The Horrifying Dumpling Making (Part 2)
Chapter 341: Felt Like Home
Chapter 342: Reward and Farewell
Chapter 343: The Back Door
Chapter 344: The Accidental Warning
Chapter 345: Are You Hiring?
Chapter 346: All of You Can Come at Me At Once!
Chapter 347: Surprise
Chapter 348: Life is on the Precipice of Death
Chapter 349: Death Match
Chapter 350: Keep My Word
Chapter 351: One More Thing
Chapter 352: How to Explain?
Chapter 353: Flirtatious Banter
Chapter 354: No Way
Chapter 355: The Special Device That Saves Live
Chapter 356: Take Off the Pants Without Giving Any Notice
Chapter 357: Rise to Fame with One Battle
Chapter 358: I Like Eggs
Chapter 359: A Happy Celebration Dinner
Chapter 360: A Seductive Vest Line
Chapter 361: The Suspicious Ancient Tomb
Chapter 363: Walls Have Ears