Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
47 The Bloody Royal Feast IV
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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47 The Bloody Royal Feast IV

The Royal Palace, Main Hall

Within the main table, Ling Chen and the king of the Fire Crow Kingdom sat on the main seats of honor with Fang Lan and the Queen sitting on the right and left respectively.

Ling Chen was on the right while the king on the left. To the nobles, the right was associated with the seat of honor, so on this point, one could clearly see that the king has acknowledged that Ling Chen's status was higher than himself the king of a country.

As the host of the banquet, the King had to give a speech. As for Ling Chen, he didn't say anything. He just sat there like a wooden statue listening to everything and nodding his head during the speech.

The speech was mostly about how honored and blessed they were to have him in their humble abode. Also, he mumbled about how great the Heavenly Demon Sect was.

After he was done with his speech, everyone lifted their cups for toast, including Ling Chen. Then, the banquet has officially started.

"Little brother Ling, if I may be bold to ask, what brings you here to the secular world."

" Are you here on business or pleasure. Because whatever it is, my Fire Crow Kingdom kingdom is at your beck and call." Asked the king with an amiable smile on his face.

The King of the Fire Crow Kingdom was named Han Tong. He was a healthy middle-aged man with black hair and a pitch-black eye that shone mysteriously.

From his appearance and atmosphere, one could clearly tell at one glance that he came from a noble lineage as well as having the bearing a ruler.

He gave off such an intangible presence and his body exuded an emperor's aura that anyone would know that he was a king or a high ranking noble even if he wore rags. He emitted this grand noble aura as if he was a tyrant up high above.

Unlike the Crown prince. Even if the king was in the presence of Ling Chen, he didn't change his bearing. Maybe it was rooted too deep within him that he couldn't change it even if he wanted too.

"Well, I am here on a mission. My dad sent me to the secular world to take care of a bunch of fools who think that they could betray the Heavenly Demon Sect and get away with it." Ling Chen casually said as he was gulping food down by the mouthfuls.

Although his voice was not loud, everyone present could hear him clearly.

The scene's atmosphere took on strange overtones in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, even the king was sent into a daze by Ling Chen's brutal honesty. He was already aware that Ling Chen was here on a mission. The only thing he didn't understand was why come here especially from all places.

Not to mention the king, even the queen and the five princes along with the three princesses were surprised as well.

Though the king was stunned, as an experienced ruler, he quickly recovered and regained his bearing as he swiftly stated' "As I said earlier, If you need help or manpower the Fire Crow Kingdom is at your beck and call."

" I have to say, it truly was not a waste of time for me to come to this party." Ling Chen said as he continued to wolf down the food on the tables.

Whatever dish looked the most exquisite would be eaten. As for wine… it was as though he was afraid of choking on eating too much. He drank as he ate, using the wine to wash the food down
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This was truly the perfect display of a bumpkin's characteristics. However, none of them dared to reprimand him or looking at him with disdain as he had the power to decide their life and death.

" I am glad you find everything to your liking." Answered the King with a slight smile on his face.

Not only him, but even the princes and princesses also fell happy as well upon hearing Ling Chen's words. For them, it was like the greatest compliment their royal family could ever receive. It would be of tremendous help for them if they could be on good terms with Ling Chen.

" You can stay here as long as you like." added the queen who has been silent throughout the whole feast. It was unknown if she was ordered not to speak too much or she was just afraid of saying something that could upset Ling Chen as they didn't know much about him.

As the queen, she was sitting next to the king. She had a voluptuous figure, with skin no different to a sixteen-year-old girl. It was as though age had forgotten to leave its marks on her face, accentuating her youthful looks and mature woman's charm on her perfect body.

"This is the best food I have eaten so far. However, the poison within them and the wine left a bad taste on them." Answered Ling Chen nonchalantly as he continued eating.

However, the moment those words came out of his mouth, not to mention the king, the assembled crowd was shell shocked, as if lightning had burnt them all to a crisp after Ling Chen had spoked.

Countless pairs of eyes looked towards Ling Chen in synchronized movement.

Clink, Klunk…

At least three or four people fumbled their wine glasses after hearing these words. They were so shocked by Ling Chen's words that even their wine glasses fell to the ground.

At the same time, the king was frozen in place. His face had sunken low enough to draw water

Yet Ling Chen pretended to be completely oblivious to everything as he continued eating his food.

" We've already known that you've been working for the Yan Empire for some time now. In fact, they are the ones who funded you with weapons and money for your wars."

"Not only that, but we also know that you weren't initially people from our Heavenly Demon Sect's Domain. Your ancestors came from the Yan Empire three hundred years ago when the current emperor of the Yan Empire Empire was just a little prince."

"And if our guess is correct, you are one of his many men planted throughout many kingdoms within the Heaven Desolate Region in his quest for unifying the whole Region."

"As for your children and the rest of your family, though your wrongs weren't theirs, they still have to die regardless along with you."

These words that Ling Chen said made everyone pale in shock. They had clearly understood what he had meant and where he was going with this.

The king himself too was shocked and his expression changed; However, he didn't rebut him.

At this point, the Crown Prince and the Queen were astonished! Their expressions had changed and their faces turned pale as they watched the situation unfold, frozen in their seats.

On the King's face, there was a look of despair. He suddenly laughed and said, "Yes, you guys really have done your research, I guess no matter what I said and do, I still have one road ahead of me, death."

" I guess your Heavenly Demon sect is ready to face our Yan Empire. I am pretty sure that you guys have known that for a long time, yet, the last time the Cleaner came to the secular world, he didn't even stop in the Fire Crow Kingdom."

"Now that the old ghost Heavenly Demon Venerable is showing up his fangs, he's confident in withstanding the wrath of the Yan Empire."

Listening to the King's words, Ling Chen didn't say anything. His father had already told him how deep the Yan Empire's men have rooted within their Heavenly Demon's Sect Domain. The majority of the people in his black book were either spies or influences belonging to the Yan Empire. There might be even more that they were unaware of.

The Heavenly Demon Sect's Domain was closer to the Yan Empire, if they wanted to expand their empire and unify the Heavenly Desolate Region, it's obvious that the Heavenly Demon Sect would be their first target.

Furthermore, it seemed as though they had been preparing for that ages ago.

Ling Chen's eyes were fixated on the king. He then quietly asked, " Han Tong, do you want to kill yourself now or do you want me to do it?"

"Choose wisely, I know that you've been hiding your true cultivation base. You are clearly a Martial Emperor yet you pretended to be a Martial king."

"Who said I can't get out here alive." Answered the king with a devious smile on his face. Now that the cat was out of the bag, he only cared about saving his own skin.

"Ohh, where did your confidence came from. It is because of the fifteen assassins you have hiding within the crowd."

Ling Chen suddenly glanced over everyone slowly as he said lightly, " Fang Lan Kill everyone from the Royal Family. Leave the king and the others to me."

The crowd felt afraid and slightly anxious as Ling Chen looked at each one of them, sending a cold chill down each of their spines. As Ling Chen uttered those words, there was an intense killing intent that suddenly radiated from him, making everyone tremble in fear.

However, before Ling Chen could make the first move, the king suddenly released his Martial Emperor's aura.


In a blink of an eye, as he was very close to Ling Chen, he quickly took one of the knives on the table and tried to slash Ling Chen's throat with it.

He was unbelievably fast and swift. His sudden attack seemed to be impossible to be blocked and dodged from that close distance.

However, before his knife could reach Ling Chen's neck, it suddenly stopped in midair. Ling Chen's hand quietly clasped his wrist. Though the King's attack was very fast, his speed was nothing compared to someone like Ling Chen.

Furthermore, with his left eye power, he already knew when the king was going to attack and the trajectory of his attack. Everything was within his grasp.

However, that wasn't all. The moment the king looked at Ling Chen, his expression greatly changed. It was because the scenery around him completely changed.

He was supposed to be seated next to Ling Chen on the main table along with his family, but now he found himself standing in front of him. It was the same position when he walked toward Ling Chen to greet him when he first entered the main hall along with the crown prince before the party even started.

Only this time, instead of shaking his hand to welcome him. He had a knife pointed at his neck which he obviously blocked.

At the same time, the whole main hall felt into absolute stillness. The silence hung in the air like the suspended moment before a falling glass shatters on the ground. The silence was like a gaping void, needing to be filled with sounds, words, anything. It was an eerie sort of tranquility.

Everyone was staring at the king, including the Queen and the princes with their mouths wide open since they couldn't understand what happened. Even their own breath seemed to die as soon as it left their mouth

They couldn't understand why the King was trying to kill the third son of the Heavenly Demon Venerable, the true ruler of this domain. Furthermore, he was trying to do it in front of a bunch of people.

Was he crazy!

Not to them mention them, some of the nobles were so stunned that they had their mouths open so wide that one could fit an egg inside. Some would find that their jaws became dislocated from this shock!

"I guess you've probably confused and wondering what happened. Well, you were caught in an illusion. Everything that you saw, our conversation, all happened with the span of seconds while you were making your way towards me."

" I knew you were a traitor already, I just wanted to find a reason to kill you without alerting the others that we are onto them." Ling Chen's cold icy voice suddenly transmitted to the King's mind.

"Impossible!" Needless to say about the dazed nobles, the king was beyond shocked. He couldn't believe his eyes.

However, before he could wrap his head around everything,

" How dare you tried to kill me. Are trying to rebel against my Heavenly Demon Sect. Fang Lan, kill every single member of the royal family. Leave none of them alive." Shouted Ling Chen as he pretended to be shocked by the king's sudden attempt to kill him.

At the same time,

"Crack!" He easily crushed the King's wrist that was holding the knife.


He then pulled on it, severing the king's hand from his arm, causing blood to spurt everywhere as he miserably screamed: "Ahh!!"

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