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41 The Ultimate Kill Command.

The Yan Empire, Yan Imperial Capital,

The Yan Empire was located in the center region of the fifteen great influences. Its territory was next to Heavenly Demon Sect, only separated by a large desert known as the Land of Death.

In terms of territory, the Yan Empire had the largest domain from all the fifteen great influences. Its territory was vast and resources were abundant.

The Yan Empire was considered as the strongest influence among the fifteen great influences. Whether it was economically or militarily, the Yan Empire was at the apex of the fifteen great influences. After all, they had a huge backer, they had a Human Saint standing behind them.

As the Imperial Capital of the strongest influences of the Heaven Desolate Region, the Imperial Capital of the Yan Empire was the largest city in the entire Heaven Desolate Region. Furthermore, It was located at the heart of the empire.

The grandeur and magnificence of the Yan Imperial Capital were nearly unmatched throughout the Heaven Desolate Region.

The Imperial Capital of the Yan Empire was built on mountain ranges which were like huge dragons. Furthermore, it wasn't a single mountain range but four mountain ranges.

Four mountain ranges which were like four ominous prehistoric beasts crawling in the flatlands gathered at the location of the Imperial city. The place where the heads of the four ancient beasts like mountain converged were the Imperial city.

With four enormous mountains surrounding and protecting the Imperial Capital, it was almost invulnerable from any invasion. Not to mention there was still an army base or barrack on each mountain. Even though they were called four barracks, it was more appropriate to call them four cities. However, except for regular citizens, there were a bunch of strong imperial soldiers living within them.

Just like any huge prosperous city, even an inch of land within the Imperial Capital of the Yan Empire was equal to an ounce of gold. The land was so valuable that even a regular house in the outer area was being sold at an astronomical price.

Furthermore, even if one had the financial capability to buy any house within the imperial capital, that didn't mean one could actually buy it if wanted to.

A certain level of status is needed to buy a certain house in a certain location. There was a distinct hierarchy of status and rank when doing business within the Imperial Capital of the Yan Empire.

One status dictated what type of house once could live in and buy. One wouldn't be able to buy a luxurious house in the inner area of the imperial capital without a high status.

At this moment, inside a secret underground room within the imperial palace of the Yan Empire, sat a middle-aged man wearing a simple robe.

The middle-aged man was neither tall nor short. His black waist-length hair was tied at the back of his head. The middle-aged was not overly handsome either.

"Your Imperial Highness!" At this time, an old man dressed in the Imperial Palace's official robes entered the underground secret room, respectfully bowing to the man that was seated.

Your Imperial Highness!

Yep, this middle-aged man was none other than the Yan Empire's Emperor!

In the whole Yan Empire, the only person that could be greeted with the title 'Your Imperial Highness' was the Yan Emperor alone.

Unlike the other Emperors, the Yan Emperor didn't exude any almighty imperial aura. He didn't look domineering or had an aura that caused everyone to tremble.

He looked plain and simple just like a regular mortal middle-aged man. However, no one in the Heaven Desolate Region dared to underestimate him.

He was known as the strongest Martial Venerable throughout the Heaven Desolate Region. Not only he was strong, but he was also an outstanding Emperor. Under his reign, the Yan Empire had truly become the most powerful influence within the Heaven Desolate Region.

He was nicknamed the 'Benevolent Tyrant'. An outstanding Emperor who possessed both sides of benevolence and tyranny. To those within his entourage, he showed his benevolence and goodness. And to those outside of it, he became a ruthless and unforgiving tyrant.

"Rise." The Yan Emperor spoke. His voice was soft and light, yet it contained an insurmountable majesty.

"Much obliged, Your Imperial Highness!" The old man in the official robe replied in a humble and respectful tone; only then did the old man stand up.

" What brings you here. You are not the type of person to disturb me unless the situation calls for it."
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The Yan Emperor seemed to have just woken from meditation, turning around slowly.

Nonetheless, he didn't look mad. He had a faint amiable smile on his face. Though the Emperor looked simple and bland, he still couldn't conceal his charm and elegance.

" The mission was a failure. General Cao and his men have all been killed by the Little Devil." Respectfully said the old man before he handed over a small crystal to the Emperor.

The Crystal wasn't too big. It was the size of an apple and it was transparent.

As soon as the Emperor took the crystal from the old man's hand, he infused a little bit of his True Qi within it.

In an instant, the transparent crystal shone brightly before it showed a recording of a group of people fighting a young child.

If Ling Chen was here at the moment, he would have been flabbergasted because the event recorded and showing within the transparent crystal was none other than his fight against the group of unknown people in the forest next to Kapoti Town.

Though it was dark, the crystal recorded everything clearly. The only difference was that they couldn't hear the conversation between them.

This crystal was known as Peeper Crystal. It was a crystal that allows one to record visual images in the form of a film after being infused with True Qi. It was very rare and expensive. It could only be used once and will self destruct after a certain time.

After watching the content of the Peeper Crystal, the emperor had a surprised expression on his face before he quickly returned to normal. If a person didn't look carefully, one wouldn't see the change of expression on the Emperor's face.

"It seems like that lad Ling Jian was telling the truth. That Ling Chen is even a bigger threat than his father. If not dealt with properly, he might even hinder our plan." Said the Emperor with a hint of shock in his voice.

" A ten years old Martial Sovereign. This could only be considered as a miracle and a first throughout the whole Great Luo World. Even the Heaven Suppression Region and the Divine Demon Beast Region where powerhouses are common as the cloud in the sky hadn't produced such a miracle." Added the Emperor with a hint of admiration in his voice.

"Unfortunately, you were born in the wrong family and couldn't be of any use to me. Find a way to secretly spread the news about the Little Devil breaking through the Martial Sovereign Realm to the other influences."

" It seems like I'll have to pull out the big guns if I want to deal with that child. Give this envelope to that lad Bloodbath, he will know what to do." Said the Emperor with a hint of regret in his voice before he turned around again to his previous position.

"Yes, Your Imperial Highness, this minister knows what to do." The old man acknowledged the order respectfully and saluted properly before retreating from the secret room.


Heavenly Demon Sect Domain,

Two days later, in a small kingdom, in a slightly secret chamber, there was a man in black solemnly reading a letter in the dark by the candlelight.

It was impossible to see the man's face as it was covered with Red mask. Though his face was covered, his body was radiating a powerful aura accompanied by an oppressive feeling just like being pressured by a whole world

Suddenly, the door of the chamber was opened, and a black-robed man ran in quickly.

"Hall Master, there is an urgent order!" Said the black-robed man in a hurry as he quickly respectfully handed him a letter.

Without wasting any time, the man opened the letter. The first thing he saw was a pitch-black token. The token had a word carved in blood, "KILL."

"A bloodbath Kill Command!" The man was surprised.

The organization he belonged to was extremely powerful and was known as the Bloodbath assassination guild. People would be scared just by hearing its name everywhere in the Heaven Desolate Region.

There were many killing commands in the organization and they were organized by the power of the target, such as bronze level for warriors that haven't opened their lower-dantian. Silver for warriors that have already opened their lower-dantian, gold for warriors that have opened their middle-dantian, and diamond for the warriors have already opened their upper-dantian.

As for the Bloodbath Kill Command, it was the supreme command of the organization, only the mysterious leader of their organization known as Bloodbath Venerable could release it.

A Bloodbath Kill command meant that it had to be done regardless of the price, as long as they could kill the enemy. Even if all the experts who were sent to assassinate the target would die.

The Bloodbath Kill command meant that the target has to be killed no matter what. Even the leader himself would make his move.

The Bloodbath Kill command had been handed down only a few times since the organization's creation, and none of the targets were able to survive. They've all died in a span of a month or two.

"Quickly pass down my order. Make all the assassins above the 'gold mask' level come back immediately. No matter what they are doing now. Even if they've accepted a task, make them give up the task or delay it immediately. If anybody hasn't returned within four days of receiving this order, he will be killed!" The man sneered.

"Yes." The black-robed man nodded respectfully.

He continued to look at the letter.

"The Little Devil of the Heavenly Demon Sect, Ling Chen…"