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49 The Bloody Royal Feast Final

Upon hearing Ling Chen's words, the nobles that were still struggling to regain their minds from the massacre of the entire royal family earlier, suddenly break out in cold sweat. Sweat poured down their bodies like raindrops despite the cool temperature of the room.

These words made every single one them felt a cold chill as if a basin of water has just been dropped on their head, causing them to shiver.

The few words and the insipid tone of Ling Chen sounded like a death sentence for them.

They didn't expect this at all, they all thought that everything was going to be over after Ling Chen was done lashing out on the Royal Family, after the failing assassination by the King.

Some even believed that they had misheard him because no one in their right minds would try to pull out a stunt like that after seeing the fate of the royal family.

Ling Chen cold voice resounded again: "Don't think about leaving when you're already here." His voice was chilling to the bones.

Upon hearing Ling Chen's overbearing words again, the nobles finally realized that they weren't dreaming. They finally realized that they didn't mishear him.

At this time, some of the noble were so terrified that they fell down to the ground and their legs were so weak that they couldn't stand anymore.

They only had one thought in their minds;

' We're all going to die tonight'

In the meantime, the main hall was filled with the stench of blood that penetrated the entire royal palace without showing any sign of dissipating, causing one to feel nauseous.

"Wait, young master." At this time, a brave noble suddenly stepped forward while sweating profoundly. He had to muster all of his courage just to step forward and said these words.

He knew that if he didn't say anything or try to clear out everything, he would probably die an unjust and indignant death.

The old man was around the age of sixty or seventy. Though he was old, his body was brimming with energy. With one glance one could tell that this old man was a strong warrior, even though he wasn't on the same level as Ling Chen or Fang Lan.

The old man was quite scared as well and hurriedly said to Ling Chen in a respectful tone" Young master, we didn't have anything to do with the King's assassination attempt, we only come here so we ..."

" I know."

However, before the old man could even finish his sentence, Ling Chen suddenly interrupted him.

Except for Ling Chen, no one knew that there were fifteen assassins in the midst of the nobles within the main hall.

The fifteen assassins disguised themselves as nobles and infiltrated the royal palace. The odd thing was that none of the nobles seemed to notice that they were imposters.

As for why they were able to fool the nobles, they've either killed the fifteen nobles with invitations and disguised themselves as their victims, or they might use some sort of illusion to fool the nobles.

The nobles weren't that strong anyway. The strongest one was just a Peak Martial Lord. As such it wouldn't be an issue for some first-class assassins to fool them.

Even the deceased king himself seemed as though he was unaware of them, or maybe he was just pretending.

However one thing was certain though, they didn't seem to care about the life and death of the King or his family as they didn't even lift a finger to prevent Fang Lan from slaughtering them right in front of their eyes.

After listening to Ling Chen's answers, the crowd of nobles suddenly became flabbergasted and even more confused.

If the third young master wasn't talking about them, then who was he referring to?

From what they could tell, aside from them high nobles from the Royal Capital, there was no one there. There weren't any new faces in the main hall except for the third young master himself, Fang Lan and the little black fox lying on Ling Chen's right shoulder looking around everywhere with its pair of curious eyes.

Nonetheless, they were still very happy and thrill, knowing that they have just escaped from the jaw of death.

While the surrounding nobles were still trying to figure out who exactly Ling Chen was talking about;


A ray of red light suddenly shot forward from the main hall towards Ling Chen. The beam of the red light was shockingly fast.

This beam of red light was even faster than a meteor or lightning. No one was able to see who shot it. Also, the beam of red light gave off a mysterious bone-biting chilling aura.

The beam of red light instantly stabbed Ling Chen in his chest. It all happened too quickly as the attacker was only a few feet away from Ling Chen. Even Fang Lan couldn't call out in time before the ray of red light made contact. This sudden attack was completely unexpected.

Almost all the nobles were able this ray of red light pierced through Ling Chen's chest at incredible speed.

All of them stopped breathing; it was as if an invisible hand was clutching their throats. The old man's hearts jumped out of his chest as he was the one closest to Ling Chen.

None of the noble dared to believe that someone amongst them to really ambush Ling Chen right after he had slaughtered the entire Royal Family.

What would happen to them after the Heavenly Demon Venerable found out that one of them had killed his precious son?

They were looking silly just by imagining their fate.

At this moment, some of them even began to formulate their plan to get the hell out of Fire Crow Kingdom. In their minds, as long as the verdant hills remain, there would be no fear of running out of firewood.

While the nobles were formulating their plan of escape, they suddenly woke from their stupor as they quickly realized that something was amiss.

Although the red beam of light which most of them assumed was an arrow or a short sword pierced through Ling Chen's chest, he was still standing there as nothing happened.

There was no blood gushing out of his chest or a miserable scream due to the pain of having one's chest pierced through by an arrow or a sword.

After taking a closer look at Ling Chen, they all became astounded. In his left chest, there was a small short sword hovering in the air. The small short sword was entirely red in color as though it was made of blood. It also gave off terrifying evil energy.

The short red sword was suspended in the air in front of Ling Chen's heart position. It was as though it was stopped by an invisible force.

If it was able to move even an inch further, it would have pierced through Ling Chen's heart and ended his life.

"Thank you for the gift but I don't want it." Ling Chen said as he stood there quietly without any reaction while looking at a well-dressed woman within the crowd with a devilish smile on his face.


At the same time, the suspended short red sword made a U-turned and suddenly shot towards the woman with incredible speed.

The speed of the short red sword was at least twice its previous speed when it was first shot. The well-dressed woman didn't even have time to scream or escape before the short red sword pierced through her head as she fell down on the ground with thud sound while blood gushing out of her head.

"Little Devil, today, I will show you what people call a fate worse than death!"
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At soon the woman fell onto the ground, an angry roared suddenly rang out from within the main hall. The anguished voice was filled with hatred.

At the same time, multiple Suffocating aura broke out and swept through the main hall. Each one was powerful than the last.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Fourteen men and women suddenly jumped out from the crowd of nobles and surrounded Ling Chen along with Fang Lan.

By this time, they have already regained their appearance. There were ten men and four women in total.

Among the fourteen of them, eleven of them were at the Martial Emperor realm while the rest were all Martial Kings. The strongest one of them was a middle-aged man at the peak Martial Emperor realm.

Even though they all surrounded Ling Chen, none of them dared to make a move. They all had a serious and wary expression of their faces.

They could tell that Ling Chen wasn't going to be an easy target after they've witnessed the way he killed the king earlier.

Looking at the fourteen men that surrounded, Ling Chen's lips curved upward, revealing a sinister smile.

" With just you." He coldly answered. However, within these three simple words hid a confident and domineering presence.


With buzzing sound, without warning, a world of darkness accompanied by an endless evil presence suddenly spewed out from Ling Chen's body at an astonishing speed.

The surge of endless darkness spread around Ling Chen's body in an unstoppable manner. It was like a never-ending apocalyptic flood capable of destroying and swallowing everything.

Before the fourteen assassins could even figure what was happening, the surge of darkness had already surrounded them and trapped them within. There was no escaping this tide of darkness.

The area around Ling Chen was pitch black, devoid of any light. Whether it was Ling Chen, Fang Lan, and the fourteen assassins, they all disappeared as they were swallowed by the surge of darkness which seems like black smoke.

Seeing this event that transpired right before their eyes, the nobles felt a cold chill that reverberated throughout their bodies!

The abrupt change happened too quickly, rendering them to be shocked and frightened at the same time.

Throughout their entire lives, they've never found themselves in such situations. They've been on a roller coaster of nightmares all night. If they weren't healthy, most of them would have long died from a heart attack already.

While the nobles were still complaining about the bad luck,


Suddenly, there was a miserable shriek coming from the world of darkness.

They felt their scalp tingling and their legs trembling upon hearing it.


At the same time, the shrill screams continued to resound within the world of darkness. Sometimes the anguished scream came from a woman while other times a man. It resounded time and time again like a woven melody until it stopped about five minutes later.

Even though the nobles couldn't see what was happening inside, at this point, they all could clearly guess a thing or two from the horrifying screech resonated from the inside.


One more minute after the endless terrifying screams have stopped, the endless surge of dark energy suddenly receded into Ling Chen's body like a tidal wave, revealing everything.

The main hall had finally regained its brightness and the nobles were finally able to see everyone, well not everyone because only Ling Chen and Fang Lan and the little black fox remained. As for the fourteen people that were engulfed and swallowed by the dark energy, they all mysteriously disappeared as though they were never there. Not even a piece of their clothes remained, just the bloodstained ground.