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36 The Midnight Massacre III

This sudden development shocked the three Martial Sovereign realm warriors.

There were a bunch of heads that rolled down on the ground and spread out like cabbages in a field.

The eyes on all of these heads were wide opened with shock. Each one of them had a horrified expression on their faces.

At the same time, a spring of blood was spurting from the necks of their headless bodies like a spraying fountain. The streams of blood gushed out from their headless bodies together and slowly flowed on the ground like a river.


After a few seconds, numerous thuds sound could be heard as numerous headless bodies fell down to the ground.

After seeing this scene, whether it was the leader who was a battle-hardened veteran that has spent most of his life in the bloody battlefield or the other two Martial Sovereign realm warriors, all were standing there looking silly without being able to speak.

At this point, all of their subordinates who came here with them on the mission were killed entirely. Not even one person managed to stay alive!

Although there was a big difference between a 1st class warrior and a top-class warrior, the twenty-two warriors' joint attacks accompanied by their strong Earth battle technique was strong enough and formidable enough to give any Martial Sovereign a hard time.

Yet, before they could even land a single strike, they were all brutally and miserably killed under the little devil's claws.

The leader and the remaining two Martial Sovereigns were horrified. So many were instantly slaughtered by Ling Chen in just the blink of an eye. They didn't even have the power to resist his might.

"How could that be?"

"How is he so fast?"

Exclaimed one of the Martial Sovereign with a horrified look on his face.

At this time, their eyes were still glaring at Ling Chen, yet they were filled with fear. They failed to see how the opponent blocked the combined attacks of the twenty-two warriors and counterattacks at the same time even after all their comrades' death.

Initially, they thought that the young lord was making too big a deal out of nothing when he asked to send three Martial Sovereign just to deal with that insignificant greenhorn.

However, upon witnessing this situation, they realized that the young lord wasn't jesting and that little fellow wasn't as weak and inexperienced as they thought.

The young bastard's strength wasn't the least bit weaker than them and maybe even stronger. A ten years old with the strength comparable to that of a Peak Martial sovereign, what kind of joke was that!

Even if one were to have started cultivating even from inside his mother's womb, he wouldn't be able to attain such power.

" This kid is too vicious." Looking at the headless bodies in the ground that were still spurting blood, the leader couldn't help but comment with a dimmed expression.

Even after he brutally killed all of his men, Ling Chen just stood there without any sign of remorse or disgust on his face. He killed all of them without batting an eye. Furthermore, he even had a slight smile on his face as though he enjoyed it.

"We cannot let this child live otherwise he won't only be an obstacle for the young lord, but a danger to the whole Heaven Desolate region."

"I am sure you guys felt what I just felt when his right eye gave off that red light."

Upon hearing the leader's comment, the other two Martial Sovereign exclaimed in horror. They were all shaken and frightened to the point of shitting on themselves after hearing the leader mentioned that crimson light coming out Ling Chen's right eye.

It was something or a feeling that they couldn't explain with words. However, when Ling Chen's right eye gave off that crimson light that enveloped his body, they felt as though the thing that they were most afraid of had come to life. It was like the nemesis and the nightmare of all living beings.

Their hearts stopped and an instinctive fear rose from within them. If it wasn't for their strong will power, they would have run away already.

The moment his eyes gave off that crimson light. His demeanor completely changed. It was as though they weren't looking at a human child anymore but a devil. It was if death itself had come to life and that kid was his incarnation.

Just by thinking about it made their hairs stood on end.

Looking at Ling Chen that stood there silently in the middle of the pool of blood made by the fallen headless corpses of their subordinates, the three Martial Sovereign realm warriors' face was filled hatred and killing intent.

They were all in pain from losing that many powerful warriors. All of them were elites of their empire and had high status.

At this moment, they wanted nothing more than to cut Ling Chen into pieces.

" I don't know any of you nor did I reckon to offend any of you, Yet, you all harbor nothing but hatred towards me. You all want to kill me and rip me into pieces"

"Now, tell me, what should I do to someone harboring such devious thoughts towards me?. shouldn't I do the same!." Ling Chen said in a cold icy tone.

Ling Chen's eyes were cold like an eagle that was targeting his prey as he was staring at the three Martial Sovereign. His fierce eyes were ruthless, making it seem like he was stalking his prey.

Upon hearing Ling Chen's words, the tree Martial Sovereign didn't even bother to refute him as their eyes were filled with an immense hatred and killing intent.

" Everyone get in formation."

"This fellow isn't as simple as we thought him out to be. Everyone, use your full strength!" The leader said to the other two Martial Sovereigns.

They held their swords tightly as they surrounded Ling Chen, each one of them had a grim expression on their faces.
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The others weren't fools either. With the previous battle, they recognized that Ling Chen was much stronger than they had expected.

Of the three, two were Martial Sovereign of the late-stage and the leader was a peak Martial Sovereign. With their strength united, even an early Martial Venerable who were able to use the domain's clone projection would have a hard time against them.

All three of them were elites from the Yan Empire, and they had been fighting together for more than twenty years, so they possessed great teamwork.

The moment they surrounded Ling Chen, they all released their domain at the same time.


A deafening blast occurred, the ground shook violently with debris flying everywhere. At the same time, a vast and unparalleled aura filled the entire forest.

Instantly, a blue light appeared around the leader, and before anything else could happen, an earth-shattering cold True Qi erupted out!

Freezing True Qi Domain!

A Cold True Qi instantly spread around the leader. An area dozens of meters across had become like a dead winter. Icy coldness filled the entire area, as well as an astonishing Icy True Qi. Everything was frozen to the point where even snowflakes appeared and began to fall.

While the temperature around the leader suddenly dropped when he released his Freezing True Qi Domain, the temperature around the other two Martial Sovereign increased and reach an inconceivable level.

The two Martial Sovereign was like the incarnation of the sun as the surrounding areas around them were like a burning hell.

Fire True Qi Domain!

Both Martial Sovereign had great insights into the heavenly law of fire.

One Freezing True Qi Domain and two Fire True Qi Domains!

" Attack!"

Knowing that the other party was strong, the leader didn't hesitate and immediately ordered his two companions to charge forward, in order to claim the initiative.