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Still, their force was unmatchable against near Crown Sage, sensing this Ni Han tried to join her power but she was embarrassed to know that she could not do this.

There might be some differences in their study and leaning or she herself was too naïve.

The gust of wind got more think and blur though it was not much for near Crown Sage, the sand was scratching against his dominion.

Jen used desert Attribute to make success in their escape.

They could not see what was happening on the other end.

Ni Han threw her hammer in the blurred wind on the instructions of Jen.

She separated her layers and enveloped the hammer to make unnoticeable for the time being until it reached its destiny.

The hammer broke into his dominion and smashed on his chest for the time being.

His dominion got weakened and he spurted mouthful of blood and this was a golden chance for the trio to escape.

Without retracting her attack, Jen gestured to Ni Han and Zhi Chang to dive into the deep river.

The time higher standing got the wind of their escape, they were long gone, injuring him.

He was bewildered over the smartness of that young girl and he clutched his chest in pain.

He must have followed them and captured them if he had sliver of their traces but the pity was they did not leave traces behind, he did not know which part of river they must be and most of all he could not stay in water for long because he was poor to have any water type technique and his cultivation was not at such point where he could stand in water without concern.

When they fell in the deep river, Jen immediately enveloped Zhi Chang in her Solar Star but it was incompatible for water resistance and moreover, Zhi Chang had used up his all power.

He was currently in a comma; Jen herself was completely exhausted still she wanted to secure Zhi Chang, she swept away her Insights Layers and Solar Star protection to only Zhi Chang.

Ni Han saw this and enveloped them in her Rescind Water Dominion, they could breathe in this dominion and it was also water dispelling.

Ni Han constantly moved and changed her location until she found deep far away location where no one could trace them.

They would not face suffocation after using oxygen for breath in this dominion because Rescind Water Technique could forge out from the surrounding.

Ni Han was indebted to this young girl a lot, despite being stranger she was ready to stand for her, she possessed a crystal bead which was some kind of treasure in itself, she was sure she might not be able to pay back this girl but she could give her something valuable.

She brought a crystal bead from her storage and gave to Jen saying that it was a gift for younger sister from older sister since it was a gift and Ni Han forced her to accept so there was no way than to accept. She kept it in her bracelet.

Jen was feeling feeble because she was constantly giving power to her Solar Star to protect Zhi Chang, just like an oxygen mask support a weak breath, she could not keep it back or stop.

Jen consumed some herbs to stabilize herself.

Ni Han taught her Rescind Water Technique to more stabilize her feeble body, in a whole day she learned it and then started cultivating.

She took one month to familiarize with it.

After one month she assured Ni Han that she could stay on her own in this big underwater region and that she could go to look for her father.

Ni Han was happy to have her assurance.

She traveled deep water to get out of the Verdant Mountain Manias.

Jen was left behind with Zhi Chang who was in a comma.

She practiced Rescind Water Technique for the next two months.

She brought out crystal bead which Ni Han gave her, there was nothing unusual than its mild crystal light, she wanted to know about it and she inserted her Insights in the crystal bead.

It was partially a part of strongest Acmes Pair but what its use was, she scratched her head, it could store living fabricate in its sphere with giving feasible atmosphere to a living being, of course, it was a priceless treasure.

She was still studying with her Insights when it slipped from her hand and fell on the forehead of Zhi Chang who was lying in front of her.

Her Solar Star was still activated and her central strong Acmes Pair was keeping activated her Solar Star, it all happened in a blink of an eye.

Crystal bead shined more brightly and hosted Zhi Chang in its sphere and its rays broke into bigger blinding Jen for few seconds and invaded and settled in her central Acmes Pair, ah, where was Zhi Chang.