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34 The Midnight Massacre I

After landed on the ground in front of the Inn, Ling Chen faded like a ghost, disappearing at once in front of the entrance of the Inn.

At this moment, the sky was at its darkest. The whole town was enshrouded by a darkness and a tense atmosphere as well.

For some unknown reason, the darkness tonight was different from the usual one. There was a dangerous and depressing feeling resided within it, which had quickly spread all over the town.

Even the common people were able to sense the danger in the air as they all closed their windows and had gone to bed early.

It was as though something ominous had entered their town, and that ominous thing was being hunted by a bunch of hellspawn.

After disappearing in front of the Inn, Ling Chen appeared two hundred meters away from his previous position. Then, he continued to walk onwards in the direction of the town's gate.

After Ling Chen had arrived in the town of Kapoti a few hours ago, he had sensed a large wave of powerful warriors within the town which was kind of weird.

And, most of these warriors weren't weak either. There were three Martial Sovereign realm warriors, five Martial Emperor while the rests were Martial king and Martial Lord. This kinda lineup was enough to open a strong large sect and lord over a small domain.

It wasn't normal and didn't make sense for a small town such as Kapoti town to have that many high-level warriors. The mayor of the town was only an old man at the Martial Grandmaster realm while his most powerful guard was only a peak Martial Master.

So, where the heck all these powerful people came from? They could even take over the whole Sky Lion Kingdom in a day with that lineup if they wanted to.

Aside from that, the moment he'd arrived in the town, he was able to sense a faint but malicious intent towards him. To make matters worse, almost everyone in the third and second floor of the Inn he was staying was filled with hostilities and killing intent towards him.

He was currently a middle stage Martial Sovereign realm warrior with an insanely strong and weird nascent soul, even without using his spiritual sense, he was able to sense the hostility in others.

Even though their malicious and killing intent was carefully concealed to the point that any other Martial Sovereign realm experts would find it hard to detect, Ling Chen, whose body was able to innately react to killing intent and malicious intent of others towards him, was still able to discern it easily.

Furthermore, he had the feeling that if he didn't leave the Inn, these people would have made a move on him in his room which was something he didn't want to happen.

Not because he was afraid of them but because it would have caused a huge ruckus in the middle of the night. Furthermore, there was surely gonna be some collateral damages if they fought in the Inn. From what he could tell, as long as these people were able to kill him, they didn't care about the damages. Also, he didn't want any of them to escape which was why he preferred to lead them outside the town.

As Ling Chen continued to walk leisurely towards the gate of the town as though he was taking a midnight stroll, he could sense twenty-five people were following him.

It seemed like whoever was trying to kill this time was well prepared and didn't send only one 1st class master but three top-class powerhouses that had already opened their upper-dantians.

Ever since he had broken through the Martial Sovereign realm two years ago, he hadn't fought against anyone in the same realm. As such, his fists had been itching for an opponent at the same level.

Acting as if he didn't notice the other party, Ling Chen continued to make his way towards the gate. He was already on the outskirts of the town and wasn't too far from the city gates. Thus, he began walking with widened strides.

"Why is the little devil heading out of the town?"

The group of pursuers, upon seeing Ling Chen jumped past the city gates, became dumbfounded.

There were too many people in the town, and if a conflict occurs, it was highly probable that it would blow out of proportions.

Just as they were in a dilemma about how they could bring this little bastard to an isolated location to kill him, this fellow took the initiative to get out the Inn in the middle of the night and even leave the town, all by himself.

Wasn't this too coincidental!
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Not that it was a huge problem for them, they were already planning on silently assassinated him in his room anyway if they couldn't get him to an isolated location.

"Who cares, he's just a greenhorn raised in a greenhouse with no real combat experience. Don't tell me that you're scared of him?"

" Didn't you hear about his legends and why they called him the little devil."

"Don't fucking believe everything you heard outside. They are nothing but a bunch of rumors."

" According to the young Lord, this little bastard hasn't learned any Battle Techniques yet and could only use raw power and spiritual pressure, as such, we have a huge advantage over him. Not to mention we have three Martial Sovereign with us."

"That's true. It is impossible for us to lose!"

" This little bastard will die for sure tonight."

The few men hesitated for a moment before nodding simultaneously.

Given that not only one but three top-class experts of the Martial Sovereign realms, seven Martial Emperor, ten Martial King, and five Martial Lord realm warriors were at once sent to deal with an insignificant greenhorn young lad, they had all the reasons to be confident.

"I shall remind all of you once more, go straight for the kill. Though he looks like a little child, he is a little devil incarnate."

"Furthermore, try to finish him as fast as possible and be aware of his eyes. He has some strange eye powers."

A Peak Martial Sovereign realm warrior, who appeared to be the leader of the group, instructed the others in a low voice.

"Rest assured, we know what to do General!"

The others nodded simultaneously.

Tailing behind Ling Chen, it didn't take long for the group of pursuers to leave the town. After walking for a distance, they soon arrived at a remote forest far away from the town.

"Be careful, I think that little bastard has already noticed us and brought us here in purpose"

The leader of the group said with a hushed voice.

" It seems like this little bastard is confident about taking us all on."

" What do we have to fear? Isn't that what we wanted?"

The rest of the group didn't care whether Ling Chen was leading them outside of the town in purpose or not.

From their perspective, Ling Chen was simply courting death.

Despite knowing that there were people on his tail, he dared to come to such a secluded place by himself in the middle of the night. Isn't it obvious that he's too confident of himself and tired of living as well?


Drawing their weapons simultaneously, all of them entered the forest.

When they thought that the little fellow was going to hide within the forest and sneak attack them one by one.

They saw him standing in a wide-open space with his hands behind his back, looking down upon them as though they were nothing but a group of worms.

"Did my eldest brother send all of you here to kill me?"

Since there was no one here and was far from the town, Ling Chen couldn't be bothered to beat around the bush. To him, they were nothing but nutrients for his dark tree roots.


Without wasting any time, the leader didn't even bother to answer Ling Chen's question as he gave the order. He didn't come here to chit-chat, he only had one mission which was to kill that little devil.