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Her great grandfather was sitting without sudden excitement or apprehension; it was not that her great grandfather was cruel toward her, just he wanted to know whether his granddaughter was proficient or not.

He could save her at any crucial moment if her life he felt was in danger.

"Let me see how much powerful you are than this weak one," she calmly uttered but there was to some degree in her words that madden the young royal.

A measly eighteen years old weakling was mocking to him, she was really screw loosed.

They spread their dominions with maximum caliber, if I won in the end but took time in winning, it would be by the same token humiliating as defeat, let's finish it soon, and he gritted his teeth.

He used his ultimate caliber, on the other side she was not in hurry; she wanted to know what difference between each Level of Contemplation was? Surrounding had long become their individual territory; he was facing difficulty to hold through her contemplation layer, what level of essence she spread he was thinking inwardly.

Before starting he thought he don't need to use his ultimate moves or anything, to defeat this girl was matter of seconds yet in reality, it seemed that he sent himself where hunter had set his net already.

He swore in his heart that he would never underestimate any weakling in future; from this rate she could defeat a complete Sage too, he thought with fear.

He was Royal and had endless stream of resources and opportunities and he was considered genius, if I was genius then who was she? Whatever it was, he could not defeat.

He blasted his Energy Essence into his dominion.

Jen was using her maximum caliber but now she had to use her Eye of Dark Sight, her Solar Star was her Legacy and she don't want to bring it up for a small battle.

She activated the dark Energy Essence which was residing in her one of Acmes Attribute Node Tines. Deliberately darkness gulped every single strand of energy and common vision got blackened.

The sponsors, the Royals Standings and onlookers all rose up from their seats with dreadful paled faces.

Eye of Dark Sight, they let their lungs breath out cold air and tried to control their severely thumping hearts which felt fear of collapse.

Lord Defender nodded his head to look at her Phenomenal Nature Attribute.

Jen sapped energy strands of Essence Energy which was supporting her opponent before and he was defenseless now, her rage burned his belongings.

He was on verge without doing harm to his opponent; his sanity had by this time already gotten numb.

It was up within moments, without folding back her dominion; she supported half-conscious Royal young and brought him in his foyer, and majestically came back to her foyer.

Everyone was thunderstruck to see her calm demeanor and stern battle, two opposite poles. Her great grandfather was slightly surprised but did not show it off.

She had learned powerful Phenomenal Nature but the question was when did she learned and how?

Many become Sages and then Legends but were unable to hold single Phenomenal Nature Attribute and they spend their lives to come over sole one yet this girl who was not more than eighteen had tamed a powerful Phenomenal Nature Attribute, how fearsome her Contemplation approach might be?

And what else was hidden under her calm demeanor?

Many sponsors and Royals looked at her with boom opened eyes and they were thinking on the same line, what if she was invited in Intermediate Contemplation Battles?

She would be top ranking soon and they could enhance greater audience through her close relation with Lord Defender.