Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
46 The Bloody Royal Feast III
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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46 The Bloody Royal Feast III

It was already late at night. The light of the crescent moon shone down upon this enormous beautiful city known as the Royal Capital of the Fire Crow Kingdom.

Just like Ling Chen has predicted, the moment the King of the Fire Crow Kingdom known of his arrival within the Royal Palace, he quickly rushed in to meet him and decided to throw a big welcoming party in his honor.

From all the direct descendants of the Ling Family, Ling Chen was the most enigmatic. His very existence was shrouded with mystery.

From his birth to his youth, everything about him was secretive. There were many rumors about him and his power. Unlike his two eldest brothers, no one in the mortal world has ever seen him. Everything they knew about him was from hearsay.

Nonetheless, the name Ling Chen was synonymous with the devil throughout the Heavenly Demon Sect's Domain. No one, from an eighty-year-old elderly man down to toddlers and children, would be unfamiliar with this name. Some even used his name to scare children who were disobedient.

No one has ever seen him committed a bunch of evil deeds or killing a lot of people like the rumors said. However, when his name was mentioned, everyone from the king down to the commoners would be gravely fearful.

This was because not only he was the third son of the mighty Heavenly Demon Venerable, but also because of the event that took place the day he was born and his reputation. Though the higher up and people with power in the Heavenly Demon Sect's Domain haven't mentioned that out loud, rumors about Ling Chen's birth being at the cause of the event that took place ten years ago was spreading in secret.

As such, after knowing the Royal Family of the Fire Crow Kingdom was throwing a big welcoming party for the mysterious third child of the Heavenly Demon Venerable, the whole Royal Capital was on edge, especially the nobles.

At the same time, some of them couldn't hide the excitement of meeting the Little Devil, the third son of the Heavenly Demon Venerable and the true ruler of this land. Under the whole sky of the Heavenly Demon Sect's Domain, every spot was the Ling Family's ground. From the borders of the land to the many small and big kingdoms, every individual, Kings or commoners, was the subject of the mighty Ling Family.

They were like a divine family!

How often would they get a chance to actually meet a character like that in person!

At that moment, the entrance of the Royal Palace was bustling with extraordinary activity and noise. Any of the nobles who had received an invite all cleaned themselves up nicely and came to participate in the welcoming party.

At this time, the road outside the palace was full of all kinds of exquisite carriages. Some men and women dressed in luxurious clothes were coming out of their carriages and making their way to the gate of the Royal Palace.

In front of the Royal palace's gate, two strong royal guards were examining the guests' invitation cards before they entered the palace. Soon after, another royal guard would receive them, and would cordially welcome them and took them where the welcoming party was taking place.

Even though the Royal family had printed their seals on the invitation cards, none of the familiar faces from the royal family had come out yet, not even to receive the guests. Not only that, even though each individual's invitation card was being inspected before they were allowed to enter, no one felt that they were being treated in a disrespectful manner, nor they were complaining. Instead, Most of them felt quite proud and honored because not anyone could receive this invitation card and not anyone could enter the Royal palace in such occasion to meet the third son of the Heavenly Demon Venerable.

Soon the guests arrived at the main hall which was located in the inner courtyard of the royal palace. It was nicely decorated and huge rows of tables with the finest foods and wines were arranged through the hall. In the middle was an open area for dancing and such. Distributed through the hall were many tables with chairs.

Everything was prearranged for the party at this level. How many invites were sent, how many seats were arranged and including the seating arrangements of the guests because of the clear distinction of power and status between the guests.

The core members of the royal families were arranged to be seated closest to the king's table, his family as well as the main star of the event, Ling Chen.

In the meantime, In the dark of the night, ten shadows seemingly flew over the high walls of the Royal city, and entered into it, and slowly concealed themselves as they were making their way through the darkness towards the Royal Palace as well.

That night, however, was bound to be another unusual night for the Fire Crow Kingdom's Royal Capital.


Within his room, Ling Chen sat on the bed while petting the head of the little black fox who seemed to enjoy every second it.

Like usual, he wore his snow-white robe and his black hair flowed down his back like a black ink of a tilted piece of parchment. He looked devilishly handsome as always with his childish-looking face.

"Young Master, the welcoming party has already started. The crown prince is waiting for us." Reminded Fang Lan who stood not far from Ling Chen.

"Indeed it's time for us to go. The net is open and all the fishes have already come running in." Answered Ling Chen with a slightly sinister smile on his face.

Looking at Ling Chen's sinister smile, even Fang Lan felt an abrupt chill down his spine. He has been traveling with the young master for some time now and he still hasn't gotten used to his weird personality.

One moment he was smiling innocently like a little child with his eyes filled sincerity and the next moment he looked like a completely different person. Like now, his facial expression only showed deception and sinister intentions.

" Let's go." Ling Chen said as he left his room along with the little black fox in his hand followed by Fang Lan.

As his first and devoted follower, Fang Lan was already aware of Ling Chen's plan. He finally understood when Ling Chen said that they would deliver themselves to us and prepared the perfect stage for their death without even knowing.

What he meant was this party where all the members of the Royal family would be present in a single room!

After Ling Chen left his room, he met with the Crown prince outside the residence. The prince possessed an imposing and dignified bearing and comported himself with sophisticated grace.

However, the moment he saw Ling Chen, his attitude completely changed. He was like a lowly commoner in the presence of a true noble.

" This way please, young lord." Instructed the Crown prince as he led the way.

Without wasting any time, Ling Chen and the others followed Crown Prince Han Long into the main hall of the Royal Palace as they chatted happily.

The main hall of the royal place was where the welcoming party was being held. All were already in readiness in the spacious main hall, and only awaited the arrival of Ling Chen.
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After walking for a bit, Ling Chen finally made it to the main hall of the royal palace where the party was taking place.

As soon as Ling Chen and his group walked into the main hall. Immediately, an attendant respectfully came up to them. He then announced in a melodious tenor voice, "The Crown prince and Young Master Ling Chen has arrived."

The moment he announced these two names, Ling Chen immediately felt numerous eyes look towards him. However, almost all of the stares contained one single emotion, fear.

"It's time for Bloody Royal feast to begin." Ling Chen murmured to himself as he was looking at all the members of the royal family within the main hall.

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