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38 The Midnight Massacre V

Looking at the three gigantic hands coming down from the sky like three huge mountains, the faces of the three Martial Sovereigns suddenly turned pale.

The three gigantic hands carried with them an unstoppable aura. Under the pressure and the size of the three gigantic hands, the three Martial Sovereigns felt like they were nothing but mere insects and ants.

Under the pressure of the three gigantic hands, even the laws of the heavens were eclipsed at this moment!

It seemed as though space and time had disappeared and only these three gigantic hands existed in all eternity.

These three gigantic hands carried with them an ancient destructive power, and with just this one blow, it could be seen that nothing could stop it

Feeling this type of pressure, the leader strugglingly spoke.

"How could this be?" He took a deep breath while murmuring as his gaze was fixated on the three gigantic hands coming down at them at an amazing speed.

This was the most devilish and terrifying thing he had seen in his life! This dark energy was on a whole different level.

As soon as one of the gigantic hands was about to strike him down and crush him like a bug, the leader quickly flew upward like an eagle and propped himself up in the sky. He knew that he didn't have enough power and strength to block that incoming attack, as such, he chose to dodge it by flying into the sky. Also, he didn't want to fly too early and give his opponent a chance to change the attack's direction in mid-air.


The ground shook violently as the three gigantic hands hit the ground. Under this impact, the earth seemed as though it was mere tofu! The gigantic hands easily penetrated the ground deeper and deeper with an unstoppable rampage, leaving a humongous deep hole in the form of a hand imprint on the ground.

Just like the leader, the other two Martial Sovereigns thought the same thing, however, one of them was too late.

Seeing that he wasn't going to escape the gigantic hand on time, the unlucky Martial Sovereign quickly erected a huge shield made of Fire True Qi as well as equipped himself with a Fire Armor.


However, the power of the gigantic hand was like a tsunami, a flood of pressure rushing and wailing forward directly to the ground, the Martial Sovereign's shied and Fire Trie Qi armor didn't last a second as they crumbled and shattered like broken glass. His armor and shield were just pieces of paper under the gigantic hand's sheer power.

" Noooooo....." The martial Sovereign unwillingly screamed out as his defenses couldn't withstand a single from the gigantic hand.

The Martial Sovereign felt as though the devastating power from the gigantic hand could annihilate the earth itself. Even his strongest defense couldn't last a second.

This blow from Ling Chen seemingly carried the weight of countless divine mountains, something that was capable of crushing even gods and devils!

Knowing how he was to be crushed to nothingness by that gigantic hand, the martial sovereign soul nearly flew away from fear. However, something unexpected happened, instead of crushing him like a bug, the giant hand just grabbed him.

He was like a bug caught in a spiderweb, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't break free.

After grabbing the Martial Sovereign with one of his gigantic hand, Ling Chen quickly dragged him towards him.

Unlike the others, Ling Chen didn't want to kill these three Martial Sovereign quickly. He wanted them alive so he could absorb their life essence and power.

Soon, the martial Sovereign was already in front of Ling Chen and his hand was already clutching his pale neck and raised him into the air by the neck like a chicken.
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"Ba-dump! Ba-dump!"

Looking at the struggling Martial Sovereign, Ling Chen could hear the sound of his own heart rapidly pounding from happiness and anticipation.

It was the first he was going to absorb the life force and power of a Top-class powerhouse. With the power of his left eye, he could clearly see the vigorous energy flowing through the martial sovereign's twelve standard Meridians and eight extraordinary meridians.

The Martial Sovereign's lower-dantian was filled with fire True Qi Essence. His nascent soul was like a miniature sun as it was emanating strong fiery energy.

Meanwhile, the Martial sovereign had a look of horror on his face as he was looking at the demonic smile on Ling Chen's face.

It was as if he was being stared by an ancient demonic beast rather than a human. Ling Chen 's mouth even showed a sign of watering as though he was nothing but delicious food in his eyes.

Save, save me…" The Martial Sovereign was frightened and his face turned red due to a lack of oxygen from being choked.

At this moment, the leader's colors, as well as his comrade, were shaken when looking at the scene below. They wanted to save their comrade, however, they were too late as he was already caught by the enemy.

While the Martial Sovereign was pleading for his life, thin dark tree roots that looked like a dark vine suddenly grew out Ling Chen's arm and pierced through the Martial Sovereign's stomach.

" Ahhhhh...."

The Martial Sovereign pitifully cried in pain as multiple other dark tee roots grew out Ling Chen's arm and pierced through his whole body and absorbing his blood and energy like a leech.

" Little bastard, what are you doing!" The Leader was shocked when he witnessed that scene. Very quickly, the two of them landed on the ground and completely surrounded Ling Chen.

Ling Chen maintained his grip while swallowing the Martial Sovereign's life force and coldly glared at the two people before him and nonchalantly declaring: " You'll know soon! your turn is coming!"

"Wait, stop, let us talk it out first." The leader was sweating. The three of them were like brothers and spent a lot of time fighting together. Seeing how his friend was about to be killed in the most gruesome way possible, he couldn't help but try to save him.

He quickly mediated: "Junior, we can slowly talk about what happened earlier. Just let go of my friend first."

Even though the leader wanted to save his friend, he didn't dare to barge into Ling Chen's dark domain which had the ability to swallow others' domains.

Ling Chen lazily declared: " Do you guys take me for a child."

At the same time, Ling Chen made a huge cocoon around him with dark energy to prevent the others to sneak attack him.

As soon the life force and the blood of the Martial Sovereign entered his body, a berserk and savage mood spread out from Ling Chen's heart, followed by pure ecstasy.

"Such a strong life force and blood Essence!"

Ling Chen stood there quietly as he enjoyed the surging blood energy pouring into his body. His physique was powerful enough to withstand this boundless vitality. In the past, his body would not be able to handle this powerful ocean-like blood energy, but with his Martial Sovereign strength and his strong physical body, it didn't pose a problem. He was very much enjoying the current sensation.

Though the dark tree roots absorbed almost all the life force and the blood Essence to nourish the six fruits within his sea of consciousness, some of it was still absorbed by his physical body.


M-my, my three hundred years of cultivation…"

The Martial Sovereign let out a loud roar, and he shiveringly crawled up after Ling Chen had tossed him into the ground outside his domain after absorbing his power. In a short moment, he became a few hundred years older. His back bent down, his hair turned white, and his flesh dried up.

Looking at the old man that was tossed out from the little devil's domain, the two Martial Sovereign widened their eyes and glanced at each other in confusion.

Was this old man their long-time comrade?"

Little bastard, I will fight you till death…"

After standing up, The dried up Martial Sovereign became crazy as he rushed forward at Ling Chen. However, at this moment, he was like a hundred-year-old man with no cultivation, and he couldn't walk without shaking.


Before he could even make it close to Ling Chen, he suddenly fell into the ground as a dark wind blade came out of nowhere and pierced through his skull. His eyes dilated from confusion about his sudden death.

Seeing this scene and after hearing the old man's voice, the two Martial Sovereign was a hundred percent sure that this old man was their comrade.

This shocked them, forcing them to take deep breaths to calm down. At the same time, their hostility soared with crimson killing intent and hatred as they let out a loud roar and shouted out, " Little bastard, I will fucking grind your bones to dust tonight and drink your blood."

The death of their long-time friend and comrade dealt a heavy blow to them.

Without wasting any time, they quickly used their strongest coordinated attacks.

Mid-grade Heaven Rank Battle Technique, Demonic Gods Slayer Sword Formation..!"