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53 Three Months Later.

Like an irreversible and unstoppable arrow shooting rapidly across eternity, time quickly flowed by and three months have gone by since Ling Chen had embarked on his bloody crusade against the traitors and spies in the secular world.

While three months might seem very short in the life of a warrior to point of being negligible, or short to even a regular mortal living day to day life, however, for some people in the Heavenly Demon Sect's Domain, these past three months was the longest, the tensest and the most hellish three months of their lives.

During these three months, aside from the Han Royal family, like a reaper, Ling Chen has harvested the lives of four Royal families, six great families, and five small influences within the domain of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

In the span of these three months, he has bathed the entire Heavenly Demon Sect's domain in blood.

Wherever he went, he would leave behind a sea of blood that filled the sky with endless wailing as thousands of traitors and spies were completely massacred by him and his companions.

At that moment, all the great influences and noble families living within the domain of the Heavenly Demon Sect were feeling extremely insecure!

On a daily basis, there would be news about a royal family or a powerful clan being destroyed by the little devil.

Currently, the name Ling Chen was like a resounding thunder to all. It was a name that frightened everyone when mentioned, and the moment some people saw him, they seemed like mice encountering a cat and immediately fled.

Though the Heavenly Demon Sect was definitely not an overly moralistic existence, many people began to criticize them in secret for allowing such nefarious activities.

However, as time went by, the motive of Ling Chen's reign of terror and his ongoing slaughter had come to be known by the public. While some people were praising him continually because the influences and noble families eradicated by him were a bunch of oppressors and vile people, the ruling classes of the secular world were all feeling uneasy and restless even though they weren't traitors and spies.

They all believed that even though Ling Chen was merely hunting down traitors and spies now, who knew when this little fiend would start hunting down corrupt and greedy officials or nobles.

None of them could predict when something like that would happen.

They knew that none of them were clean or impartial, as such, they were all feeling restless despite not being spies or traitors. It was as if a calamity was looming over their heads.

Aside from that, all of them started to straighten themselves and started doing charity work without being asked to. They just wanted to have a good reputation just in case the little fiend decided to flip his motive and paid them a visit.

Other than that, due to Ling Chen's continuous slaughter and insane body count, whether it was the nobles or the mass, they all had begun to name him' Fiendgod' instead of the little devil.

They all came to an understanding that the nickname little devil was beneath that fiend as he had outgrown it. No little devil was capable of killing that many people and instill that much fear into the hearts of the people.

As the new nickname, ' Fiendgod' started to spread throughout the whole Heavenly Demon Sect's domain and beyond, for the first time in forever, everyone was agreed on something. It seemed as if this new name reflected the very essence of Ling Chen and they all felt that way.


The Thunder Flame Kingdom, Blue Cloud City,

If one were to rank all the kingdoms within the domain of the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Thunder Flame Kingdom would easily be among the top three most powerful Kingdoms.

Not only they were strong economically and militarily, but their territory encompassed a vast amount of land with an insane amount of population.

The Thunder flame Kingdom was one of the oldest kingdoms within the Domain of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

At this moment, the sun has already long since set into the horizon. With the colors of nightfall rapidly approaching the Blue Cloud City, one of the biggest cities within the Thunder Flame Kingdom.

In the meantime, Inside the Starfall Inn and restaurant, one of the best restaurants and Inns within the Blue Cloud City, many people were discussing and arguing while eating and drinking.

As one of the best places within the city, the business of the Starfall Inn and Restaurant was quite good.

With a glance, one could see that the first floor was completely packed with people eating and drinking.

"Hey brother Jin, did you hear about the latest news about the Fiendgod." At this moment, one of the customers suddenly asked the person next to him.

They were two middle-aged men sharing a small table by the window.

" Who did that little monster kill this time?" Replied the other without a second thought. It was if any news about Ling Chen was bound to relate to killing.

Well, can't blame the guy. Over the past three months, all the news about Ling Chen was about eradicating one influence after another.

" I heard that three days ago in Green Mountain forest, the Fiendgod and his companions annihilated the Stone Bandits group."

"As they didn't who they were, they tried to rob them while they were passing through the forest. They nearly killed all of them with only five of them escaped."

"Oh yeah, they deserved it. I don't know how many merchant caravans and people have fell prey to them."

"However, it's odd. Usually, that monster never leaves any survivors."

" Well, there's a reason for this. According to one of the survivors, the Fiendgod and the Dark Reaper didn't make a move."

" What! Then who killed them." Asked the other man with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

" I heard they were all killed and hunted down by an immense pitch-black demon beast with three tails. They said the huge black beast was at least five feet long and four feet tall."

"According to the survivors, the dark demon beast seemed to be the contracted demon beast of the Fiendgod."
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"Not only the pitch-black demon beast hunted and killed them, it even ate some of them while they were still alive." Added the man with a look of horror on his face.

"Damn, not only the Fiendgod is a ruthless and cruel Character, even his contracted beast and follower are the same as well."

"However, I guarantee that the Fiendgod won't live past this month." Suddenly said the other man with certainty and confidence.

" What! Why do you say that? "

"In the domain of the Heavenly Demon Sect, who dares to kill him or even have the power too." Replied the other man as if he had heard the joke of the century.

From his perspective, not only the Fiendgod was the son of the Heavenly Demon Venerable, the ruler of this domain, the Fiendgod himself was also insanely powerful. From this two-point alone, he was kinda invincible in this domain.

"It's true what said. There's some shit you might not know, the little bastard is being hunted by the Bloodbath Assassin's Guild."

" I don't know who put a price on his heard but he is being constantly chased by a sea of assassins."

" Not too long ago, in a fit of rage. He found and destroyed two strongholds of the Bloodbath Assasin's guild. Also, from the looks of things, it seems like the guild leader Bloodbath Venerable might make his move as well."

"Is this Bloodbath powerful?" the other man couldn't help but ask his friends who seemed to know more than him.

Upon hearing his friend question, the man looked at his friend as though he was looking at a fool and immediately stopped his words before whispering: "A real heaven-defying existence. Even if the Heavenly Demon Venerable of the Heavenly Demon Sect personally comes, only death awaits him"

"I really hope they killed that bastard. He's nothing more than an abomination."

While the two men were discussing and immersing themselves in the deeds and the news of the so-called Fiendgod and his companions, they didn't notice the two old men and the little black beast the size of a cat sitting behind them.

One of the old men was looking at them with intense killing intent in his eyes, especially the one who said that he hoped they killed that bastard.

"Fang Lan, chill out. Sometimes, you need to learn how to be immune to the opinions and actions of others or you will let them dictated your actions." said the other old man while chewing on a huge piece of meat.