Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
40 An Increase In Strength.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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40 An Increase In Strength.

After killing and absorbing the life force of the three Martial Sovereign realm warriors, Ling Chen didn't waste any time in the forest as he quickly left the area under the guise of the dark night after confirming no one was watching.

He flew through the forest at a rapid pace and after just a few minutes, he arrived in front of the city wall, and then he silently and sneakily flew over it and landed inside the town.

Because it was night time, the town was extraordinarily quiet with not a single inn open. Even the streets were cold and desolate without a single person.

He then walked a few distances before making it to his Inn. After making it to the Mary Inn, he quickly flew up the 4th floor and quietly slipped inside his room through the window without being detected by anyone.

Within his room, the little black fox was lazily sleeping on the bed. It has been snoozing like that ever since it ate all those medicinal pills and spiritual fruits. Furthermore, the little fellow didn't show the slightest sign of waking up.

If it wasn't for the fact that he could tell that the little fellow was breathing, he would have thought something was wrong with it.

Additionally, he also noticed that little fellow's aura grew much stronger than before. Originally, the little fellow was only an early stage 1st rank little demon beast, but now, it actually broke through to the middle-stage 1st rank demon beast and it was still growing stronger.

Though Ling Chen didn't know much about demon beast, however, it was pretty well known that demon beasts took more time to break through ranks than human.

Yet, that little fellow just broke a minor realm in its sleep after refining a little bit of the medicinal pills and the fruits. Furthermore, it was not even a week old yet.

At this moment, Ling Chen became increasingly curious about the little guy. He had never heard of demon beasts having the ability to refine human medicinal pills and being able to evolve like this.

It looked like he could only wait until the little fellow awakened its inherited memories to make sense of just what kinda devilish demon beast it was.
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When he gave the little guy the medicinal pills and the spiritual fruits, he wasn't a hundred percent sure that it could refine them as it was just born. He just gave them to little fellow because he didn't have anything else edible within his inter-spatial ring aside from them.

Not to mention the little was crying non-stop, as such, he had no choice but to give it a try. Luckily, everything turned out to be alright.

After making sure the little guy was ok, Ling Chen suddenly sat next to the bed in a meditative stance and started to meditate.

After killing and absorbing the life force of the three Martial Sovereign realm warriors, He kept on having the urge to kill more people and absorbed their life force as though it wasn't enough.

Feeling the life force as well as the blood of his enemies flowing within his body brought him a lot of joy. It was as though his cells and organs were like dying flowers and the blood or the life force of the humans was like the water needed for watering them.

The more life force and energy he absorbed, the stronger he became as well as his thirst.

Sometimes, he felt as though he wasn't the real master of his own body. He's afraid that one day that his urges for killing and absorbing people's energy would control him.

He couldn't even spend a few months without absorbing the energy of a human or a plant, otherwise, he would start to feel weak, metaphorically. Even though he ate many High-grade Returning True Qi pills and Strength Enhancing Fruits which were filled with rich Heaven and Earth True Qi, they still couldn't really satiate his thirst.

He had to absorb the energy and life force of living being in order to truly calm his thirst and urges. The moment he did that, everything became perfect.

Before, he wasn't that bad and frequent, but with the appearance of the seven fruits on the dark tree within his sea of consciousness, his thirst and urges became more frequent and stronger.

After two hours of meditation, Ling Chen was finally able to control his urges and return to normal. However, he didn't go to sleep right away.

With a thought, the demon beast core of the 7th rank black fox appeared in his hand. After taking the demon beast core from the dead body of the Black Fox, Lind Chen didn't have any time to absorb it.

He was supposed to absorb it once he got into his room in the Inn, but he got delayed. Looking at the demon beast core in his hand, Ling Chen was still fascinated by it.

He still couldn't believe that some of the Lightning from the Heavenly Tribulation was trapped within it.

Now that it was dark, he could clearly see a huge amount of lighting arced within the demon beast core, seemingly forming a mini thunderstorm in its interior. One could even faintly hear the low rumble of the thunder within.

"Such a vigorous lightning power!"

"Let's hope there's enough leftover energy for me to finally break through the Late Stage of the Martial Sovereign Realm."

Ling Chen deeply breathed in, as astonishment flashed in his eyes. Such vigorous lightning power. Compared to those demon beasts core he had absorbed in the past, this one was several times stronger.

Ling Chen tightly held the demon beast core in his right hand as his eyes slowly closed. In the next moment, his right hand emitted a strong suction force.


As Lin Chen utilized his Devouring Secret Art, the Bolts of Lightning within the demon beast core suddenly became violent. Liquid lightning which could be seen with the naked eye slowly flowed out from the core before it flowed along Lin Chen's palm and poured into his body.

"Chi chi!"

Lightning frantically twisted around Ling Chen's body and covered him like a hedgehog's spines. Most of the energy was swallowed by the Dark Tree roots within the endless void of his lower-dantian while the rest was being used to temper his physical body.

Ling Chen had an ugly look of his face. The pain of having his body tempered by lighting was no joke. Though he wasn't being directly hit by the Heavenly Tribulation, the magnitude of the pain wasn't too far off.

As the Lightning energy flowed into his body, a violent pain suddenly erupted in his body. Every cell in his body seemed to have shrunk due to that violent stimulation!

Ling Chen's body began to tremble violently as a vigorous pain spread through every crevice of his body. It was as if his whole body has been violently zapped by a huge amount of electricity. However, he didn't let out even a single growl.

Every cell within his body seemed as though they were excited as they greedily absorbed the power of the lighting energy. He could clearly feel that he was getting stronger with every passing second.


Half an hour later, the demon beast core exploded and turned into powder after Ling Chen finished absorbing every single strand of lighting within it.

Even after he finished absorbing the energy within the demon beast core, he didn't open his eyes. Instead, he sunk his Inner Eye deep within his lower-dantian.

It seemed as though nothing had changed within his lower-dantian. It was still the same endless void of darkness with no light. The only thing different this time was the fact that there were some extra tree roots. Furthermore, the dark tree roots also contained traces of tiny black electric sparks. Aside from that, everything was the same as it used to be.

After checking out his lower dantian, he moved on up to his upper dantian. his upper-dantian was still comprised of a brilliant white endless space with the Dark Oak Tree erected in the middle. It became four feet taller and its circumference had increased two feet as well.

The only big changes were the remaining six fruits. They became bigger. Before, each of them was the size of an apple, but now they became twice of their previous size. Especially the black Lightning fruit, it had the biggest changes of them all. It was now the size of a soccer ball.

It was emanating a more terrifying energy than the rest. From the looks of it, it seemed as though it would be the first one to ripen.

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