Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
32 The Prodigal Son.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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32 The Prodigal Son.

Looking at the little black fox cub that was devouring the surrounding pills and fruits like a glutinous taotie

"No!" The second prince couldn't help but bellow a sad scream after witnessing such a wasteful act.

" Yo...young master Ling, these are High-grade medicines pill and fruits." He was trembling with his eyes wide open while looking at Ling Chen as though he was looking at a ghost.

Not to mention the second prince, even Fang Lan had turned pale due to an unbearable heartache. He had no words to describe such a scene.

For many disciples of the outer sect of the Heavenly Demon Sect, especially those in the top ten of the ranking list, they wouldn't necessarily be able to obtain a strength-enhancing fruit or agility fruit even if they tried their whole life unless they made it to the inner sect.

Furthermore, although the Returning True Qi pill was less valuable than the Breaking Barrier pill or the Strength Enhancing Fruit, it was still priceless.

Not to mention it was expensive to make and no sects could do without them. Furthermore, even the fifteen great influences wouldn't casually use them or give them away.

But now, the young master was giving a batch to the little black fox cub to eat just because it was hungry and crying as though it was a mere insignificant piece of candy.

Such an extravagant and flashy move almost scared even Fang Lan who had a strong mental fortitude to death.

Unlike Fang Lan, the second prince almost vomited blood from rage. He had never seen such a wasteful and prodigal son before in his entire life.

Aside from that, he felt as though his life wasn't even equal to that of the little black fox. He hadn't even tasted a Strenght Enhancing Fruit or eating a Breaking Barrier pill in his life, yet that little bastard black fox was eating them as though they were candies.

Even though Ma Tu didn't know the value as well as the preciousness of the other pills and fruits, he was still speechless as he could feel the strong energy coming from them.

Upon hearing the second prince's words, Ling Chen only glanced at him before lazily said: " It's ok. I have more in my interspatial ring, plus it seems like the little guy loves them."
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After saying that, Ling Chen didn't give the second prince or the others a second glance as he was drawn into the little black fox eating the medicines pills and fruits with a slight smile on his face.

The little black fox seemed very excited and happy as he was chewing on the red fiery Strength Enhancing Fruits and crushing the Returning True Qi pill as though they were candies.

For some unknown reason, the little fellow didn't like the Breaking Barrier Pills, Impurities Cleansing pill, or the True Qi stones. After taking one bite of them, it didn't even look at them anymore. It was more focused on the Returning True Qi pill, the Strength Enhancing fruits and the Agility Enhancing fruits.


The second prince didn't know whether Ling Chen didn't understand his question or was he just making fun of him, however, the moment he listened to Ling Chen's vicious and overbearing words, he suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood as he couldn't hold on anymore. The impact was too great for him to bear.

There was no justice in this world!

At this moment, he couldn't believe that him, Yan Long, the second prince and the pride of the Sky Lion Kingdom was jealous and envious of a newborn little demon beast.

He couldn't believe that he wished to switch place with a little demon beast!

"Are you ok Yan Long, you suddenly vomited blood for no reason at all."

" Are you suffering from some rare disease. Here are some pills, maybe they can help you." Ling Chen said with a serious and worrying look on his face.

Having said that, he threw two Breaking Barrier pills and three Returning True Qi pills to Yan Long.

However before Yan Long could catch the pills, his entire body shivered from rage as he suddenly spewed out another mouthful of blood.

'fuck!!! Yelled the second prince within his mind.

At this moment, the second prince thought if this little bastard wasn't a hundred times stronger than him, and his background wasn't way more powerful than him, he would have jumped unto Ling Chen and that little black fox and choked both of them to death.

He had never seen such a wasteful and prodigal son before in his entire life, and he was a prince. Even those bandits who've killed and stole people's merchandise wouldn't be able to reach this matchless, wasteful level.

But what can he do? That little bastard had the money, the strength, and the background to be wasteful.

Putting his pride aside, he took the medicines pills that fell on the seat next to him and putting them in his pocket. He didn't have an interspatial ring like that bastard.

Moreover, with that nonchalant appearance and that indifferent attitude, perhaps the lite bastard didn't know the value of such medicines in the mortal world or even in the sect he was in.

With such great wealth, one could even buy a big city with everyone in it. With such great wealth that bastard could act arrogant no matter where he went.

In a way the second was right, Ling Chen didn't know how precious and rare these medicines pills and fruits were. He didn't even know how much they cost as he didn't have to buy them.

They were all given to him by his father. Even though Ling Chen couldn't absorb the Heaven and Earth's True Qi, that didn't mean he couldn't consume them from pills and fruits.

Whether it was the Returning True Qi pill and the True Qi stone which were filled with concentrated Heaven and Earth True Qi, they were literally nothing but food in Ling Chen's eyes. He liked to eat them because they contained nutritious energy.

Furthermore, unlike the other warriors, no matter how many medicines pill he consumed, he wouldn't get sick and they couldn't leave a bad effect on his body or cultivation.

After taking the five medicine pills, Yan Long struggled before he closed his eyes in order to keep his eyes away from the little black fox eating the precious medicines pill like candies.

He's afraid that he would die from blood loss if he continued to watch that unbearable and wasteful scene.

Even Fang Lan's heart cried out in pain while watching this scene. As for Ma Tu, after being with Ling Chen for two days or so, he started to become immune to his shit.

After the little black fox finished swallowing all the medicines pills and the fruits, it still looked as if it wanted more and stared at Ling Chen in a pitiful manner.

" If you eat one more of these pills or fruit, your little body will explode. Go to sleep so you can digest the energy from them." Ling Chen said to the little black fox.

As though he could understand Ling Chen's words, the little black fox moved around Ling Chen's lap before it found the ideal spot and close its eyes to sleep.

The little black fox was a rare and mutated demon beast with the blood of the Saint Tiger demon beast clan as well its mother that was a rare black fox, as such, with such a strong bloodline, the little black fox liked eating these type of medicines and fruits the most. For the little black fox, these medicines and fruits were scrumptious delicacies.

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