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He was thinking deeply and mediating after half a day he decided what to do.

There were twenty Manias who were always on first twenty power rankings of Celestial Sphere, they produce powerful contemplation geniuses.

Xuan Rong and Jen appeared on the periphery of Defender Hacienda, "Grandpa I wanted to take them along," she looked at Qi Jian and respected Creek and asked her Grandpa.

It would not affect his journey so he took them along.

When they heard that she was saying this powerful elder her Grandpa they respectfully bowed.

They moved toward "Distance Blazon" top ranking Manias were interconnected through Distance Blazon Transfer Fiber, it was easy way to transfer himself in different destinies but no one could use this medium because it was equal to give to death, if you are not reached to Sage fourth or upper Level you will be minced meet in the washing dryer of Distance Blazon.

One would face only death during this transfer because it would shack the very Core Existence of Essence Fiber.

Being on Fifth Level of Legend and one step away from Golden Legend Realm Xuan Rong had no adversary equal to him.

He covered them in his protective shield of Contemplation and sharp light enveloped them and transferring them to Spleen Rig Manias.

Spleen Rig Manias had many specialties of its territory that make it Royal Family proud, nobles of Spleen Rig Manias were achievers of high Contemplation approach and its ranking never fell from top five.

A genius emerged from recently ongoing Intermediate Contemplation Competitions between top ten Manias of Celestial Sphere.

The Intermediate Contemplation Competitions Battle Duels were still continued, its last ten matches were in next dates, and its top three winners would be placed in Supreme Contemplation Competition Battles which were after five years of this competition.

The purpose of these battles was to refresh the younger genius's grade rankings and an air of competition would produce batter talent for safety of Celestial Sphere.

He emerged until top under younger blood, he was twenty seven this year and was thriving to secure the top position in next battles and was already on Fourth Level of Sage Contemplation, he was bright sparkle of Spleen Rig Manias, only twenty seven years old and one step away from Legend Realm.

His future was guaranteed with higher approach and unlimited achievements. Elders and Archons were agreed on his succession of Higher Standing.

Higher Standing was Order of every Manias and this Higher Standing was responsible for its honor and prestige.

Just an order from Higher Standing could decide the fortune or doom of its Manias. Defender of Celestial Sphere was above of any Higher Standing, he was called and respected as Highest Standing and no one could compare himself with Defender of Celestial Sphere.

His absolute authority was unquestionable in case of its defense and not a random person could ever qualify for this Highest Standing.

Why Defender Xuan Rong was considered powerful and respected because of his royal values, he would never exploit his Standing and would never allow exploiting theirs but he kept distance away from internal matters of Manias that was because of self-esteem and royal values.

He was the most agreeable Defender of Celestial Sphere and no one questioned his authority ever. Today a hall in Spleen Rig Manias was hosting its seven Elders who were invited by Higher Standing to declare Wen Ru Zhou next and future Higher Standing of Spleen Rig Manias.

It was confidential because many royal members were after this Higher Standing despite their lack of achievements.

It was not necessary to do this early but his father wanted to venture out to explore his Contemplation to reach greater Levels.

Everyone who have power strive for more power, this was the most basic nature of livings.