Cool CEO and his Model Wife
316 Murderer behind Xia Xiulan“s death! Part-3
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Cool CEO and his Model Wife
Author :Dlchelwani
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316 Murderer behind Xia Xiulan“s death! Part-3

Lee Xuiye tugged at Mo Lingtan's shirt and asked "Baby, what is going on between you and Wanwan?"

Lee Xuiye was his wife and since she had started sharing with him everything, so Mo Lingtan didn't hesitate to share with her "I think Xia Xiulan didn't commit suicide, Mo Qiwn was behind her death." 

Lee Xuiye was startled hearing his words. 

Mo Qiwn???

Was Xia Xiulan known to Mo Qiwn?

"You...You...mean Mo Qiwn murdered Senior Xiulan." Lee Xuiye asked shockingly.

As far as Lee Xuiye knew, Xia Xiulan was a lovable person and her suicide arose suspicions to Lee Xuiye as she couldn't understand the reason behind the latter's suicide. Moreover, Lee Xuiye was already involved in her problems so she didn't put much attention to her case, but later the police had released the statement that Xia Xiulan was suffering from depression and that was why she took such a bold step like suicide.

However, now Lee Xuiye could recall Xia Xiulan did look upset during Sky Imperial's anniversary because of Gu Minlan's presence or perhaps, she was upset because of Mo Qiwn's presence who was beside Gu Minlan as her husband.

Were Mo Qiwn and Xia Xiulan in any kind of relationship?

"I don't know but Yue Wanwan surely did. However, she didn't want to open her mouth." Mo Lingtan replied.

Mo Qiwn was giving a very hard time to Mo Lingtan and to deal with him, Mo Lingtan started looking for the former's secret as everyone had their secrets. 

Although Mo Lingtan couldn't find anything relevant against Mo Qiwn as the latter was always very cautious, Mo Lingtan found Mo Qiwn had some kind of relationship with Xia Xiulan.

What kind of relationship?

Mo Lingtan couldn't describe it before the further inquiry. Mo Lingtan was in the midst of getting more information but all of a sudden, he heard that Xia Xiulan had committed suicide.

With that, Mo Lingtan couldn't find much against Mo Qiwn but he got to know that Yue Wanwan could help him.

Unfortunately, she refused to help him.

Since then Mo Lingtan kept an eye on Mo Qiwn to find something else against the latter. 


He couldn't find anything up till now.

"Why?" Lee Xuiye asked.

Lee Xuiye always knew that Xia Xiulan was very close to Yue Wanwan. In fact, Yue Wanwan took Lee Xuiye under her as an artist only because of Xia Xiulan's advice which was a seldom thing. So why did Yue Wanwan not want to open her mouth?

Was Yue Wanwan not wanting Xia Xiulan's murderer to get punishment?

"I don't know, but now she seems to be ready to make a deal with me, maybe we will get to know the reason." Mo Lingtan replied after some thoughts.

"Okay. Let me know if you need my help. I'd love to help you." Lee Xuiye left the matter to him as she knew that he would solve all the problems but she still lent her hand if he needed it.

"Hmm...Well, there is a thing for which I need your help." Mo Lingtan said after thinking to put the end of Yue Wanwan's topic.

"What is it?" Lee Xuiye attentively asked.

She would love to help me!

"Well…" Mo Lingtan didn't say much but his actions did.

His hands mischievously went under her dress and Lee Xuiye understood what kind of help he wanted.

"You...You are such a gangster." Lee Xuiye smacked his mischievous hand.

"Well...What can I say? It's been hard to control myself when I have such a beautiful wife." Mo Lingtan smirked while his hand continued to be mischievous.



An intercom rang which gave the chance to Lee Xuiye to fly away from his trap. She immediately went to the couch and enjoyed the tea while lecturing her husband "Don't be mischievous. Go back to work and earn money for your wife. She has high demands."

Mo Lingtan thought to deal with her later and answered the intercom "President. Mr. Mo is here and he wants to meet you. I tried to stop him, but…" Qi Zhu's helpless voice came from the other side.

Since Mo Mushan left his political career, he had a lot of free time and he started pursuing Su Qiaolian, unfortunately for him, he was having a very hard time as Su Qiaolian couldn't believe him no matter how much assurance he would give her.

In the end, Mo Mushan turned up to get his son's help, but Mo Lingtan just refused to meet him.

But how many times could he refuse?

Moreover, this time, Mo Mushan came with a determination that no matter what happened he wouldn't leave without meeting Mo Lingtan.

Helplessly, Qi Zhu called Mo Lingtan to inform and the latter understood that the former couldn't handle the situation that was why he called. Otherwise, Qi Zhu was very efficient to know when he shouldn't disturb Mo Lingtan.

"Okay. I get it. Take him to the conference room." Mo Lingtan hung up and stood to leave.

He went towards Lee Xuiye and softly said "I will be back in a few minutes. Wait for me."

"Alright." Lee Xuiye replied and kissed his lips and he left.

Although Mo Lingtan said that he would be back in a few minutes, still, after half an hour, there was no sign of him.


Being a hard-working person, Lee Xuiye started feeling bored just after 10 minutes, so she went towards his desk to look for the files in case she could get some work done for him.

The desk was covered up with a lot of files, Lee Xuiye started securitizing each of them one by one.


Lee Xuiye was looking into the files and a few files slide down from the desk.

Lee Xuiye bent down to take them and subconsciously her sight caught the hospital report.

She opened it up to look and found, it was her report.

Lee Xuiye started reading it casually until the shock could be seen on her face as she continued to read the content of the report. It felt that someone had given her an electric shock that her body froze up and the report fell on the ground again.



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