Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
52 A Talk Between Father And Son
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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52 A Talk Between Father And Son

Heavenly Demon Sect, Heavenly Demon Palace

Within an underground room within the Heavenly Demon Palace, Ling Tian was currently sitting in a meditative position on what seemed to be a stone bed, both of his eyes were closed.

The room wasn't big and didn't contain any types of furniture except for the stone bed. At this moment, Ling Tian's body was surrounded by a strange and unusual flame.

It was strange and unusual because it wasn't the same color as any regular flame such as red or orange etc. Instead, it was an azure flame, like the sky itself.

Even though his entire body was enshrouded by the azure flame, his clothes were still intact. They didn't get burn as though the azure flame wasn't real but an illusion.

However, the insanely scorching heat emanating by the azure flame would prove one otherwise. The azure flame seemed as though it had the power to turn the Heaven and Earth into ash.

After a few more minutes of mediating, Ling Tian suddenly withdrew the azure flame from his body and opened his pair of cold eyes.


Not even a second has passed, and the little door of the underground room was pushed open as a young man in crimson red robe walked in.

"Father, you've asked to see me." Said the young man in a respectful tone.

"Ling Xiao' you've come." Answered Ling Tian with an amiable smile on his face.

Indeed, the young man wearing the crimson red robe which was the symbol of the Heavenly Demon Sect elite disciple was none other than Ling Xiao, Ling Chen's older brother and also the second son of Ling Tian.

" Have you gotten any news of your little brother." Asked Ling Tian with a guilty expression on his face while looking at Ling Xiao.

From all of his three children, Ling Xiao was the most neglected one. Unlike Ling Jian, Ling Xiao's mother was one of the maids of the Heavenly Demon Palace.

He didn't neglect him because his mother was a maid or his talent wasn't as strong as his other two children, but rather his birth wasn't planned at all. Furthermore, when he was born, his main wife was pregnant with Ling Chen and he had to travel throughout the whole Heaven Desolate Region in search of Heavenly treasures and rare medicines due to the complicity of his wife's pregnancy.

In fact, Ling Chen was supposed to be his first son, but the little bastard stayed for so long in his mother's womb that his two little brothers were born before him, turning him into the youngest one instead of the eldest one.

During his main wife's pregnancy, he had devoted his entire time to her and to the unborn baby while unconsciously neglected both Ling Jian and Ling Xiao.

Unlike Ling Xiao whose mother had died three years after his birth, Ling Jian's mother was well alive and kicking.

Ling Jian's mother was the 4th Princess of the Yan Empire. After he was born, his mother had taken him to the Yan imperial capital where he did most of his studies at the Yan Imperial Academy.

Ling Jian had a family and a mother that took care of him, loved him and spoiled him from a young age to his adulthood, he only came back to the Heavenly Demon Sect ten years ago, the same year that Ling Chen was born.

Because he didn't spend too much time in the sect and was busy trying to save his main wife, he didn't stop the 4th Princess from taking his eldest son away which resulted in this current situation were his own son was plotting against him.

While Ling Jian was being raised in the Yan Imperial capital, Ling Xiao was raised by the maids where he barely had any contact with him.

Looking at Ling Xiao, Ling Tian was unable to hold back his lamenting sigh as he remembered a distant memory.

" Yes, he already started his cleansing mission and the Han Royal Family was just destroyed by him two days ago." Replied Ling Xiao while still maintaining his respectful attitude.

" I see." Ling Tian answered with a surprised look on his face.

As it was his first time leaving the Heavenly Demon palace to venture in the secular world by himself, Ling Tian always thought that Ling Chen was going to enjoy himself and take his time before he started to accomplish his mission. Nonetheless, he had not expected Ling Chen to make his move so quickly.

"Anyway it's time they get rid of that tumor once in for all and take full control of our domain. It's true that the entire domain will fall into chaos and even weaken due to this thorough cleansing, however, like a phoenix, it will live and rise again after burning to ashes."

Ling Tian chuckled and continued: "Heh, a few people actually thought that our destruction is approaching. At the end of one's road, many people will want to take a bite out of such a fat juicy piece of meat! Almost every one of them has craved this land that has been occupied by our sect and can't wait to get a piece of it. However, let them come, coming will be easy, but leaving will not be as simple."

Do not be fooled by his carefree appearance, Ling Tian had experienced countless waves and storms. During the moment of action, he would be absolutely decisive and ruthless with cold blood. He wasn't named the Heavenly Demon Venerable just because he was the sect master, he was a truly terrifying and ruthless character.

Listening to his father, Ling Xiao didn't say anything. However, deep down he felt the same way. The Heavenly Demon Sect was his home and he would do anything to protect it.
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In fact, the Heavenly Demon Sect was his only home. He wasn't like Ling Jian who can pick and choose. If something were to happen to the sect, then he would be homeless.

It was one of the reasons he was fighting against Ling Jian and trying to prevent him from becoming the Sect master in the future. However, his talent and strength were below him which was he was able to take the Chief Disciple position away from him while only being in the sect for just a few years.

" Ling Xiao, tell me the truth. Do you hate your younger brother." Suddenly asked Ling Tian out of the blue.

Though this question appeared to be so sudden and unexpected, it was the main reason that Ling Tian asked Ling Xiao to see him. He wanted to confirm and prevent something if possible. Ling Tian had long known that the relationship between his three sons wasn't really good.

Upon hearing his father's question, Ling Xiao's expression greatly changed. Thinking about his little brother, Ling Xiao had a helpless expression on his face. He clearly didn't know how to answer that question.

He didn't know if he really hated his little brother or not. Though his little brother never acted against him, for some unknown reason, he didn't like him one bit. In fact, he rarely talked to him or played with him ever since he was born. He never tried to get close to him at all.

Ling Xiao was clearly aware that he was envious and jealous of his little brother's talent and natural-born strength, and also because his father paid more attention to him than anything else. But as the day went by, that jealousy and that intense envy seemed to grow into something else. Something that he found hard to describe, or maybe something he was afraid to describe.

At this moment, Ling Tian faintly smiled as he looked at his son with a gaze that possessed worldly wisdom and ability to see through everything. Under his gaze, Ling Xiao actually felt as if his thoughts were out in the open. He lowered his head while feeling apprehensive inside

"No, I'm not." He immediately shook his head. However, even he himself was not convinced of his words.

Ling Tian sighed and said:

" Ling Xiao, I know that I haven't spent much time with you since you were born or bond with you like father and son. For that, I am truly sorry."

"I don't want you to think that I love Ling Chen or Ling Jian more than you. All three of you are my Ling Tian's blood and I love all three of you equally."

"I know your little brother is kinda cold and weird sometimes, in the end, he's still a kid. He doesn't hate you or means you any harm."

"Currently, our Heavenly Demon Sect is facing a great danger which I am sure that you are aware of. Even if we safely made it and pass through the danger, it is unknown if I would still be alive at that time. During that time, you will need your little brother to be on your side.

" You are not stupid. You must have known a thing or two as to why your eldest brother came back and the plan of the Yan Empire. Although I am aware of it, I still can't do anything. No matter Ling Jian's purpose for coming back and his plan, I won't make a move against him or try to prevent him, that's your job if you want to take my position as the sect master in the future."

"If I were you, I would try to patch things up with Ling Chen. When I am not around, he will be the only one you can trust and count on. Believe me, when everything goes down, those that stood against him would truly know what it means to be in hell."

Ling Xiao's face was a shade of red and green. He understood the intent behind his father's words. However, even though he had the notion, how could he instantly change? He once again lowered his head in silence.

Furthermore, with his intelligence, he was aware that his father's toned down words concealed a sort of helpless and sad feeling.

"I understand, father." Respectfully said Ling Xiao after a moment of silence.

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