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643 Live and Die Together 2-in-1

"Matten, something happened? You're injured?"

Seeing Zence Matten standing outside Cech Flet's room with blood spilling out, Fanta Kunge looked surprised. He thought, "I didn't sense warrior power collision, and I also didn't sense violent magic power collision. How come the Sixth Prince looks to injured?"

"Also? Where is Qian Jin? Zence Matten rushed back with such a severe injury; where is Qian Jin?"

"Call out Flet and Burg…"

Fanta Kunge looked at injured Zence Matten in confusion and said, "Burg is in the other room, and Flet just found me and said that he got a ton of stuff from Qian Jin, and he is planning to go into cultivation to forcefully awaken his bloodline power. He said that he wouldn't come out unless he successfully became a saint warrior."

Zence Matten was cut off by Fanta Kunge, and thoughts flashed in his mind. Qian Jin did give Cech Flet various potions and said that they could help the latter become a saint in a short time and make him stronger.

However, if Cech Flet didn't become a saint in a short time, then the potions that were so expensive and could bankrupt a branch pharmacist union would be wasted.

Bloodline warriors' advancement process was different from ordinary warriors' advancement process using soul weapons. These unique warriors had to activate their bloodline power for a long while.

Snake Emperor Pam Honzi had said that the advancement into the Saint Warrior Realm, the time needed to complete the awakening of bloodline power, was dependent on things such as the bloodline warriors' will, strength, talent, experience, and fighting techniques. When the Snake Emperor underwent that process, it took him seven days from awakening the bloodline power and completing the process.

The longer this bloodline power awakening process was, the more complete it would be. It would represent more power and a better future.

Although Qian Jin's potion couldn't directly stimulate the bloodline power and awaken it, he had asked Eulalia questions and learned how to make the potion that could extend the time which a bloodline warrior could have in that state of awakening.

"I can drag this process out until this person starves to death. You? With your current skill, even if you ran into a bloodline warrior with great talent, 12 days in the maximum…" This was what Eulalia told Qian Jin.

Did Cech Flet have great talent? No one could determine that. Not many people knew that he was a mixed-blood, but people knew that he didn't have a pair of natural Demon Eyes of Destruction.

A fallen angel bloodline warrior without a pair of Demon Eyes of Destruction typically meant that this warrior wasn't that talented; this was proven many times in demon history. At least all the demon kings in the past had Demon Eyes of Destruction and were the most powerful fallen angel bloodline warriors in their generations.

Now, Cech Flet absorbed a ton of essence from the Heart of Lucifer, but he still didn't have his own Demon Eyes of Destruction. However, no one dared to say that his talent was weak.

Now, Cech Flet had entered the most critical moment.

Bloodline warriors were different from ordinary warriors in many aspects.

Usually, the bloodline warriors could suppress their awakening and reactivate it at any time. However, for the awakening that could boost them to the Saint Warrior Realm, once it was started, it can never be reactivated. If bloodline warriors ended this critical awakening, they could never awaken again.

Zence Matten clearly felt that Cech Flet had started the awakening process in the stone room, and he couldn't stop. If he stopped, this might be the end for awakening for him forever.

At this moment, Zence Matten understood why Cech Flet chose to awaken his bloodline power now. Accumulating more strength and absorbing more of the essence from the Heart of Lucifer was a better choice, but the Ancient Desert Sea was filled with danger.

If there were a saint warrior in the team, it would be much safer for them. Cech Flet gave up a better future and decided to become a saint warrior…

"Let's go and find Burg." Zence Matten chose not to disturb Cech Flet. "Qian Jin is in trouble…"


The gate to Cech Flet's room suddenly exploded, and dust and chipped rock flew into the air, making people cough and blocking their vision. However, the rough outline of a fallen angel bloodline warrior could be seen through the dust.

"What happened to Qian Jin?"

Cech Flet looked cold, but he spoke much faster. Right now, the saint item already spat out an energy blade in his hand.

Zence Matten looked at Cech Flet who broke out and thought, "He came out! At this critical moment of becoming a saint, he activated his bloodline power and suddenly came out…"

Standing not too far away from the cave, Iron looked at Cech Flet and couldn't understand it. He thought, "What is going on? Are these young men crazy? Master was able to endure the pain, ditch his dignity, and even overlook his life, and this fallen angel bloodline warrior just gave up his future… to die?"

"What happened to Qian Jin?" Duren Burg rushed out of his room and asked, "Where is he?"

"Undead creatures surrounded the mountain, and he is trying to break…"

Before Zence Matten could finish, Duren Burg kicked his abdomen and interrupted him.

This time, Duren Burg didn't hold back his strength, and Zence Matten's back bent as he spat out a mouthful of stomach acid. Pain could be seen on his face; this pain wasn't physical; it came from his soul.

This prince didn't explain anything.

"You didn't f*cking stop him? You f*cking came to tell us now?" Duren Burg grabbed Zence Matten by the front of his robe and pulled his curled-up body straight. After giving Zence Matten a hard stare, Duren Burg pushed Zence Matten aside and said, "Qian Jin that idiot always said that you will become our friend. I shouldn't have f*cking believed him."

"Where is he?" Fanta Kunge pulled back Duren Burg and stared at Zence Matten who was covered in blood and obviously suffered as he asked, "Where is Qian Jin?"

"Don't say those kinds of things to my master. He…"

"Iron, shut up. I don't deserve to be Qian Jin's friend. I never let go of my useless pride. Follow me. If we survive this time, regardless of how you repel me, I will still see you as my friends. Even if you don't treat me as such, I will treat you as true friends for life."

Cech Flet followed Zence Matten and whispered to himself, "Too sudden. This is strange. Is this the trap? Qian Jin better be alright. If not, I will destroy the family who set up this trap. I swear with my life!"

Three pairs of giant wings opened, and Cech Flet flew into the high sky to look for the battle that was happening further away.

"Qian Jin! Don't die! You have to live! You have to!" Zence Matten bit his lips and dashed into the desert. "Even if you died and went to the stars, I will f*cking pull you back down."

"How dare you try to kill Daddy's mobile cigarette storage? If anything happened to him, I will use all my strength and empty out the Ancient Desert Sea!" Duren Burg used the Freedom movement technique as he unleashed his hydra bloodline battle form. He dashed toward the location where more undead creatures gathered as he thought, "If something bad had happened, I will plant all over this desert and turn it into an oasis!"

Iron followed everyone in silence as the group approached the battle zone.

Warrior powers colliding noises could be vaguely heard, and booming noises created by fists sounded as well.

The undead warriors on the outside quickly discovered people like Duren Burg who were charging at them. Without needing the command from the grey eyes in the sky, they started to defend on their own.

Capturing Qian Jin alive was the highest command, and the strategy was to tire out the prey. Before the goal was reached, the undead warriors weren't going to give Qian Jin the chance to breathe. In fact, they even didn't want to let Qian Jin know that he got reinforcements.

Many undead warriors who could fly shot into the sky and a ton of magic spells shot toward Cech Flet who was now in the air mercilessly.

"Little Cech, come down and fight together!" Duren Burg roared and dashed into the enemies as his spear danced like a dragon.

A giant streak of black flame shot over Duren Burg's head, burning all the undead creatures before him into dust.

Cech Flet's Demon Eye of Destruction's power increased again. After absorbing the essence from the Heart of Lucifer, Cech Flet now had three pairs of fallen angel wings, and his stares were like the sickle of the Grim Reaper. The powerful force could shatter the white bones into dust.

"Watch the two sides and charge with me!"

Cech Flet killed the undead creatures around him with his saint item, and the hexagram flashed in one of his eyes again.

Duren Burg moved to Cech Flet's side in silence. In this team, the warrior with the saint item was the most powerful. Even though this saint item was more fitted in one versus one battle and didn't suit a group battle like this, it was a saint item after all.

If it were an average day, Duren Burg would compete with Cech Flet and see who should lead the charge.

Today? No.

Duren Burg moved away and let Cech Flet take the position.

The flames that shot out of Cech Flet's eye hadn't disappeared yet, and more undead creatures rushed into the zone, not afraid of withdrawing from the world.

The deadly flames that shot out of the Demon Eye of Destruction were barely able to create a path, and it was instantly filled with undead creatures again.

Many fireballs flew in the sky, and they quickly merged and became one. In a short moment, another radiating sun appeared in the air. Even though it hadn't fallen yet, people sensed the burning heat from it.

"Little Cech! Knock it away!"

While Duren Burg shouted, Cech Flet already shot a streak of flames toward the fireball in the sky.

The flames shot through the fireball, and the fireball exploded.

Fanta Kunge was not at the forefront of the team. He took a punch of an undead creature with his sturdy body, and his saber turned his opponent into two halves.

The compressed fireballs continued to appear in the sky, and they quickly merged and formed many powerful, condensed fireballs, not giving Cech Felt's the chance to shot through the troops of undead creatures with his destructive flames.

"Burg! Look at this!" Zence Matten roared, and the small bulge on his forehead sent out many spiritual energy waves. These waves ignored the physical bodies of the undead creatures and dashed toward the undead mages at the center of the magic arrays.

Boom! A radiant light appeared on the magic arrays, and Zence Matten instantly puked up a mouthful of blood. As his body shivered, he said, "Spiritual energy resistance? No way! I'm going to get through these magic arrays that are spiritual energy resistant!"

Zence Matten wiped away the blood on his lips, and the bulge on his forehead increased in size as more spiritual energy waves were shot out.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Radiant lights appeared in the magic arrays again and again, and Zence Matten's pupils expanded a little as he looked a little lost. Sweat no longer appeared on his forehead; it was red blood!

If his spiritual energy waves couldn't break the magic arrays, Zence Matten would be injured instead. The continuous tries already injured the Six Prince who rarely battled.

Another streak of burning flames shot toward the undead creatures, and Zence Matten's pupils suddenly contracted.

Blood! Bright blood flowed down Cech Flet's Demon Eye of Destruction that was shooting out flames.

"Little Cech's Demon Eye of Destruction isn't his own, so he can't use it repeatedly. If he uses it too frequently, he will go blind…"

Zence Matten suddenly recalled the conversation that he had with Duren Burg about Cech Flet's situation.

"Blind… blind… Flet might go blind…"

Zence Matten raised his head and looked at the undead mage formation. He suddenly poked his temples with his index fingers, and streaks of powerful spiritual energy gathered around the bulge on his forehead. It seemed like the volume of spiritual energy already reached his max, but he was still stacking more. His head might explode at any time.

Royal Family's secret technique! Seeking Life from Death!

Zence Matten's eyes became completely red, and the spiritual energy waves that reached their peak pierced through the undead creatures and struck the undead magic arrays.

Boom! The magic arrays closer to them exploded, and many magic elements shot into the area. The undead mages who were wrapped in bandages shook, and the bandages all broke. Dozens of undead mages looked up and spat out streaks of visible grey energy, and their bodies instantly softened.

In a flash, the bandages fell to the ground. It seemed like nothing existed under the bandages.

The compressed fireballs all disappeared, and Cech Flet looked down and shot out a thicker beam of destruction flames with his unique eye that was soaked in blood.

Although overusing this eye will make him blind, Cech Flet didn't care and dashed forward, and Zence Matten followed him tightly.

Bam! An undead warrior who was attacking Qian Jin didn't expect enemies to be behind him. Since they couldn't sense pain, their other senses were also duller.

Humans' reaction was faster since they were afraid of pain, so they could instantly detect pain and react immediately.

The undead creatures couldn't sense pain and fear and were fearless in battle. This was a good thing, but the drawback was that they were slower in terms of reaction speed. They were several times slower compared to humans.

This soul-power undead warrior was struck by Qian Jin's fist. He barely blocked it, but the destruction flames that Cech Flet shot hit his back. He instantly fell to the ground, and the fire burned a giant hole in his body.


Qian Jin knocked away some enemies with his saber and looked at his peers.

At this moment, an undead warrior suddenly struck his spear at Cech Felt from the right. This strike was fast and well-hidden.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Fanta Kunge reached out his hand and grabbed the spear. Although the damage and the heat caused by the friction couldn't hurt Fanta Kunge who had the Gold Essence Warrior Power, he shouted, "Cech, why are you distracted? Pay attention to your right…"

"Got it," Cech Flet replied calmly.

"Pay attention to the right?" Qian Jin looked at Cech Flet.

How was this fallen angel bloodline warrior going to pay attention to his right? With a blind eye?

Overusing his right eye would make this eye go blind. Qian Jin reminded Cech Flet many times, but this eye that was transplanted… went blind for real.

Cech Flet… had lost his Demon Eye of Destruction and lost half of his eyesight.

"Ah!!!! Ah!!!!!!"

Qian Jin looked at Cech Flet and thought, "In such a short time… in such a short time… I first lost Uncle Fabreidis, and now… my good friend lost an eye for me. Perhaps… we will all die here…"

The flames of the Heart of Earthly Fire condensed together more and more. The fire generated by this warrior heart, the heat in the Ancient Desert Sea, the blazing sunlight, the various other flames that were absorbed… these forms of energies intertwined and merged again and again.

This process put Qian Jin in a unique state. The hammer-shaped warrior soul became more robust, as if it was going to become tangible soon. Also, it felt like something was growing out of the hammer.

This was the sign that was soul realm was being generated. Qian Jin had a similar experience with the Destruction Soul Realm that was still in its infancy, and he knew that another soul realm was forming.

Usually, Qian Jin would be thrilled that he was getting another soul realm.

But now, Qian Jin wasn't in the mood. There were simply too many enemies around.

"Storage, we can get out of here for sure!" Duren Burg patted Qian Jin's shoulder and said, "Although I don't know what is happening, I believe that we can get out of this situation. It isn't our first time."

"Even if we can't get out…" Duren Burg looked a little tired and dispirited with half of a cigarette between his lips. "What about that? We will live together and die together."

"Live together… and die together…" Qian Jin slowly repeated Duren Burg's words and smiled, and he felt less fatigued. "Right, live together, and die together."

Everyone smiled and wiped the blood off their faces. They looked at the endless troops of undead creatures and said, "Dying together is also a form of fun."

Ever since they became warriors, these people knew that they might die on battlefields. For warriors, dying in a big way was an honor that could shock the universe.

"Come! Let's have the most brilliant battle in our lives!" Qian Jin's warrior souls started to unleash power in Qian Jin's body. The infancy of the other soul realm created a seed, looking like a gem that was inlaid in the hammer.

There were two dents on Qian Jin's hammer-shaped warrior soul, and only one of them was inlaid with a gem.