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19 Fang Lan’s Transformation

The moment the black fruit entered Fang Lan's body, countless of bloodstain-like burnt dark lines wildly fanned throughout his whole body as a spider web originated from his heart.

The burnt dark lines spread across his whole body in an instant. His chest, hands, legs, face, ears, and even pupils were now full of dark-colored channels that looked like demonic markings.

At the same time, his Snow White skin was turning pitch black, and steams was coming out from his pores as though his inside was on fire.

A burning smell could be found emanating from Fang Lan's body. It was as though the black fruit was trying to burn him into a crisp from the inside.

After smelling this scent, even Ling Chen became worried.


In the meantime, an agonizing scream resounded within the room. It was the kind of scream that would make your blood run cold.


The scream resounded again. It was a desperate and terrified scream. Ling Chen could clearly feel that Fang Lan was in great pain. His eyes were wide open with horror and his fists clenched to the point where his nails were digging deeply into the palms of his burnt hands.

Seeing Fang Lan in such a state made his hair stand straight up on the back of his head. It was the loudest scream he had ever heard. It sounded like a scream of a wild animal in extreme pain.

Meanwhile, Fang Lan felt as though the black fruit had turned into a volcano within his body, spewing lava in every single part of his body.

The energy within the black fruit was like a maggot that latched in within him as it continued to burn every single organ within his body.

This fiery energy invaded his blood veins, meridians, and dantians.

The pure energy of the black fruit burned him from the inside and Fang Lan felt as if he had been thrown into a fiery furnace, where the flames in the fiery furnace were from those of the scorching Sun!
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The black fruit pure fiery energy was like a surging wave, recklessly scourged through his veins and filled his lungs. He felt as though his meridians and blood were burning with fire!

It's too painful!

It was a kind of pain that did not need describing!

Fang Lan gritted his teeth as he expected the pain which continued to come from the burning of his blood and bone marrow. It was like the blood flowing within his blood vessels had been replaced by magma. One could only imagine the degree of his misery.

His whole body's bones shattered and burnt by the fiery energy of the black fruit, and he couldn't even lift a finger, for he had no strength.

Fang Lan could feel his bones being burnt and crushed, then next to each burnt bone, there was a layer of dark luster wrapped around. Continuously repairing the burnt bones, but slower than damage speed.

Even if it was a Martial Saint, he would have probably fainted by now. The pain was not an ordinary pain, but the pain from the depths of the bone! Fang Lan breathed in painfully as he fell into the ground, his body bent like shrimp, with waves of cramps.

The Immense agony fiercely beamed from every single corner of his body and made him let out a painful whine. His entire body started to shake tremendously, as his vision also became blurry until it completely became a shade of crimson red.

After some time, Fang had finally reached his limits as he lost consciousness from the immense and inhuman pain.

Meanwhile, his entire body was encased inside a thin layer of black cocoon made of burnt skin and other unknown substances.

There was no sound coming out from within the thin layer of the black cocoon. It was as though Fang Lan had died from having his Innards burnt by the fiery energy of the black fruit.

Nonetheless, Ling Chen's eyes were still glued onto the thin layer of the black cocoon. Aside from being anxious, his eyes were filled with expectations.

He could feel that Fang Lan hasn't died yet as he could hear his heartbeat. Even though it was faint, he was still able to hear it.

As time passed, Fang Lan's heartbeat became stronger and stronger, until he went up to his regular pace.

Soon, a strong destructive aura emerged from within the thin layer of the black cocoon. inside, Fang Lan's body was gradually changing and rebuild by the energy of the black fruit while still being unconscious.

At the same time, streams of black flame shot out from within the thin layer of the black cocoon burning it to crisp, revealing Fang Lan's true body, which appeared naked on the ground as black fire danced around. It was as though his entire body was cloaked with black fire.

Nonetheless, the transformation was far from over. In the area between his eyebrows, his skull creaked slightly as though it was cut from the inside. At the same time, an eye-socket-shaped hole appeared within the area in his forehead as though it was cut out neatly from his skull.

Along with unbearable pain, Fang Lan jolted awake as a pitch-black fiery eye emerged within the eye-socket-shaped between his eyebrows.

" Ughhhhhhhhh....."

Fang Lan let a painful whine from the vicious pain of having his skull cut out.

The vicious pain didn't stop there and spread throughout every fiber of his body. Fang Lan could clearly feel that this pain wasn't caused by the Black fire fruit or his skull cut out, but something else. Something that has been slumbering within his body and was about to awaken as it was instigated by the changes caused by the black fruit.

As Fang Lan painfully reared his head and howled in pain, bizarre black scales began to emerge on top of his skin, more precisely his arms and legs.

The black scales continued to emerge from his arms, chest and both of his legs, leaving the other part of his body intact.

Still, the pain was absolutely inhumane as it caused the veins in his body to protrude out and his facial expression contorted to a terrifying degree.

" So this is the blood that was dormant within his body, the blood of a Black Dragon." Ling Chen said with a surprised look on his face as he was looking at the transforming body of Fang Lan. His entire legs, arms, and chest were covered with black scales like a black body armor.

Since a hundred thousand years ago, Dragons have disappeared in the Great Luo World, as such, Ling Chen has no idea why Fang Lan had the bloodline of a black dragon.

After a few minutes or so, the extreme pain finally subsided and the transformation was over as well.

At this moment, Fang Lan's appearance was completely different from before. However, before he could even have the chance to see and feel the changes within his body:


Fang Lan's body collapsed to the ground as he lost consciousness again. However, this time he had a slight happy smile on his face.

However Fang Lan wasn't the only that was happy, Ling Chen was thrilled as well. His assumptions were correct. At this moment, he couldn't wait for Fang Lan to wake up in order to check all the changes in his newly transformed body.