Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
48 The Bloody Royal Feast V
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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48 The Bloody Royal Feast V

After ripping off the king's hand from his arm, before he could even utter another cry due to the immense pain,


Ling Chen suddenly punched the king in his stomach. However, he didn't use his physical power alone, his entire fist was shrouded with dense dark energy, making it bigger.


The King's flesh suddenly splashed everywhere and his blood sprayed like fireworks as his entire body was pulverized by that single punch. His entire body shattered into countless pieces with mangled bits flying everywhere.

At the same time, some of those flying pieces of flesh even fell onto the faces and shoulders of the nobles present in the main hall. However, not a single one of them dared to wipe anything off let alone tried to dodge them.

The King knew that he wasn't a match for Ling Chen but he didn't expect to die in this ugly manner, being turned into meat paste from a single punch.

From the moment the King realized that little devil had found out about everything, he was already prepared to die.

In his opinion, this risky venture was worth it. Plus, he didn't mind dying because he knew that his Majesty's plan would come to fruition. He had lived for many years and already accomplished many things. He just wished that when he finally died, his death would be just as glorious as his life.

However, instead of having a glorious death, he was crushed like an ant which was the thing he was afraid the most.

Though Ling Chen wanted to absorb the King's blood and life force, he refrained from doing so as he didn't want to use this type of power in public.

He clearly understood that his power would be viewed as evil by others. Not to mention, the commotion and the waves it would caused if people found out that he could get stronger by absorbing the life force and energy of other humans.

Meanwhile, All the nobles present became pale with horror after seeing such a gruesome and repugnant scene. They felt suffocated at this scary sight, feeling their chests heaving up and down in astonishment.

Plop! Plop!

Eventually, some of them began to fall on their knees as they suddenly lost all strength in their legs due to the immense fear.

After taking care of the King, Ling Chen wiped the blood of his palm with a white tissue and smiled. To him, this was only a trivial matter

Looking at the indifferent look on Ling Chen's face after he literally pulverized the body of the king, the nobles felt a cold chill running down their spines.

'This little child was truly a devil!' They all thought.

He was simply too brutal and aggressive! To kill the King in such a brutal manner…
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Furthermore, even though they heard the little devil was extremely powerful, but they felt that no matter how powerful he was, Martial King realm was limit at best. However, after seeing Ling Chen blew away and pulverized the king today, they wouldn't believe it if they didn't see it with their own eyes

"I've known that you guys had nothing to do with it, so don't worry. At the same time, I suggest you're all stay put until everything's over." Ling Chen said as he swept the surrounded nobles with his cold gazes.

Even though his voice was polite, this was an irrefutable order that they couldn't disobey, otherwise, they might even suffer the same fate as the king.

While Ling Chen was dealing with the King, Fang Lan had long since pounced towards the other members of the royal family like a cheetah after he had cut off the head of the crown prince.

At this moment, he was like a wolf in a flock of sheep.

Poof!" Poof!" Poof!"

Like the god of death, his long sword that was enshrouded with black flame swept around the main table where the members of the royal families were seated.

Heads began to fly as columns of blood spurted out like springs, creating a sanguine rain. His sword was completely merciless, it didn't differentiate whether one was a woman or a man, prince or princess, ugly or beautiful, only death reigned supreme. He slashed down his sword mercilessly as he continued to massacre the members of the royals families, sparing nothing.

Some of them tried to escape, however, before they could make it far, their heads were already rolling on the ground with their eyes wide open from shock. Even at the moment of their death, they couldn't discern that sword slash.

Some of them were innocents and knew nothing about the relationship between the king and the Yan Empire, however, before they could even have the chance to explain themselves, their heads were already rolling on the ground as well.

In just a flash, the main hall was filled with a bloody rain that was amplified by shrill bellows across the room.

Everyone was horrified by this scene. As this time, this place became hell. The blood of the members of the royal families then reached the ground from the main table and flowed like a river, creating a scene of carnage.

It was simply a one side massacre, the Royal party that was supposed to be one of the most enjoyable moments for nobles had suddenly turned into the most horrific and bloody event.

While Fang Lan was slaughtering the members of the royal family, whether it was the royal guards or the nobles in good terms with the royal family, none of them dared to make a move or tried to help them.

Because they knew what it meant to go against the Heavenly Demon Sect in their own turf, not only they would be killed, their whole family would be killed as well. As such, they could only stay put and watch.

While all of this was happening, Ling Chen essentially didn't do anything at all; he simply stood there and calmly observing Fang Lan in action as well as the group of horrified nobles.

Unknowingly, there was a slight smile on his face while he was looking at the frightening look on the nobles' faces as though he was enjoying it.

After a while, the entire main hall became quiet as Fang Lan finished slaughtering the entire royal family and stood behind Ling Chen again, as though nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Ling Chen comfortably stood in the main hall while gazing at the surrounded nobles. Then, he smilingly said: " Are you guys going to attack me or are you just going to stand there."

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