Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
17 The Fruits of Creation
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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17 The Fruits of Creation

Looking at the seven fruits hanging so neatly in a row on the biggest branch of the Dark Tree within his sea of consciousness, Ling Chen had a look of anticipation on his face.

Though he didn't know why his Nascent soul was a dark tree or why his lower-dantian was a vast expanse of darkness filled with dark tree roots, he knew the origin as well the use of these seven fruits.

When he first broke through the Martial Sovereign realm and opened his upper-dantian about two years ago, the small dark tree was the only thing present within the never-ending bright space which was his sea of consciousness.

Because his lower-dantian and upper-dantian were different from the others, Ling Chen always paid close attention to them. In fact, there's never a day when he didn't check both of them. Even though he didn't know the origin of the Dark Tree and the endless void within both of his dantians, he didn't want to miss any of their changes.

As such, over the past two years, he had witnessed every single change of the dark tree and its roots within his dantians. Every single birth of a new tree root, the growing of a new tree branch and how the dark tree grew taller and bigger every time he'd killed someone and absorbed his life force. He was able to witness and enjoy every single of these moments, like a father watching the growth of his beloved child.

However, about a year ago, a major change took place within his sea of consciousness. After killing a hundred Martial Lord Ream Warriors, twenty Martial Kings and an early Martial Emperor, for the first time, the growing Dark Tree within his sea of consciousness suddenly bore fruits.
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It was seven fruits in fact, and each one of them was the size of a cherry. After another year of killings and absorbing his enemies' life force, the seven fruits grew bigger and became as big as an apple.

Furthermore, from the moment the Dark tree bore those seven fruits, he had a sudden splitting headache as a pile of information about the origin and the use of these seven fruits had flowed into his mind.

It was like this information had always been there all along in his mind and was only able to access them when the Dark Tree finally bore fruits.

Because of that, Ling Chen finally was able to see the light. He has always been complaining and baffled about the origin of the Dark tree and why it was his nascent soul, however, now he knew that as long as he got strong enough, he would be able to unveil all these mysteries.

Everything he needed to know about the Dark Tree was locked in a secret place inside his mind, and the key to open that secret place was strength just like he found out about the use and the secret of the seven fruits.

According to the information he was able to unlock in his mind, the seven fruits bore by the Dark Tree were known as the Fruits Of Creation.

These fruits were like seeds that could create or produce a new life form once matured. It was unknown what kind of lifeforms these fruits would create, however, one thing was certain, these lifeforms won't be human nor kindhearted.

Though these seven fruits were still in their embryonic stages and didn't contain any sign of life, they were full with an immense destructive demonic power.

Each one of them was like a resplendent ball of destructive energy. The first one contained an immense amount of pure Lightning Energy, not any lightning but black lightning.

The crackling sound could be heard as countless black lightning sparks swirled around the first fruit, making it seemed as though it was cloaked with black lightning.

The second one was emanating a powerful flame aura. It was a fire of a darker and more detrimental nature, a fire that could destroy and consumed everything it would come across. It was a black fire. In fact, Ling when could even see the destructive black flame energy source burning fiercely within the second fruits.

In all, each one of these seven fruits contained a different destructive elemental or type of energy source. From the first one to the last such as Lightning, Fire, Wind, Earth, Ice, Gravity, and Space. And each one of this energy source was combined with a strong dark and demonic energy, stripping them of their genuine and pure nature.

Looking at the seven Fruits of Creation, Ling Chen was contemplating about which one of them was more suitable for Fang Lan. Even though Ling Chen knew these fruits will create a new life form once matured, he was still impatient.

First of all, he didn't know how long it will take for these fruits to mature or how much energy they would need before they could mature. He only knew for a fact that they would need a lot of energy but didn't how much.

One has to understand, Ling Chen wasn't like the other warriors. He couldn't absorb the energy of the heaven and earth. He could only get his energy from a variety of lifeforms.

And the easiest and more potent ones were Magical Beast and humans, and sometimes trees. As such, Ling Chen didn't even dare to imagine how many magical beasts and people he would have to kill before he could absorb enough energy to supply the seven fruits in order for them to mature.

Even though he was still eagerly waiting to see what kind of life form these seven fruits will bear, he also wanted know what would happen if he feeds one of these fruits to a human being.

Right now these seven fruits only contained pure destructive power, there wasn't any sign of life within any of them, so it was the best time to do his little experiment. Even though he might waste one fruit, the dark tree will bear more fruits as he grows stronger in the future so he didn't worry too much.

According to his assumption, once a person successfully absorbed one of these seven fruits, not only it would physically change that person's body, it would also change his soul.

Aside from greatly strengthening that person's body, that fruit will also merge with that person's energy and soul. That person's energy will then transform into the same energy as the fruit consumed, and the fruit will also morph that person's soul into an Elemental Soul which was different from a regular human's nascent soul.

In conclusion, successfully absorbed one of these fruits would not only give a person an Elemental Soul, but also an Elemental Body.

Although it's just a theory, Ling Chen still believed that it might be possible.

After racking his brain, Ling Chen finally decided to use the fruit that contained the vigorous amount of Black fire elemental energy source.

He knew that Fang Lan was practicing the Supreme Undying body battle technique which was a defensive battle technique, with the black fire fruit of creation, he would have the ability to manipulate and control the black fire which contained a destructive power that would destroy and consume everything in its wake. As such, not only Fang Lan would have an unbreakable defense, his attack power would be destructive as well.

After making his choice, Ling Chen slowly opened his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, a black fruit that seemed as though it was on fire suddenly appeared in his right hand.

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