Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
15 Fang Lan’s Opportunity.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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15 Fang Lan’s Opportunity.

Heavenly Demon Palace, Ling Chen's Courtyard.

Inside the main hall, Ling Chen sat on the master's seat facing Fang Lan who was standing in front him.

It was Fang Lan's first time inside the Heavenly Demon Palace. Although he was a core disciple, his status and identity were not enough to come to the Heavenly Demon Peak where the Heavenly Demon palace was located, let alone come inside the palace.

Under normal circumstances, he would have been thrilled to have come to the Heavenly Demon palace as not many had such a privilege, However, it wasn't the case today.

He wasn't even interested in enjoying the scenery of the Heavenly Demon Peak on the way. At this moment, he stood silently looking at the strange youth in front of him. The youth had an unusual calm expression for his age.

He had long heard about him, however, today was the first time he actually saw him in person. Looking at the youth in front of him, Fang Lan was kinda stunned. He was completely different from what he had imagined.

After listening to the description and the deeds of the Little Devil from his friend, he assumed that he looked very scary and even had horns on his head like a real devil.

However, the little devil in front of him had a slender and lean figure. He looked very weak. He didn't even emit a grand noble aura as if he was a tyrant up high above. His black waist length hair was tied with a white hair band at the back of his head. He was wearing a pure white robe which made him looked so innocent and pure.

His face was devilishly beautiful to the point where he looked like a girl rather than a boy. He had long eyebrows, a tall nose and a thin lips.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had just seen that weak little youth in action earlier, he would've never believed that he was the notorious little devil.

Nonetheless, even though he looked very weak, Fang Lan was very wary of Ling Chen. A monster like him was an existence who could destroy a large sect and even turned the whole Heaven Desolate Region upside down.

Looking at the shining gaze of Ling Chen that settled on his body, seemingly piercing into the deepest layer of his heart, Fang Lan became very nervous.

He opened his mouth several times, wanting to say something but chose to stay quiet. However, he was thinking about all sorts of things in his mind.

First of all, he had no idea why the little devil saved him. He had never met the little devil before nor had any relation with him.

When it comes to talent, he was below average. He only made it this far due to his hard work and guts.

Other people could memorize an ordinary battle technique after reading it once, but he needed to read it at least five times before he could barely remember it, let alone memorized it.

He was very slow. In order to understand and comprehend a basic Battle Technique, a person with an average talent could understand and comprehend it after a week or so. However, he would need at least four months or even a longer period of time to obtain the same results.

Because he didn't come from a Warrior's clan nor a noble family, his talent was very poor. If it wasn't for the fact that he had a strong desire to become strong in order to protect his family and a strong desire to control his own destiny, he would have never made it this far.

As such , Fang Lan was not only confused but perplexed because he had nothing on him nor any special talents that would make him worth saving by the Little Devil.

" How are you feeling?"

After a long silence, Ling Chen finally opened his mouth after scanning Fang Lan's body from head to toe.

Even though he was able to absorb the poison from his body before it could kill him, Fang Lan was still in bad shape. Not only he had lost all his cultivation base, he was still in a precarious state.

" I am fine. Thank you young master for saving my life. This little one is in your debt." Politely Answered Fang Lan with a hint of gratitude in his voice.

If the little devil didn't absorb the poison inside his body when he did, he would have been nothing but an empty shell by now.

" You're welcome. What is your plan now?. From what I can tell, not only you've lost all your cultivation base, you can never cultivate again in your life. Almost all your meridians are broken and the little true Qi essence you've left in your body is dissipating rapidly like smoke."

" At this moment, your body is nothing but a perforated vessel. Not only you can't absorb any true Qi, you can't store them either. In another word, you are a cripple." Ling Chen said indifferently.

With Ling Chen left' eye power, he could see the state of Fang Lan's body as clear as the day.

Lin Chen's words caused Fang Lan's expression to suddenly turned ugly as he began to clench both of his hands.

Ling Chen's words stabbed at the truth he has been avoiding in his heart. Just like Ling Chen said, after he had been inflicted by the Organs Devouring poison, he realized that more than half of his meridians were broken beyond repair.

Even though Ling Chen had saved him by absorbing the poison from his body, he would never be able to cultivate again and would forever be a cripple.

To a person like him, becoming a cripple was a hundred times more agonizing than death.

Seeing the look of despair on Fang Lan's face, Ling Chen's thin lips curved upward into a light demonic smile as he said:
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"But you don't have to worry, I have a way to reconstruct your meridians."

Under fang Lan's startled gaze, Ling Chen's expression became deep and mysterious as he continued:

"And give you the power that would even make the gods and the devils tremble in fear!."

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