Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
31 The Awaken Little Cub
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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31 The Awaken Little Cub

The Outer Area of the Demon Beast Mountain Range,

The fiery sun hung high above the sky, pouring down its brilliant hot golden and orange sunlight into the horizon like rays of molten lava.

Amid the infinitely greened hills, A horse-drawn carriage was moving slowly along the main road. The carriage looked very luxurious and was very big as well. It was roughly around fourteen meters or fifteen meters long. From the look of it, one could tell that the inside of the carriage was extremely comfortable and spacious even without looking inside.

Flanking the luxurious carriage were hundred of men clad in red armor. They all looked very organized, and they were all well equipped with swords and spears. From the aura their bodies were emanating and the look in their eyes, one could tell that these people were forged in battles.

The carriage driver was a middle-aged man with red hair. He was also clad in red armored and equipped with a long sword as well. He had a cold and emotionless expression on his face. Holding a whip in his hand, he looked straight ahead. As he cracked the whip, the horses neighed and pulled the carriage forward, leaving nothing but the smoke of dust in its wake.

Within the luxurious carriage,

"The carriage of the legendary second prince is indeed quite comfortable." Ma Tu couldn't help but sigh as he whispered these words to himself.

There were eight seats within the carriage, and these seats were all covered with incomparably soft furs, making seating on them very comfortable. In contrast to the second prince's carriage, Ma Tu's previous carriage was nothing but a piece of junk.

He used to think that his broken carriage was luxurious and expensive, however, seeing the second prince carriage today made him realize how conceited he was.

" You're ok Ma Tu." Asked Ling Chen suddenly after seeing the strange expression on Ma Tu's face.
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" Ahh sorry, Little brother Ling. I just spaced out a moment ago." Answered Ma Tu with an awkward smile on his face.

The poor guy has been suffering from setbacks after setbacks after meeting Ling Chen and Fang Lan. His whole world was completely turned upside down. Not only he became friends with the notorious little devil, but he was also even riding next to the legendary second prince of the Sky Lion Kingdom.

He still couldn't believe it. Everything seemed like a dream to him.

"Ohhh, it's good that you're ok." Answered Ling Chen nonchalantly while caressing they little black fox cub sleeping on his lap.

A few hours ago, after Ling Chen had left the Red Sand Valley, he realized that he didn't have any ride back to the Sky Lion kingdom as he'd already sent the black eagle back to the sect.

Ma Tu's Carriage was robbed by bandits on the way. Hence, he had no choice but to ride with the second prince who was more than happy to share the ride with him.

The distance between the Red Sand valley and the first town of the Sky Lion Kingdom was more than a few hundred miles. As such, Ling Chen had no intention of walking that far. If it was only him, he could have fly there, but he had people with him, not to mention the little black fox cub.

While the luxurious carriage was slowly crossing the hills and streamed for miles and miles in the wilderness, the wheels of the carriage suddenly bumped into a rock and the carriage shook violently.

At the same time, the little black fox that was obediently laid down on Ling Chen's lap with a slumbering snore suddenly opened its eyes for the first time.

" Wuuuu...wuuuuuu...wuuuuu." As soon it opened its eyes and looked at Ling Chen, it began to cry out loud.

It was unknown if it was crying because it realized that Ling Chen was not its mother or because it was hungry.

At the same time, it began to struggle on Ling Chen's Lap, trying to stand up on its own. However, its four legs were still weak as it fell down on its butt.

Listening to the crying little fox cub, Ling Chen became flustered as he didn't know how to deal with this situation.

"Let me try to make it stop." Fang Lan said after seeing the flustered expression on his young master's face.

With that, Ling Chen passed the little black fox cub to Fang Lan who sat next to him. Once he got the little fox cub in his hand, Fang Lan became to gently caress the cub's head as if to soothe the cub into safety while showing a kind expression on his face. From one glance, one could tell that Fang Lan knew how to deal with a little baby.

The ferocious Fang Lan was like a housewife or an experienced mother. However, too bad that didn't stop the little black fox from crying, instead the little fox cub cried even louder as its four paws began to scratch Fang Lan's lap before ultimately climbing up to Ling Chen's lap and lied down in its previous spot and continued to cry.

Seeing the behavior of the little fox cub, not to mention Ling Chen, everyone inside the carriage didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Maybe it's hungry young master Ling. Don't you have any pills or fruits to give it." At this moment, the second prince that has been silent for while suddenly spoke.

Though he has never babysit in his life, he could tell that the little fox cub was hungry which was why it was throwing a tantrum at this moment.

"Ohh yeah, I do have some fruits and snacks in my inter-spatial ring." Ling Chen hurriedly said as dozens of medicinal pills and fruits appeared on his hands out of nowhere.

The moment these pills and fruits appeared in Ling Chen's hands, Fang Lan, Ma Tu, and the second prince was shocked because all of these pills and fruits were precious materials that couldn't be found in the mortal world.

There were high-grade True Qi stones, High-grade Returning True Qi pills, Breaking Barrier Pills, Impurities Cleansing pill, Strength Enhancing Fruits, Agility Enhancing fruits.

Looking at a large number of precious pills and precious fruits that piled up on Ling Chen's lap like gravel, caused a strong impact on their vision. The second prince, Ma Tu and even Fang Lan couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

Especially for Fang Lan and the second prince who were well informed, they understood the value of each one of these pills and fruits.

For example, Returning True Qi Pill, which contained a large amount of True Qi, could directly provide True Qi for a Warrior's cultivation. It was like a short cut for a Warrior to enhance their True Qi instead of absorbing it in the surrounding environment which would take more time. Aside from that, one could use it after their True Qi was depleted due to a long battle.

The Breaking Barrier Pills, Just like the name implied could help Warriors to break through their bottlenecks. However, it could only be used by the warriors that haven't opened their upper-dantian yet.

This pill was very valuable for someone like the second prince that has been stuck in the peak of the Martial Ancestor realm for some time. If he consumed one of the Breaking Barrier Pills, he would be able to break through the next realm on the spot.

As for the Strength Enhancing Fruits, consuming one of them would permanently increase one's strength by 150 kg. And that's not all, this fruit could widen one's meridians and lower-dantians as well. The downside is that one could only consume two of these fruits in their lifetime, taking a third one won't have any effect. The Strength Enhancing Fruit was incomparably valuable.

Even Fang Lan who was a core disciple of the Heavenly Demon Sect had to go through many hardships and battles before he could get his hands on just a single one of these pills or fruits. Not to mention the second prince.

Despite being a prince of a kingdom, he had to spend a lot of money just to get his hands on the cheapest one of these pills which was the Returning True Qi pill. As for the fruits and the Barrier Breaking pill and such, he had no chance of getting them. Unless his father brought one from the sect which would cost him an astronomical amount of money. So now, after seeing all these pills in front of him, how could he not salivate?

Medicine pill was the root of all warriors. None of them could progress without them, whether one was a Martial Saint or a Martial God, medicine pills were of paramount importance.

While Fang Lan and the others were looking at the medicines pills and fruits on Ling Chen's lap with their mouth wide open from shock.

The little black fox cub suddenly became excited as it jumped and opened its small mouth and began to devour the fruits and pills around it.

The little black fox cub was akin to someone dying of thirst in the desert and suddenly a huge source of water appeared in front of him. This sense of contentment was a type of feeling that resonated with both one's body and soul.

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