Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
27 A Myriad Of Emotion.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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27 A Myriad Of Emotion.

Even after everyone had left, Ma Tu was still standing there astounded while looking at the youth next to him, the youth he used to call little brother.

Recalling all the various rumors he heard about the mysterious third son of the Heavenly Demon Venerable known as the Little Devil, Ma Tu was overwhelmed with fear.

Normally, he should have been proud to have known such a powerful person. He should have taken pride in having become friends with Ling Chen, walking shoulder to shoulder with him during their time together, not to mention drinking wine together because existence like them were people that small characters like himself would only look up to.

However, it wasn't the case. Ling Chen was the son of one of the most powerful evil character in the Heaven Desolate Region. Though they were within the domain of the Heavenly Demon Sect, they weren't evil or the kingdoms in their domain weren't some sort of evil kingdoms. They were like any regular kingdom but under the rule and within the domain of an evil sect.

To make matters worse, Ling Chen's reputation wasn't the least bit inferior to his father. According to the rumors, he enjoyed torturing and killing people. Having a friend like that wasn't the least bit a blessing and was also not someone to take pride in knowing. Furthermore, being close to person like would put his life in constant danger because this kind of evil people had fickle mind and could kill for no reason whatsoever.

However, there was something that baffled Ma Tu after spending some time with Ling Chen. He looked nothing like the rumor. He looked very amiable and his face was always calm and gentle. He had a playful character and a thirst for knowledge about the world. He didn't have any evil aura around him like the rumor said. He was no different from a regular ten years old child, except for the fact that he was too smart and calm for his age.

Was that young man next to him really the notorious little devil he heard about?

Looking at Ma Tu's frightened look, Ling Chen already knew what was going through his head.

Not only Ma Tu, but he also noticed the same changes in the guards' eyes as well. Such a change was within his expectations, and he also did not mind.

"Brother Ma, there's no need to be afraid of me. I am not as evil as people portrayed me to be. I'm no different from you." Ling Chen laughed then shook his head as he said that.

Ma Tu and others trembled when they heard these words. Especially Ma Tu, he revealed a strange smile while he took on a look of shame, thinking that he should try to explain himself, so he looked at Ling Chen and said, " Sorry little brother Ling, I was just a little muddle-headed, please forgive me."
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After saying that, he restored his calm right away and his eyes had the same trust and respect as he did before.

That's right.

'What's the matter with me' he thought.

How could he react like this after knowing the true identity of little brother Ling?

He hadn't even given himself a chance to truly know him as a person, yet he was already judging him and defined him due to some rumors.

" It's alright, I probably would've thought the same thing too if I were in your place."

"Fang Lan, you stay here making sure no one disturbs me. I am going to have a little chat with our little fox friend."

After saying that, a fierce wind began to pick up around him and his clothes began to flap from the gusts of wind.

At the same time, his entire body began to slowly lift into the air before he suddenly soared into the sky like an arrow and took off in the direction of the Injured black fox.

It was the first time he was flying in public since he learned how to fly about two years ago when he broke through the Martial Sovereign Realm.

He was flying about four hundred meters above the ground. He could feel the wind blow past his ears and under his legs. No matter how many times he flies into the sky, he still couldn't get enough of this marvelous feeling. Indeed, flying through the sky and running on the ground were two different things.

Aside from their domain, using their thoughts or spiritual sense to attack an opponent and moving object with their mind, The ability to fly was one of the most important factors that set a Martial Sovereign expert apart from the rest of the warriors that haven't opened their upper-dantians yet.

At this moment, a youth that came to watch the fun suddenly spotted Ling Chen flying high into the sky to the other side of the valley. With his mouth dropped wide open from shock, he began to point at Ling Chen in the sky to the person next to with a quivering lip, "The little devil, h_h-he ...he's..." But no matter how much he tried, he was unable to finish his sentence in his shock as he was still stammering to the person next him.

" The little devil what! what are you stuttering around for? Don't tell me you are still scared? like I told you years ago, I only told you that little devil likes to eat children who peed in their bed so you'd stop peeing in your goddamn bed. For god sake, you are fifteen already and you still believe in that lie." The person next to the youth, who was his father, started to laugh before looking in the direction his son was pointing, and like a sudden clap of thunder, he too gasped in shocked as he yelled out loud" Mother of gods, The little devil is flying!."

That man was so shocked that he even dared to call Ling Chen a little devil out loud, something that not even the strongest elder of the Heavenly Demon sect dared to do.

At the same time, like a domino effect, everyone looked at the sky in the direction where that man was pointing, and they too gasped in shock. It was the first time they saw a human flying into the sky with their own eyes.

They knew that once a Warrior reached a certain level of power, he would able to fly into the sky like a bird, but they've never seen a person strong enough to do so. However, now they were witnessing a little child flying into the sky, they were beyond amazed.

" It seemed like the little devil has already broken through the Martial Sovereign." Muttered the second prince who was watching from afar with surprised expression written all over his face.

The sight of Ling Chen flying in the sky was an extremely eye-catching sight. Whether it was the second prince and his guards or the other spectators, they could only look on in utter disbelief. From this moment on, no matter how long have passed, they won't ever forget that moment as it had hitched into their deepest part of their memories.

If even these people were that surprised, one could only imagine what Ma Tu and his group were going through right now.

As Ling Chen was getting closer to the Injured black fox the other side of the valley, the injured black fox let out an explosive roar that shook the whole valley as it spotted Ling Chen coming to its direction from the sky.

Even the spectators were frightened by that sudden powerful roar. They had a look of horror on their faces. The strength of the black fox had terrified them. Not to mention, they have also witnessed what it did to those poor unlucky fellows before. It was a truly bloody and horrific scene.

"To think that I had the gut to go against a 7th rank demon beast for its child. This is an entity only a top-class expert could go against. Good heavens, what was I thinking?" A spectator said with a frightened look on his face.

Even though it was gravely injured, the black fox's strength was truly too terrifying. Only a Peak Martial Emperor would be capable of having an even match with such a primal beast.

Even after hearing the threatened roar of the black fox, Ling Chen was still flying towards it at a high speed.

As he got really close and was about to land on the ground.

"Human, are you also here to kill me and take my child away from me as well." At this moment, Ling Chen suddenly heard a weak female voice entered his mind.

The voice was filled with helplessness and hatred.

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