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20 Fang Lan’s New Power.

After an hour or two, Fang Lan finally regained his consciousness as he suddenly opened his eyes and rose to his feet.

Right now, he was completely naked. All of the clothes he had previously been wearing had been burnt to asunder long ago by the first transformation he had undergone due to the Black fruit of Creation.

Without even checking the transformation of his body, Fang Lan quickly took out a new set of clothes from his interspatial ring and putting them on.

" You're finally up. How are you feeling?" Ling Chen said as he carefully inspected Fang Lan's body.

Fang Lan looked completely different from his previous self. Not only he got taller, but his skin also became more refined. His hair became longer and darker.

Looking closely, he found that his body no longer had any bruises and injuries. They had actually all disappear, even his old wounds were healed. He looked as though he was reborn and unblemished as a newborn baby!

Aside from that, he became more muscular and manly. His newly acquired third eye was like a fiery black gemstone seemingly capable of seeing through everything.

His arms and legs were fully covered in black dragon scales. His hands were like miniature dragons claws and his fingernails were now as sharp as knives.

Aside from his physical changes, his body was emanating a terrifying hot aura. His aura seemed to be able to burn all things. Just by being close to him, one would feel their mouth and skin drying up with a burning sensation. It was as though he was the Fire God.

Not only his aura was insanely hot as though one was in the presence of the sun, but it was also evil. Fang Lan's body carried an ominous energy as if he came from the depth of hell, sending chills to anyone. It was truly terrifying.

Looking at him, one would think that they were staring at an ancient ominous beast rather than a human being. In fact, his body was sending out an extremely ancient atmosphere of a real divine beast.

An ancient beast that was capable of devouring and burning the entire world. He was like the only undefeatable being in existence.

Even though divine beasts have disappeared for a hundred thousand years and almost no one alive had ever seen one, but they knew that they were an existence comparable to that of gods. That's how terrifying they were.

At this moment, Fang Lan stood straight up like a majestic mountain as though he was carrying the Heaven on his shoulder. His presence alone was enough to suffocate people.

Upon hearing Ling Chen's question, Fang Lan tightened both of his hands which were covered with dragon scales into fists as he said with excitement: " I feel invincible. It really succeeded!"

Sensing the boiling power now within his body, Fang Lan couldn't help but feel excited. His body was filled with limitless powers

If he were to fight Lin Mu in his present stage, with a single punch he would have reduced him into a bloody pulp even if he was wearing his armor.

With his tremendous physical power alone, he wasn't afraid of any Martial King, not even some Martial Emperor. His current physical strength was at least several times stronger than before.

Aside from that, after checking the new changes within his body, he had lost any doubt of Ling Chen's words. The reconstruction of his broken meridians; this unimaginable miracle had clearly and truly took place in his body.

Not only the black fruit was able to reconstruct all of his broken meridians, including the good ones, but it also made them wider and sturdier than the previous ones. The black fruit of creation had reforged his whole body, his bone, and internal organs.

All of this, however… was merely secondary!

What was most pleasing to Fang Lan was that after experiencing this transformation, his body was now immune to fire, to an astonishing degree. In fact, a black fire source even existed inside of him and he could control it at will.

Right now, he felt as though there was a volcano within his lower-dantian spewing hot energy like lava throughout all of his meridians. Only this time, he didn't feel any discomfort.

Aside from that, his cultivation base was now completely different than it had been before. Before he was at the of Martial Lord realm, but right now he was at the Peak of Martial King realm, only a mere step away from the Martial Emperor realm. The power emanating from his Cultivation base gave him utter confidence.

Furthermore, because of the third eye, Fang Lan was able to see a completely different world. It was as though the world had lost its original color. With the fiery black eye erected between is eyebrows, He was able to see the true nature of the power of everything. The true Qi energy that used to be a shade of blue now turned into a rainbow as he was able to differentiate the fire true Qi from the water true Qi in the surroundings with his third eye. And this was just a scratch as he hasn't completely familiarized with the true power of his third eye.

As for his Draconic transformation, even though he didn't know why he had the blood of a black dragon hidden within him, he still considered it as a direct result of the Black fruit of creation.

Fang Lan felt as though everything was like a dream. He really could not believe this was true. However, once he thought back to the pain he had just suffered to reach this, Fang Lan couldn't help but shiver.

" Can you retract the dragon scales in your body willingly?" Asked Ling Chen after careful inspected and scanned Fang Lan's body.

" Yes, I can young master." Quickly answered Fang Lan as he retracted the dragon scales from his body and his arms and legs returned to normal.

After swallowing the Black Fruit of creation, unbeknownst to him, Fang Lan's attitude towards Ling Chen completely changed.

It seems like there was no change as even Fang Lan himself didn't feel anything wrong at all, but in fact, in the eyes of Fang Lan, Ling Chen was everything. He was his king and ruler, he would die to protect him and his words were absolute.

The black fruit was able to control and change his mind invisibly without him noticing anything wrong. Right now, he even valued Ling Chen's life over his own.

At this moment, he was nothing but a puppet involuntarily followed Ling Chen and listened to his words.

Aside from Ling Chen himself who could feel that Fang Lan was branded with his soul imprint, no one, not even Fang Lan himself was aware that he was under the control of Ling Chen.

"From now on, your path is as boundless as the sea and the sky. With your Cultivation base, as long as you are careful, you can go anywhere."

" You can go now. I'll call you when I need you. I know that you have many things to do and can't wait to try your new-found power." Ling Chen said as he was looking at Fang Lan who had an excited look on his face.
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" Also, don't show your dragon transformation in public including your third eye. In fact, before you go outside, use a headband to cover your third eye." Reminded Ling Chen with a serious look on his face.

Dragons have long disappeared in the Heaven Desolate Region, as such, seeing a person with dragon bloodline would create a great disturbance.

As for a person with a third eye, there's has never a been one throughout the history of the Heaven desolate region.

" Yes, young master." Answered Fang Lan with a grateful expression on his face as he immediately dropped to his knees and kowtowed to Ling Chen before he left the room.