Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
54 Old Ling And Old Fang.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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54 Old Ling And Old Fang.

Upon hearing the words of his companion, the old man referred to as Fang Lan quickly calm down and said in a respectful tone " I am sorry young master."

Which seemed kind of weird as the two of them were both old and looked as though they were in their nineties.

As many of you already guess, the two old men were none other than Ling Chen and Fang Lan in disguise.

Two months ago, Ling Chen had realized that he was being constantly followed and ambushed by a number of assassins everywhere he went.

They were like a bunch of flies, no matter how many of them he killed, they kept on coming back with no regard for their lives.

Though they didn't pose a threat to his life or Fang Lan, they were still able to disrupt his daily life and slowed him down on his mission.

At some time, he wasn't able to eat in a restaurant or sleep without being suddenly attacked and ambushed by a group of men in black.
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Some of them even disguised themselves as restaurant owners or chefs and put poison in his food and his companions.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was able to tell when food was poison with just a single glance due to his left eye power, whether it was a little Black fox or Fang Lan, they would've died from food poisoning long ago.

The poisons they've used weren't some weak poisons, they were specially made for strong warriors or people like them. They were odorless and tasteless, and their toxicities were potent and strong enough to even kill a Peak Martial Venerable warrior.

Because of all these, Ling Chen was forced to change his appearance including Fang Lan's by using illusion.

As for why he chose two old men instead of two handsome adults or two hot chicks, it was because he found that being an old man in the secular world had a lot of perks and none of the bullshits.

He wasn't talking about the kinda old man that looked like a beggar with wrinkles on their faces or the kinda old man that had a fringe of grey-white hair around his balding and molting scalp. Neither the kinda old man that each movement they made one could hear the creak of their old bones.

Instead, he was talking about the kind of old man with long white hair and a long white beard that almost reached the ground. This kind of old man looked very ancient and sage-like. They gave off a feeling as though they were filled with wisdom and seemed to be detached from the mundane world.

This kind of old man, no matter how cruel, weak and perverted they might be, people always viewed them as powerful and wise.

Ling Chen had long realized how appearances played a big role in the secular world despite how deceiving it could be.

Though he has only been living in the secular world for three months or so, he did his best in trying to blend in and used his brain to take advantage of many situations and prevent some unpleasant ones.

At this moment, both Ling Chen and Fang Lan, who was wearing a loose white robe, were seated on a table by the window on the first floor of the Starfall Inn and Restaurant while eating and drinking.

As for the little black fox, it was still lazily laying in Ling Chen's right shoulder as it didn't like human food too much.

Ever since it had tasted all the medicinal pills and the spiritual fruits given to it by Ling Chen three months ago, it became addicted to them and didn't want to eat anything else but them.

" Young master, what is our next target." suddenly asked Fang Lan.

It's been three days since they've arrived in the Blue Cloud City and the young master hasn't left the city since then. They've been staying in the Starfall for the past three days and the young master didn't show any sign that they were going to leave soon.

They usually spent a night in a city and then moved to the next one. However, this time, it seemed to be different.

"Fang Lan, how many times I told you to call me Old Ling and I'll call you Old Fang. Don't you think it looked kinda weird for an old man to call another old man young master?"

"Sorry young master." Answered Fang Lan with an apologetic look on his face.

" There you go again!"

After realizing that he had just made the same mistake again, Fang Lan couldn't help but lower his head in shame.

He was already used in calling Ling Chen 'young master'. As such, he found it difficult to call him something other than that.

Not to mention calling him Old Ling would kinda put him in the same height or standing as Ling Chen which was something he could never accept or bring himself to do.

In his mind, he was nothing but a servant and Ling Chen was the master. While traveling with Ling Chen for the past three months, for some unknown reason, he discovered that his entire life or world revolved around Ling Chen.

Whatever he did or think, they were all for the sake of Ling Chen. Even though he didn't find anything wrong with that, he's clearly aware that he wasn't like that before.

"Old Fang, you want to know why I haven't left this city yet. Well, I'm grown tired of the continuous killings day after day."

"I've been killing people nonstop for the past three months. Though it's all to protect the Heavenly Demon Sect, my mother's home, I begin to lose grip of myself."

"Not only that, I even felt that I've developed another personality. I need a little break." Ling Chen's voice was filled with helplessness.

Though he was very powerful and strong will as well, after spending three months of killing people non-stop and absorbing their life force and blood, it took a toll on him mentally. All these mass killing mentally drained him.

One has to understand, no matter how powerful and quick-witted he might seem for his age, he was still a human and little child as well.

At times, he could also feel fragile, fading feebly in and out like a sparkle in the vast expanse of space. He could also feel overwhelmed and losing sight of himself like any regular human being.

Looking at the dejected look on Ling Chen's face, Fang Lan couldn't help but feel guilty despite not doing anything wrong.

"Young master, why don't you ask the Sect master to send you some helpers that way we don't have to do all the killings."

"We can even split up, that way we could get more work done within a short span of time." advised Fang Lan.

He didn't understand why Ling Chen didn't get any helpers from the sect to help him accomplish this mission.

It would've been more effective and they could've finished the mission in a short amount of time if they had more people.

They have the list already. All they had to do was to give everyone a list of targets and their locations and they would take care of them at the same time.

There was no need for Ling Chen to travel the whole secular world by himself to take care of everyone in the lists.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm the one who didn't want help."

It's true, Ling Chen could have got a bunch of people to help him on that mission but he chose not to. Even though that mission might be long and tiring, he still chose to do it alone. Furthermore, he was using it as an experiment as well.

It was the best way for him to explore his weird power to its fullest as well as the negative impact it had on him.

And so far, he had learned a lot of things about his power and a side of himself he would've never known if he had stayed in the Heavenly Demon Sect.

After listening to Ling Chen's answer, Fang Lan didn't say anything again. He just nodded to show his unwavering support.

After they were done eating, Ling Chen and Fang Lan didn't linger too much downstairs and went upstairs in their respective room.

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