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Upon hearing Ling Chen's command, Fang Lan's lips suddenly curved upwards, revealing a sinister smile on his face as he was staring at the owner with a chilling gaze.

He had long grown tired of these mortals treating them like some nobodies. If it wasn't for the fact that the young master refrained him from killing people and fighting mindlessly, he would have long turned that owner into a bloody pulp.

It wasn't only the owner of that restaurant that has acted that way, after separating with the Ma Tu and his group in Kapoti Town, almost everywhere they went, they've received the same degrading treatment.

They couldn't get a decent room in an Inn without status, they couldn't eat in certain restaurants without a high status. They even had to pay taxes to enter every city they passed through. Furthermore, they even had to lined up along with all those drunk and filthy people while watching the so call nobles walked through a different gate.

Though they could have received better treatment by showing their strength and true status, the young master refused to travel that way. As such Fang Lan had to put up with all those bullshit.

Even though it was humiliating for him, he didn't really care. It was the fact that they treated his young master the same way as any regular mortal that infuriated him.

If only they knew what kind of existence they were talking to! If only they knew what kind of existence that was walking among them. As they said, Ignorance was truly bliss.

However, now that the Young master had given him the green light, he couldn't wait to show those puny mortals what it meant to have a true high status and power.

Looking at the sinister smile on Fang Lan's face, the owner of the restaurant unconsciously took a step backward as the blood completely drained from his face.

He didn't know why but he felt as though Fang Lan was like a poisonous snake eyeing his prey and that feeling sent a cold chill down his spines. He could feel the stench of death all around him.

" Young man, you'd better behave yourself. My sister is the wife of the M...."

However, before the owner could even finish his sentence, with a shockingly absolute speed, Fang Lan suddenly disappeared from his previous position and appeared right in front of him.

Without saying anything, he lifted up his right leg and threw out a kick. In this quick moment, Fang Lan's single kick struck upward like a whip.

The poor owner was only a Martial Master Realm Warrior, with Fang Lan suddenly making a move, he had no chance to escape, nor could he evade his attack. Fang Lan was simply too quick and too strong for someone like him to handle.

"Bang!" Before the owner could figure out what was going on, blood had already sprayed everywhere as he was sent flying away through the wall by a single kick.

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The sound of broken bones was piercingly deafening, giving the waitress a chill as she felt her scalp tingling.

The sudden noise caused everyone on the second floor to get out of their private room to the main room of the restaurant in order to see what was going on.

" Isn't that owner Bu." Looking at the bloody appearance of the man that just burst through the wall, someone instantly recognized who he was.

At the same time, more people got a better look at the bloody person on the floor and recognized that it was owner Bu as well.

"You…" Suddenly aghast, the owner wanted to speak, but before he could finish his sentence again, Fang Lan's right hand was already clutching his bloody neck.

Fang Lan was simply too fast and swift. Before he knew it, he was already raised into the air by the neck like a chicken.

" You little shit, even if your esteemed guest was the king himself, he would have to wait until my young master finished his meal."

"If you dared to disturb my young master's meal again, not only I will kill you, I will also burn your restaurant to the ground."

As Fang Lan said that, a huge black fireball suddenly appeared in his left hand. The moment the black fireball appeared, the temperature of the room increased drastically.

"Now, get the fuck out my sight." Fang Lan added before he casually tossed out the owner to the ground like a sandbag.

The second floor of the restaurant instantly became silent, so silent that the sound of a pin drop could be heard clearly.

The customers in the restaurant stared at the bloody owner on the ground with shocked expressions on their faces. Then, they shifted their gaze towards the mysterious and powerful expert without knowing what to say or think.

Who was owner Bu?

He was the brother in law of the Fire Crow Kingdom's Marshal. The man revered as the War God throughout the Kingdom.

In the Fire Crow Kingdom, there were many Generals, Dukes, Marquises, Counts, Barons, but there was only one Marshal!

The Legendary Marshal Feng Tao!

He was also considered as the strongest warrior throughout the whole Fire Crow Kingdom and had saved the kingdom multiples time. Because of his meritorious service, he had an exalted status in the kingdom.

Like they said, when a man achieves the Dao, even his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven. Because of his brother in law, owner Bu had a high status in the royal capital as well.

He even opened a successful high-class restaurant and was able to rub shoulder with many people with high status within the kingdom. As such, not everyone dared to provoke him.

The ones who were able to dine on the second floor of the Night Fragrance Restaurant were people of high status. Each and every one of them understood clearly the power and prestige of owner Bu.

Now seeing him in such a miserable state, it could only mean one thing.

Owner Bu had finally encountered a hot Iron plate!

However, none of them dared to talk or tried to help. They only watched from the side, waiting to see how owner Bu would respond.

While everyone on the second floor was looking at owner Bu with a stunned expression on their faces, including the waitress, like an injured dog lying on the floor, the pale owner Bu struggled before he finally got up.

His expression became a bit unsightly. No one had ever dared to speak in such a bold manner to him, let alone beat the shit out of him.

However, He was an experienced person. As a Martial Master, he couldn't even withstand one blow before being subdued by the enemy. Just how frightening was this person!?

If that young man wanted to kill him, ten lives still wouldn't have been enough for him.

Not only that, the young man didn't even release his aura, however, he felt as though that single kick from that young man carried the weight of ten thousand mountains.

A Martial Warrior that hasn't even opened his lower-dantian could easily lift up and toss around a hundred pounds object with one hand easily, so even if Fang Lan went easy on the owner, the power behind Fang Lan's kick still dealt a great amount of damage to the owner.

While the customers were still watching to see how the owner was going to respond, a white robe youth suddenly walked out of the private room with the huge hole in it.

The youth looked very strange and the reason for that was very simple his eyes. Both of his eyes were completely lit with two different colors. The left eye was blue and the other crimson red with a strange marking or design on both; a sight like this was especially frightening and made the youth seemed like a devil in disguise.

This youth was none other than Ling Chen of course!

Seeing how the people were looking at him, Ling Chen suddenly batted his eyes and his eyes turned black, like a regular pair of eyes.

This was a simple illusion. While traveling to the mortal world, Ling Chen realized how troublesome his pair of eyes could be as everyone would stare at him. Because of that, he had cast an illusion on his eyes, making them looked normal.

" Young Master." Upon seeing Ling Chen came out of the private room, Fang Lan quickly ran towards him like a devoted loyal servant.

" I've lost my appetite. Plus the food here isn't as good as the last place we went to." Answered Ling Chen while wolfing down a huge chicken drumstick that was in his hand.

"Let's go, it's time to take care of that King and his family." Ling Chen added.

However, before he left, he shifted his gaze towards the owner and said with an icy cold tone." I know your type very well, you'd better not go look for your backer and continue to annoy me any further, lest I slaughter your whole family!"