Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
35 The Midnight Massacre II
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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35 The Midnight Massacre II


After the leader gave the command, the ground suddenly shook violently as a torrential and boundless aura erupted from the forest like a tide.

Aside from the three Martial Sovereign, the seven Martial Emperor, the ten Martial King, and the five Martial Lord, all released their aura altogether at once.

The combined power of the twenty-two powerhouses was so terrifying that the solid ground below directly split as giant cracks emerged just like a giant spiderweb.
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In the meantime, a formidable and oppressive aura enshrouded Ling Chen's body, as an exceedingly powerful force was trying to pressure him down onto the ground.

Although they were few in number, the twenty-two of them gave the feeling of an impenetrable bastion and had the momentum of a grand majestic army.

Furthermore, every single one of them exuded a cold aura that made it clear to everyone that all of them were battle-hardened veterans. As their auras continuously surged, the killing intent in their eyes intensified.


Roared out the group of warriors as they let out their battle cries. They all rushed towards Ling Chen from all directions with their sharp weapons while unleashing their most powerful battle techniques.

High-grade Earth Battle Techniques -Lion Slash!

Mid-grade Earth Battle Technique-A thousand Slash!

High-grade Earth Battle Technique- Moon Cleaving Sword!

A myriad of mid and high-grade earth battle techniques was unleashed at the same time forming a terrifying scene.


Golden lights burst forth, as their slashes cut across the sky like a torrential river. The cold and vicious lights of their attacks rushed toward Ling Chen as a terrifying aura directly locked onto him.

Each of these attacks was aimed at his vital parts. From these attacks alone, one could see that these people weren't playing and really wanted to tear Ling Chen into pieces.

With their outstanding coordination, coupled with their powerful battle techniques, it would be difficult for even a regular Peak Martial Sovereign to deal with them.

Unlike a warrior that only opened their lower dantian, a Martial King or a Martial Emperor that had already opened their middle dantian was able to draw out the true power of an Earth Battle techniques as they were tailor-made for them.

Just like a spiritual weapon, battle techniques were divided into four ranks, Yellow rank, Earth rank, Heaven rank, and Divine rank. Furthermore, each rank was further sub-divided into three minor grade, such as Low, Mid, and High.

As he faced the formidable attacks of the groups, Ling Chen merely chuckled, choosing not to retreat but to stand his ground.

At the same time, he had a chilling and demonic smile on his face, the kind of smile that would make anyone felt their scalps turned numb once they saw it.

If he were at the black mountain in the Grey Mist Forest, he wouldn't need to lift a finger to kill all of them as he could've used the dark tree roots to take care of them.

However, the situation wasn't the same. In order for him to use that skill, he had to stay in that particular place for a while to absorb the life force of every single tree in the surrounding and then used a small gate to connect three of four dark tree roots from the space within his lower-dantian to the roots of the dead trees on the ground which would give him access to all the dead tree roots in the surrounding area as all of them were connected to each other through some sort underground networks.

Aside from that, using that skill was very taxing and required a lot of concentration. Nonetheless, even though he couldn't use that skill at the moment, he had plenty of other skills in his arsenal to care for these worms.

As the pursuers' formidable attacks were about to land on Ling Chen's body, the demonic red magic rune within his right eye suddenly shone brightly.

His right eye flashed a crimson light like a flame from hell. His right eye was like a holeless freezing pond which gave off a chilling coldness.

At the same time, the cold and sinister crimson light coming from his right eye instantly enveloped his entire body like a crimson light shield.


Suddenly, the same cold and sinister crimson light that surrounded Ling Chen's body exploded and burst forth outward like a shockwave.

The instant the cold and red sinister lights made contact with the incoming attackers, their expressions simultaneously changed abruptly.

They could clearly feel an extremely terrifying unknown force or energy flowing within their bodies as their movements slowed down by thousands of times.

They trembled as their eyes turned wide open in fright as their whole bodies seemed to freeze. In fact, even their thoughts seemed to have been frozen.

Furthermore, as the cold sinister red light stretched out, it instantly nullified and transformed all their Earth's Battle Techniques into a mist-like smoke before they dissipated into the air like energy particles.

Ling Chen comfortably stood on the battlefield while gazing at the surrounding frozen warriors, Then coldly said, " Didn't you hear my question!"

Looking at Ling Chen who stood there unscathed while looking down upon them with his cold piercing gaze, the entire group was alarmed and they shrieked in fear. They became even more paralyzed.

They felt as though they weren't being stared down by a human being but death itself. It was as if they weren't in the forest outside the town anymore but in the depth of hell or the abyss.

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. Let me send you off."

With a look of utter horror and fright, the group watched as small thin dark tree roots that looked like a dark vine grew out of Ling Chen's both palms and coiled around his hands until his fists turned into some sort of huge black dragon's claws.

At the same time, his body seemed to be a black hole that could devour everything as they could feel the life force and True Qi from their bodies mysteriously rushed into Ling Chen's body at an amazing speed.

The heck!

This is too frightening!

They thought that it would be a walk in the park to deal with this child they thought to be a greenhorn, Yet, it turned out that what they were dealing with wasn't a human being.....but a ferocious devil!

They stared blankly at Ling Chen with wide and horrific eyes.

At this time they only have one thought running through their minds,


However, no matter how much they struggled, they couldn't move a muscle. It was as though something was constantly pushing them down. Furthermore, they felt as though their bones had no strength and their muscles were all out of power.

If no one stepped in to help them, they could only wait for their gruesome fate.


Ling Chen's figure suddenly turned into a red streak of light as he disappeared from his previous position and rushed towards the paralyzed group of pursuers.

Before they could even react, the view before them turned pitch black.

The last thing they remembered was seeing a red ghostly image and a cold sensation on their throats.

Everything happened too fast.

Starting with the first claw attack until the last one. Ling Chen ripped off the heads of each of them with a single attack each.

While it might take a long time to explain. In fact, all this happened in a split second. Not even the three Martial Sovereign realized what happened until it was already over.

Ling Chen's ghostly shadow appeared silently in front of every one of them and ripped out their heads like a wild and ferocious beast without giving the three Martial Sovereign any time for them to respond to save their comrades.

They were instantly killed in just a moment. The most horrifying thing was, they did not even have the chance to see Ling Chen's figure while they were being killed.

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