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23 Devil Fang In Action.

Upon hearing the name Black Tiger, not to mention Ma Tu, even the guards' face fell.

When those black-clothed men arrived at the camping site, they immediately spread out and surrounded everyone in a circle.

"The Four Tigers Bandit group!" The faces of Ma Tu including the guards changed at the appearance of these people. They were very familiar with this bandit group.

The Four Tigers bandit group were a strong group of lawless bandit that operated in the outer layer of the Sky Lion Kingdom.

They wandered around the demon beast mountain range and were any merchant caravans worst nightmare.

The Four Tigers bandit group were ruthless and whenever they robbed merchants, they never left any survivors. They've killed countless of people and raped many innocent girls. They'd occasionally attacked and massacred many small towns in the Sky Lion Kingdom.

Though they caused great harm to the people of the Sky Lion Kingdom, they were never able to do anything to them as no one knew the location of their base.

The Four Tigers bandit group had over two hundred members and four great chiefs known as the four tigers. They were the black tigers, the red tigers, the white tigers, and the blue tigers.

" What do you want?" Ma Tu asked with a pale face.

" What do we want." Answered a middle-aged man with a huge scar on his face. He seemed to be the leader of the group.

He looked at Ma Tu and smirked before looking at his companions and asked, " Brothers, tell me, what do we want!."

Hearing this, the bandits around broke out in crude raucous laughter.

" We want to rob people!"

"We want to kill people!"

Over fifty bandits laughed wickedly −proud, arrogant, complacent, even a sense of euphoria before an impending massacre.

"Black tiger, my name is Ma Tu from the Ma family and my father is the City Lord of the Red Flame City. If you dare to.....!" Shouted Ma Tu, however, before he could even finish his sentence, the man known as Black Tiger broke out in a fit of laughter as he said. " Ma family, the City Lord? I am so scared~~~Ahh."

As he was saying that, he put his right hand on his heart's position as though he was shocked and frightened by the threat. It looked very realistic which caused his cronies to break in another bout of laughs.

Ma Tu's face was very ugly while looking at Black Tiger and his cronies that were making fun of him. He was the third son of the City Lord of the Red Flame city. He had a high status as his Ma family was one of the eight Great Families of the Sky Lion Kingdom. Though he was a debauchee who never cares about cultivation and was the least talented of his brothers, He was still a member of the Eight Great Families.

Looking at Ma Tu's face as well as the guards that were filled with hatred and fear, Ling Chen's eyebrows furrowed together. He wasn't very familiar with this bandit group.

This group of people wasn't in the Kill list that his father gave him before he left the Heavenly Demon Sect, however, he could tell these people weren't good either.

" Young master, I'll hold them off while you make your escape with your friend. We're no match for them." Said one of the guards in panic. He was the leader of the guards in charge of protecting Ma Tu and also the one closest to him.

The guards only had the cultivation base of Martial Master while the strongest one was a late Martial Grandmaster.

As for the four tigers bandit group, though they weren't that powerful either, they outnumbered them. Not to mention aside from black tiger who was a Peak Martial Grandmaster, there was two more early Martial Grandmasters as well while the rest were Martial Masters and Martial Warriors.

Meanwhile, Ma Tu looked at Black Tiger along with the rest of the bandits with a burning hatred in his eyes.

"Little Brother Ling, Big Brother Fang, the situation isn't good. Let's try to escape while the guards hold them down."

" These groups of people are a ruthless bunch. If we fall into their hands, they'll torture us before they kill us."

" Also, I swear that if I ever make it alive, I'll make sure to annihilate all of them." Ma Tu said with his eyes filled with killing intent and hatred.

Although Ling Chen hasn't known him for a long time, he could tell that Ma Tu wasn't a bad guy.

In Ling Chen's eyes, Ma Tu was someone he had a good impression of and seemed to be quite honest and a resourceful fellow despite his low cultivation base, it was still nothing more than just that.

He was also the first person he had encountered after leaving the Heavenly Demon sect, It would have been a shame to let him die here.

Furthermore, he wasn't even afraid when he saw his two scary eyes. In fact, most people would've asked about them as they were different from any other human eyes, yet he didn't even bother to ask which Ling Chen found interesting and odd.

"Fang Lan, kill these people and make sure none of them escape."

" I hate it the most when people disturb me when I'm having good time."

While some of the guards were about to retreat in fear and panic, Ling Chen's childish voice suddenly rang out.

Ling Chen's sudden overbearing words startled not only the guards but the bandits as well, they all turned towards the origin of that voice.

The bandits didn't even put him their eyes or viewed him as a threat because he was nothing but a little child. However, after hearing his voice, they couldn't help but take a good look at him.

They saw Ling Chen sitting on the spot he was before without even moving an inch while still sipping on his wine like a baby drinking his mother's milk.

There wasn't any trace of fear or panic in his eyes. In fact, he wasn't even looking at them, he was still focused on the bottle of wine in his hand as though it was the most important thing at the moment.

As for Fang Lan, he was staring at the several bandits that surrounded them with a cold sneer on his face.

" With pleasure young master." He answered with an evil smile on his face. He had been waiting for that moment for a long time.

Due to how insanely powerful the young master was, he was afraid that he would never be of use to him. For him, there's nothing greater and more fulfilling than being of service of his young master.

Now that the young master had given him his first order, he couldn't wait to fulfill it to the very best of his abilities.

Before the bandits as well as Ma Tu and his guards figured out what's going on.

Fang Lan waved his right hand and a long sword already appeared in his hand. The long sword was shrouded with an evil black flame.

No one saw when Fang Lan left his seat, however, before they could even bat their eyes, he was already next to the nearest bandits.


With a single slash, the long sword's fiery black flames flashed, and without a single scream, the head of the nearest bandit flew as his headless body tumbled to the ground.

Seeing this, Black tiger's arrogant and complacent smirk stiffened on his face as he narrowed his eyes.

Even though he didn't feel any powerful aura from that youngster, he could clearly tell that he had just kicked an iron plate with this one due that frightening speed and that long fire sword.

It was the first time he'd seen such a flaming sword in his life. People capable of wielding such a godly weapon were experts and people he should never mess with.

He couldn't believe that his luck was rotten enough to come across such an expert here. Moreover, he was just a young kid not even over twenty.

Without a second thought,

"Not good, all of you run quickly. Everyone scatters or else we'll all die here!" Black Tiger shouted as his voice trembled with fear. Even before he could finish his warning, he has already taken off into the forest.

Even though he was a lowly bandit that didn't mean he was stupid, he could clearly tell this youth and the little kid weren't some simple characters.

Furthermore, the young man with the flaming sword was looking at them as though he was looking at his prey. It was like they were already dead in his eyes. It was the same look he used to have when he was looking at a bunch of weak merchants before killing them or robbed them.

"Where do you think you are going? Didn't you hear the young master, I shouldn't let any of you escape. So just stay put and I'll give you a painless death."

As he said that, Fang Lan finally unleashed his peak Martial King aura. The moment he released his aura, it was like a majestic mountain descended from the sky. The pressure from his Martial King's aura was like a tsunami, rushing and wailing directly towards the surrounding bandits.

Under his Martial King's pressure, even Black tiger's legs went numb. His torrential pressure suppressed the surrounding bandits, making them unable to move a muscle.

"Oh, mother… why can't I move? I really need to run, now!" Black Tiger and the dozens of bandits were scared out of their minds. They finally understood what kind of monster they just provoked.

While black tiger was struggling to move his legs which became numb and refused to follow his brain's command, Fang Lan sped forward like a speed demon as his sword flashed a black fiery light and aimed straight at the man's throat.

"Please don't ki....." Before the man even had the chance to finish his sentence, his head was cut clean out his body as his headless body kneeled down in the ground.


Seeing this scene, the rest of the bandits were scared and retreated swiftly. Even their boss was killed with a single slash of that youngster sword, what about them.

Ma Tu's eyes and his guards grew wide as they all watched Fang Lan charged at the group of bandits alone.

Fang Lan was like a monster going on a rampage in a flock of sheep as he whipped up fine winds with his swift charge behind the running bandits. The flaming sword in his hand became a black glow as if turning into a slim and spectacular flash of black light that pierced toward the running bandits' throat and chopped off their heads like vegetables.

Although some of the bandits were attentively guarding against Fang Lan, the sword strike was far too fast for them to dodge. The moment the flash of black fiery light passed, the bandits only felt a small pain and burning sensation in their throats. In the next second, the bandits didn't even have time to scream in agony as their heads fell to the ground.

Ma Tu and his guards were horrified. So many were instantly annihilated by Fang Lan in just the blink of an eye. The black tiger who was a peak Grandmaster did not have the power to resist Fang Lan's might. They were mere ants, no, they weren't even ants before him.

Even after a deep breath, Ma Tu still struggled to calm his shivering heart.

The other bandits were one thing, but the black tiger was a real expert of the Martial Grandmaster realm. His head guard only was a bit weaker than him, but not by a lot. Yet, he had his head chopped off with a single slash of a sword like a dog.

He couldn't believe a powerful bandit such as Black tiger who has terrorized many citizens met his end in such a manner.

Such a powerful bandit was not even an ant and was without the ability to resist before Fang Lan, who cut him with one swing of his sword.

How could Ma Tu not become shocked? They were with Fang Lan all night. Although they both looked mysterious and were drinking some high-quality wine, he only thought they came from some great family like himself. From many angles, he looked nothing like an invincible expert.

Except for Ling Chen who had a pair of eyes that seemed like he was able to see through anything.

Fang Lan's' appearance was very ordinary and he seemed even younger than his big brother. However, despite not looking like an expert, he easily crushed and massacred so many bandits in just a blink of an eye, so one could easily imagine how formidable his cultivation was.

Well, can't blame them, Fang Lan was a peak Martial King expert who had already opened his Middle-dantian while the bandits and Ma Tu's guards haven't even opened their Lower-dantian yet. The difference of power was like heaven and earth. it was like an elephant facing a group of ants or bugs.
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After Fang Lan finished slaughtering every single of the bandit, he quickly returned to Ling Chen's side like a devoted follower.

" It's all done, Young Master." He said in a respectful tone.

" Good."

" Now, where were we Brother Ma?" Ling Chen said with an amiable smile on his face as he turned and looked at Ma Tu who had his mouth wide open in shocked, trying to comprehend what just happened as well as understand what kind of monster he was drinking with.