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Her great grandfather looked at her but before he could answer, a voice came from the other foyer, "Miss you are too weak to stand these battles, by the way I am sorry to interrupt," a young man looked at her from other foyer and said.

He was Royal Noble of Azimuth Vert Manias, truly handsome features.

Jen was uncomfortable to hear this and little angry too but could not express because she don't want to put her bad impression on her great grandfather, she was sure that her great grandfather would speak for her.

Xuan Rong saw the young man who interrupted them, his contemplation was on one step away from Sage Realm, he nodded not in approval to look at his Contemplation Approach.

"You are not suitable for these dangerous battles Jen," he impassively replied without putting expectation on her, she got agitated over this reply and little disappointed too.

He should expect to some degree great things from her being his granddaughter but he did not bother about it.

She took fruits from her storage bracelet and started eating them without bothering anything around.

Xuan Rong side glanced at her but again diverted his attention on the battle. This little girl of his was small eighteen years old and he doesn't expect much toward her.

she finished her fruits and stood up and calmly spoke the young man who interrupted her before, "So you think you are strong enough, would you like to accept my challenge? If you turned down this it will make me think that you are weak too," she calmly stated but his temperature got shoot up.

Others were not expecting such kind of reaction though this young man simply disregarded her existence when he interrupted her.

He never expected that she would challenge him. "Don't worry my great grandfather would not influence this challenge in anyway."

What she wanted was to tell that no one can bully her and to tell her great grandfather that she was not weakling and he could form some expectation for her batter future standing and tell this fellow that she was not easy target for him to bully.

He looked at her with sympathy and said, "I don't want to hurt you, you are way lower in contemplation too," he gravely answered.

"To challenge you is my personal decision and if I fell in battle, it would not affect you or your standing, no one would blame you for anything, nor my grandpa too," she looked at her grandpa and affirmed the young man.

If he did not accept her challenge after her affirmation, it would mark him and if he accepted he would not lose either, after it was proposed by the granddaughter of Lord Defender not by him. "If you insist then I don't have other choice," he was sure that this girl was screw loose. Soon tenth grade emerged from gorges chasms; there was no chance for his opponent to come alive. They descended from their foyers, into the chasms.

Everyone could clearly see the difference of Levels between their Contemplation cultivation. They jumped from their foyers into the chasms.

In next instant they were part of the fog down in gorged, she saw her surrounding, and it was filled with chaos of previous battle.

She knew if she did not fight for standing today, she would live weakling all her life in front of these powerful standings.

If she could not secure for herself, she might not secure for others.

Here one identity was compulsory, better standing from others.

It was fortune to have highest standing grandpa and it was misfortune to not fulfill his expectations but first it was necessary to let him expect something better from her.

Both stood on edges of gorges and amid the chasms.