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16 The Forbidden Fruits

Having a way to reconstruct his broken meridians ....

Give him the power that would even make the Gods and the Devils tremble in fear!?

Fang Lan was greatly shaken after listening to Ling Chen's few sentences. He was caught off guard while he was looking at Ling Chen with shocked.
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Ling Chen's few sentences were like a sudden clap of thunder to Fang Lan who had just fallen into a pit of despair and darkness.

Ever since his two big brothers and mother were killed by a young noble just because he didn't find them pleasing to the eyes, Fang Lan had realized how fickle and cruel this world was.

Unless one had sufficient strength or a powerful background, then one was at the mercy of the others. This was a world where the law of the jungle prevailed.

In this world, the laws and moral values were only made and applied to the weak and the poor.

All of these facts and experiences were like a wake-up call to Fang Lan. Ever since then, he has been possessed by the desire of becoming strong, strong enough to control his own destiny and protect his family.

Even though he wasn't a genius and had a talent below average, he was still able to make it to the Heavenly Demon Sect as they didn't put too much emphasis on talents but rather on conviction, will power and survivals ability.

Because his talent was below average, he didn't even complain when he was enduring greater hardships than the others. He believed that so long as he invested his efforts, there would be reciprocation. Hence, he was always pushing himself to the limit and never give up.

Even if he had to endure the cold eyes, the sarcasm, and mockeries of his fellow disciples, his focus was always on the path ahead of him.

However, after knowing that he had become a cripple with no hope of ever cultivate in his entire life again smashed his hopes, his convictions seemed to have collapsed at that moment. All these years he had spent cultivating, fighting for survival and endured a lot of contemptuous looks and suffered humiliation were for nothing. The grievance in his heart spread out in an instant and it made him feel desolate.

His heart also shuddered with pain because he knew that all of his family's hope of survival and having a good life was pinned onto his shoulder. Now that he was unable to cultivate, this hope was destined to be extinguished.

Before, even though he had a rotten talent, there was still hope. Even though it was just a tiny one that flickered against the wind. However, this flickering hope was extinguished after the fight against Lin Mu. It had become a mere figment as if it had evaporated in the heat.

And right now, while he was deep into this land devoid of hope, deep into this pit of darkness and despair, he suddenly saw the light as Ling Chen threw him a rope. He was like a dying flame in the cold while Ling Chen's few sentences were like a gallon of gasoline, igniting him anew.

Even though he didn't know how Ling Chen was going to reconstruct his broken meridians or give him the power that would even make the gods and the devils tremble in fear, he didn't doubt him or rather he didn't want to!

No matter how hard he tried, Fang Lan still couldn't suppress the excitement in his heart as he stared at Ling Chen and asked: " Are you speaking the truth?"

" Of course, what reason would I have to lie to you?" Answered Ling Chen with an indifferent look on his childish face.

Listening to Ling Chen's answer, Fang Lan didn't know what to say. Indeed, given Ling Chen's identity, he had no reason to lie to him.

He was the son of the Sect Master of the Heavenly Demon Sect, one of the fifteen behemoths of the Heaven Desolate Region. With this identity alone, he controlled the lives of millions of people. Within the Heavenly Demon Sect's domain, whether it were kings or emperors, nobles or commoners, they all have to bow down in his presence.

Aside from that, he was also insanely powerful, powerful to the point where he could even suppress the Chief disciple of the Heavenly Demon Sect, a Martial Sovereign realm Warrior.

A person like that could kill him without even lifting a single finger. As such, Ling Chen didn't have the need to lie to an insignificant person like him. Furthermore, there wasn't any hint of deception from his voice or aura when he uttered those words.

Nonetheless, though Ling Chen said that he had a way to reconstruct his broken meridians, Fang Lan knew that there was no such thing as free lunch in this world. If the little devil was willing to help him reconstruct his broken meridians, then there's surely a price to pay.

As he thought about it, Fang Lan was silent. He continued to keep silent; however, the expression in his eyes kept changing, as if he was hesitating or struggling over something.

Then, he suddenly shifted his gaze and stared at Ling Chen with a resolute look in his eyes as he said: " What is the condition."

" None." Answered Ling Chen with a serious look on his face.

Listening to Ling Chen, Fang Lan was momentarily stunned. He looked at Ling Chen blankly without uttering a single word as he's trying to process his answer in his head.

One has to understand, even those hailed as Divine Doctors or Alchemy Saint were incapable of reconstructing someone's meridians. Depends on the severity, they might be able to heal someone's injured meridians but not reconstruct it.

Yet, Ling Chen who claimed to be able to do something as defying as to reconstruct his meridians didn't want anything in return.

First of all, Fang Lan didn't think of himself as someone worthy of being the Little Devil's follower or even servant. Someone as powerful as the little devil, even some of the core sect elders would gladly willing to be his follower.

As a ten years old Martial Sovereign, his future was limitless and his talent was even more devilish. It's only a matter of time before he breaks through the Legendary Martial God Realm. Who doesn't want to be the follower of a Martial God Realm powerhouse? Hell!, even a Martial Saint would beg to be his servant, let alone a puny Martial Sovereign core elder.

As such, even though he didn't think that Ling Chen was going to ask him to be his servant, he was still waiting for him to ask something in return.


However, Ling Chen's answer made him lost his voice as he didn't know what to say or think.

Seeing the look on Fang Lan's face, Ling Chen already knew what he was thinking.

"Even though I didn't ask for anything in return, the risk of you dying in the process is very high."

"To tell you the truth, for me this is just an experiment. Furthermore, I've seen something in you that no one has."

"I didn't plan on using that thing yet, but seeing that you've lost everything, and also your strong desire to become strong made you a perfect specimen."

" it's like a win-win situation. If your will power is strong enough to point where you could survive that experiment and leaped over the edge of death, then it won't be long before you become strong enough to turn the whole Heaven Desolate Region upside down with a wave of your hand."

" As for me, well! I'll get to see if my assumptions were correct." Ling Chen said with a slight demonic smile on his face.

He wasn't lying, he just wanted to use Fang Lan as his test subject. That thing was too powerful for a regular human being to withstand, but because Fang Lan had powerful dormant Bloodline hidden within him, it might help him withstand that destructive evil power. If he managed to survive and absorbed that thing, not only he'll become stronger, he'll also be able to awaken that hidden bloodline of his.

"So!, are you willing to?" Ling Chen said as he raised his eyebrows slightly.

" I am willing." Quickly answered Fang Lan without a second thought. Right now, he was nothing but a cripple. He didn't have the luxury to refuse. Plus, If it wasn't for Ling Chen saving his life, he would have died already.

Not to mention, without his cultivation base not only he'll be kicked out of the sect, but his days were also numbered as well as he had made plenty of enemies along the way of becoming a core disciple. Right now, he had nothing to lose.

Listening to Fang Lan's answered, Ling Chen nodded with a look of satisfaction on his face. Without any delay, he closed his eyes and sunk deep within his sea of consciousness

Looking at the dark tree that stood in the middle of the huge expanse of white space within his sea consciousness like a majestic mountain, Ling Chen still had that same questioning look on his face. He still had no idea why his nascent soul was a dark tree. In fact, he's still wondering whether or not he was human.

After looking at the dark tree for a while, Ling Chen's inner eye moved onto the biggest branch of the dark tree where there were seven little fruits the size of an apple, each one of them was emanating a terrifying distinct demonic aura.