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Because of her devoted years she was able to discern the situation inside gorges a little. What cause her wonder was the extreme powers which were clashing without intervals, they were tempered with this continuous use of Contemplation in battle.

She was firm to learn powerful contemplation so that she could become proud of her great grandfather.

She would not let down her great grandfather's prestige.

There was huge gape in her Contemplation and the achievement of her great grandfather but since she had her family now she would devote herself for Contemplation.

Her great grandfather was her family; she looked at her great grandfather and felt proud. On other side Xuan Rong had vague memories of family clan; he had faced many things in his life in Celestial Sphere and was living alone in the Celestial Sphere without his family.

He was Defender of Celestial Sphere and was devoted to it with his undisputed attention.

He was void of emotions in simple terms.

He was not thinking as his granddaughter.

He had seen many hidden powers of Celestial Sphere which he fought to win this Highest Standing in the end and in these one hundred and fifty years more powers had emerged to claim this Highest Standing.

Though it was only after fixed rules and battles that one could succeed this Standing but he hoped that with his Legacy his heir would be able to win this place in the end but never in his dreams had he thought the possibility that his heir could have been a young girl.

He looked at her and shook his head.

Celestial Sphere was not like her homeland with small powers and small disputes, it was horrible place for anyone who wished to compete in higher levels, for civilians it was heaven like holy land, and they were guarded by powers and were relieved with their means too.

One could not offend the other because their family would stand to save the honor of the member of their family and this would continue until the end of both family or they happened to agree upon on some grave conditions or they fought on the Assassination shillelagh.

There were also much dangerous hidden dangers too, there were many places which even highest Contemplators were unable to decode their presence.

He again looked at her and shook his head.

He was certain that his granddaughter was weak in Contemplation and in order to succeed his Highest Standing he needed to find best young man to betroth her, this way she could strength her weak Standing.

He never met with any young blood of different Manias so Intermediate Contemplation Battles were best way to begin with his search.

He was tolerating the fact that his heir was girl.

"Grandfather what is Intermediate Contemplation?" she asked because it seemed to her never ending Essence Flow in this battle, normally it was difficult for any learner to continue a fight for a day.

"These battles are fought from Expert Ace Level to Sages Fourth Level Green Sages," higher levels were always filled with never ending energy clash because five to fifteen Acmes were blasted open during these levels.

It was not impossible to open fifteen Acmes till the Sage Fourth Level Green Sage so energy was never ending waterfall for these Levels.

"Can I take part in those battles?" she asked her great grandfather earnestly.

It was necessary for her to improve rapidly through this opportunity and she would be able to discern the difference in her power and accomplishments.

If she was able to understand the gape she would be able to mend in future in her Contemplation and her rise of Cultivation would be without this sever flaw.