Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
39 The Midnight Massacre final
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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39 The Midnight Massacre final

Mid-grade Heaven Rank Battle Technique, Demonic Gods Slayer Sword Formation..!" Roared out the two Martial Sovereign simultaneously as they flew into the sky.

Then, in an instant…

Multiple dark, gold, blue and red lights flew out from their Interstapial rings into the sky.

It was a grand and magnificent scene, like the rainbow rising up in the middle of the night. Completely shocking.

Right after, the bright beam of lights went up and pierced through the dark sky.

The dark and starless sky suddenly became covered with a massive amount of bloody multicolored swords. Some of them were real swords while the others were created from the combination of True Qi and Spiritual power.

However, none of these swords were regular swords. Some of them were low-grade spiritual weapons while the others were Earth grade.

Each of these swords was oozing with killing intents and baleful aura. The sky above Ling Chen was like a giant murderous net-like sword formation. It was as if the entire sky above his head had turned into a sword domain.

The Demonic Gods Slayer Sword Formation was a battle technique used when one was facing a large army. It was a battle technique unique to the Yan Empire and only those high ranking in the Imperial Army were allowed to practice this battle technique.

However, facing an enemy like Ling Chen and watching the death of their comrades, the two Martial Sovereign didn't care anymore as they were blinded by hatred and revenge. They unleashed a battle technique that was made to deal with a large army to deal with a single person, even though this might reveal their identities as people from the Yan Imperial Army.

Also, they were a hundred percent sure that Ling Chen wouldn't be able to survive that attack even if he had a thousand lives.
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The instant these words appeared, a bloody atmosphere filled the air, and killing intent engulfed everything under the sky. Then, in an instant, the temperature of the surrounding area dropped by a third

Even though Ling Chen was confident of his strength and also in beating those guys, but when he witnessed that scene in the sky, his complexion quickly changed.

Suddenly, Ling Chen's left eye shone brightly as he was staring intensely as the sea of sword formation in the sky.

Though he wasn't an expert of sword formation or array, with his left eye power, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to find their weak point.

"There you are!". Ling Chen said with a slight smile on his face.

In the next moment, the smiling eyes of Ling Chen suddenly became cold. In the blink of an eye, he flew upward in the sky with a shockingly absolute speed like a fearless demon.

As he was flying into the sky, he enveloped his entire body with dark ominous energy like some sort of dark armor. At the same time, his left eye was still shining brightly. It was if the Devil King had woken up. His body exuded a dark cold pressure that could freeze ten thousand miles in a flash.

Seeing that instead of running away, Ling Chen chose to face their deadly sword formation head-on, the leader became angry as he let out a deafening roar.

Demonic Gods Annihilation!"

They then activated a lethal technique in the sword formation.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! ....."

In a flash, the boundless sea of swords poured down from the sky. It looked just like a down-pouring rain, seeming to tear everything into pieces.

The storm of sword power looked like fierce raindrops, like shooting stars, or blooming fireworks, immediately shrouding the entire forest.

This multi-colored glowing sword light streaks dove down from the sky along with an incomparably sharp sense of power and shrill roars.

They looked unstoppable. It seemed as though anything that came in contact with them would immediately be pierced into millions of holes. And that unstoppable sea of swords was coming straight towards Ling Chen.

At this moment, Ling Chen's body was moving at an inconceivable speed. The sword edge that was going to behead him was dodged by his sudden jump into the sky and the ones that he wasn't able to dodge, he simply punched them with fist shrouded with a thin layer of dark True Qi as well as Dark tree roots like some sort of glove.

With his left eye power, he was able to clarify and predict the trajectory of each sword and the open space between them.

Seeing how Ling Chen was able to easily dodge the Demonic Gods Annihilation, the leader and the other Martial Sovereign couldn't believe their eyes.

Ling Chen was able to easily find the swords made True Qi and spiritual energy which were the weak point of the sword formation and easily crushed them.

Crack. Crack. Shatter!

At that moment, some of the swords began to fragment into numerous pieces into the dark sky and began to dissipate as Ling Chen continued to smash them while making his way to the weakest Martial Sovereign.

He knew that no matter how many flying swords he crushed, they would still be able to create more and would still be able to attack him unless it took them out first.

The pressure of these swords, without even mentioning Ling Chen's body, was something that even someone with a Diamond Body wouldn't be able to resist

The Demonic Gods Annihilation was like a sword tornado, with hundreds of swords simultaneously attacking, these swords could rip through any defense. They clashed with him endlessly and no matter how many times he dodged them and crushed them, they kept coming back and followed him like guided missiles.

Amidst the continuous attack of the sea of swords, Ling Chen had already jumped right in front of the weakest Martial Sovereign, with a short red sword in his right hand, he struck straight for the head of the Martial Sovereign.

The Martial Sovereign was undoubtedly an experienced warrior. His expression darkened, and the sound "Whoosh! Whoosh" filled the air as he quickly enveloped his entire body with a Fire True Qi armor, switching from attack to defense.


The Fire True Qi armor which the Martial Sovereign wore was very strong and sturdy, but, against the short red sword imbued with dark corrosive energy, it was still penetrated. The neck of the Martial Sovereign became cold; strand by strand, his blood dripped downward. Just a little bit deeper, and his skull would have been separated from his neck!

If he didn't envelope his entire body on time with his remaining Fire True Qi, with just this strike alone, he would have definitely met his end. This time, the Martial Sovereign was extremely frightened.

Bang… Bang… Bang…"

Nonetheless, Ling Chen didn't give him another chance. Within the blink of an eye, The Martial sovereign had been beaten by Ling Chen to a pulp as he unleashed a rain of fist on his face until he was unconscious and covered in blood.

Everything happened so fast and the leader didn't have any time to react. Now that his friend had fallen, the number of flying swords in the Demonic Gods Slayer Sword Formation greatly reduced, with only half of them remained.

"Die!" Roared out the leader.

It then pounced forward towards Ling Chen, aiming to trample him and cut him into millions of pieces with the remaining of the flying swords.

The endless flying swords were like an unstoppable flood or tsunami.

"Just in time!" Ling Chen shouted as he laughed out loud. He flew into the sky at an amazing speed and met the endless flying swords with his two gigantic dark hands.

One he got close, he unleashed a barrage of blows onto these endless flying swords.

"Rumble!" The Sky quivered at this time, along with a resounding blast as Ling Chen's fists met with the endless flying swords.

"Clank, clank, clank!"

The swords began to shatter one after another with every single blow. At this minute, Ling Chen was like a Tyrannosaurus in a humanoid form as he continued to pierce through the sea of flying swords despite its world-destroying power and moving towards the leader.

After crushing the last remaining of the flying sword, not waiting for the leader to catch his breath, Ling Chen's body moved with shockingly absolute speed and fiercely struck forward with a single punch.

With just that single punch, it was as though the heavens and earth were suppressed. Everything happened so fast and the leader didn't have enough time to dodge that punch, it was simply too swift.



The leader shrieked miserably. The sound of bones breaking into pieces was incomparably hard for one to hear. Without a doubt, the bones in the leader's entire bodies were broken under this one punch.


Like a broken broken flying kite, the leader's body heavily fell down from the sky to the ground, the earth trembled. The leader's body was hammered by Ling Chen on top of the earth; at this moment, there was no saving or running for the leader. His whole body was deformed and had nearly become a fleshy paste.

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