Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
37 The Midnight Massacre IV
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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37 The Midnight Massacre IV

The moment the three Martial Sovereign realm warriors released their domains, Ling Chen's countenance became serious.

Since he started cultivating until now, he'd encountered countless attempts on his life and innumerable dangers, but none of them were life-threatening. None of them were strong enough to make him go all out or to take them seriously. None of them were able to make him feel despair.

That was the difference between him and his opponents. They were a bunch of 1st class warriors or below.

However, this battle was different. The pressure that this battle gave him was the greatest since he started cultivating until now. The reason was that up until now, he's never faced an opponent of the same realm or higher.

He still wasn't able to locate his weakness and his strong points, only by battling opponents of the same realm and higher would he truly know the true extent of his power.

Looking at the thin layer of frost that began to solidify on the ground beneath his feet and the scorching heat behind his back as the three Martial Sovereign released their domains, Ling Chen didn't dare to waste any more time as he suddenly unleashed his Dark Domain.


The space around ling Chen suddenly twisted as a ring of dark light swept through and obscure dark energy began swirling around Ling Chen like a tornado.

As soon as this dark energy appeared, the entire area around Ling Chen fell into a motionless state. If the time, winds, the air, and the Heaven and Earth True Qi were moving, then at this moment, along with the appearance of that dark energy, everything seemed to stand still or just disintegrated.

The entire forest was already dark as it was night time, but after that dark energy appeared, the sky and the dark forest seemed to have a shred of light in comparison.

It seemed as though there was nothing darker and blacker than this in the world. It was as if heavens and the earth returned to being enveloped by the veil of eternal night

Standing in the middle of his dark domain, Ling Chen looked as though he was the ruler of darkness.

Dark domain!!

Looking at Ling Chen's Dark Domain, the three Martial Sovereign was taken aback. Despite being one of the Elemental Domain, Dark Domain was classified as a rare and special domain, just like Illusion Domain, Spatial Domain, Lightning Domain, Black Flame Domain, etc.

The people who awaken Dark Domain was considered as being innately evil because once one break through the Martial Sovereign and opened their upper-dantian, the energy of the elements of their domain would bind with their nascent soul and transformed into an elemental Nascent soul once break through the legendary Martial God realm.

People with Dark domains were considered evil because the dark energy would influence one's nascent soul and mood over time like the others.

At this moment, Ling Chen's dark domain was surrounded by the trio's domains, unable to advance and retreat.

As Ling Chen's domain continued to grow larger, it collided with the other three domains and something unexpected happened. The instant his dark domain touched the other three domains, the outer layer of the other three domains immediately disappeared as though they were being devoured by the darkness.

"What a strange dark domain!" As he stared at Ling Chen's Dark Domain, the leader's face froze. He could sense that regardless of how powerful and sturdy his Ice True Qi Domain was, the instant it touched Ling Chen's Dark Domain, they would disappear immediately. It was as though his Ice True Qi domain was being eaten away one bite at the time.

What he didn't know was that, Unlike them, Ling Chen didn't get his dark domain from the elemental energy of this world. Because his very existence was something that even the world itself didn't approve of as he couldn't even absorb the Heaven and Earth True Qi, Ling Chen's dark domain came from the sea of darkness within his Lower-dantian which was like a separate space. After opened up his upper-dantian, he was able to control and bring out some of the darkness from the space within his lower-dantian to the outside world.

However, even though Ling Chen's strong dark domain greatly exceeded the leader's expectations, he was after all a peak Martial Sovereign realm warrior. Immediately a cold glint glimmered in his eyes before he gripped and raised the large sword in his hand into the sky.

The long sword in the leader's hand transformed into a dazzling blue light before cold energy surged from within, causing space around the sword to distort. At the same time, frost gathered on the blade, and it instantly turned into a hundred feet long giant Ice Sword. Then he brought it down towards Ling Chen's head inside his domain.

Gigantic Ice Sword slash!

Because he didn't know Ling Chen's domain true power, he didn't dare to barge in. Not to mention, Ling Chen's domain seemed to have to power to devour other people's domain.

At the same time, another large amount of pressure came toward Ling Chen and pressed down on him like a heavy stone as another two giant flaming swords were coming down on him as well.

Unlike the Martial Emperor and below, after a warrior opened his upper-dantian and break through the Martial Sovereign realm, that warriors would become extremely proficient with the art of object creation which required both True Qi and Spiritual Power. At this stage, the warrior would be able to use True Qi and Spiritual power to create objects, well they could only replicate the form of that object.

Like the Giant Ice Sword and the two giant fire sword made of Fire True Qi. They all looked like the real object and they possessed both the original form and spirit. Hence, their power wasn't to be trifled with as they were extremely powerful.

Looking at the gigantic ice sword as well as the two giant fiery swords made of fire True Qi falling down upon him like three grand majestic mountain, Ling Chen felt as though an exceedingly formidable and oppressive pressure enshrouded his entire domain.

The trio's attacks were overwhelming and fast. It was impossible for him to dodge within his domain because the giant swords used by the trios were big enough to encompass and destroy his whole dark domain along with him.

As Ling Chen stared at the three formidable attacks coming down upon him from the sky, a chuckle emerged from his face as he raised both of his hand in the air.

At the same time, streams of powerful dark energy and spiritual power quickly gushed out and swirled around his arms.

The dark energy gushed out at an extremely rapid speed, in the blink of an eye, it gathered and took shape in the air above Ling Chen's head, transforming into three gigantic hands made of dark energy.

The three enormous hands were like three pillars that joined heaven and earth, a sight that caused one to feel a heart-palpitating sensation. Like a storm, waves of berserk force blasted out from it, instantly causing the wind to howl and the clouds to bubble, a vast and mighty spectacle.


With the three gigantic hands, Ling Chen caught the three huge swords that were coming down upon him like a meteor shower.

As he caught the three huge swords, the ground beneath his feet caved in.

Crack. The sword came down hard, but it couldn't hack Ling Chen into pieces.

With the three swords in his hands, Ling Chen exerted a little force and a dark light flowed through the three swords. It was subtle, but it easily blocked the shockingly powerful Ice sword and the two fiery swords from pushing him down and nailing him into the ground.

Crack, crack, crack. It was the sound of ice cracking. Threads of dark power whizzed through the leader's sword, quickly undoing it. At the same time, the boundless dark energy completely swallowed the fire true qi from the two fiery swords as they weren't as sturdy and powerful as the leader's ice sword.
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Pieces of ice fell down. Nonetheless, the leader maintained it with all his might, but it was useless. He felt an irresistible strength come from his sword. He couldn't push it down any further.

On the other hand, Ling Chen held into the ice sword and easily lifted the huge ice sword as if it was a feather. As Ling Chen continued to exert power and unleashed more dark energy, the leader's ice sword shook and there was a huge explosion. The leader's gigantic ice sword instantly shattered. The pieces evaporated and disappeared in the air.

The unstoppable power forced the leader back. He also had a very rich battle experience. While retreating, he immediately activated his Ice True domain again.

" If you want to kill me, you must do better than that." Ling Chen said in a cold icy tone After broken their powerful attacks.

At the same time, he didn't even give them the chance to attack again, as his figure flashed before he immediately used the three gigantic hands made of dark energy to crush the trio into the grounds like bugs.

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