Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
14 The Intimidating Little Devil
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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14 The Intimidating Little Devil

After the end of the Inner sect Battle Ascension, the news regarding the little devil showcase of power in the fighting arena by going up against his big brother, the chief disciple, spread like wildfire among the disciples of the sect as well as the elders.

Whether it was the elders or the disciples, everyone from the Heavenly Demon Sect was utterly dumbfounded after hearing the news.

Those who didn't get the chance to witness the little devil in action with their own eyes were dying with regrets. As for the ones who actually witnessed it, those people had the chance to retell the events with their backs still drenched in cold sweat.

Within a certain mountain peak of the Heavenly Demon Sect,

" Was I seeing things earlier?" Even after the event had ended, an Inner Sect elder was still struggling to regain his sanity once he got home as he said to his friend next to him. " Hey, pinch me Old Shang, maybe I am still dreaming."

Soon, a scream ensued right after the Inner Sect elder was pinched by the person next to him. He then exclaimed in anger: " Damn you old ghost , I was just joking. Why the fuck did you have to pinch me that hard!"

At home, another elder looked up at the sky and started to scream and curse the Heaven like a madman. He has been stuck in Martial Emperor realm for the past fifty years , yet a ten years old brat had already long past that stage.

Some of the Core Sect elders who've worked the entire lives to break through the Martial Sovereign couldn't withstand the shock of a ten years old caught up to them as they had the impulse to commit suicide by running their heads into a wall

Those elders have seen many things in life, however, witnessing the birth of a ten years old Martial Sovereign almost choked them to death as they couldn't believed it.

At the end of the day, Ling Chen's fame spread across every corner of the sect and he became a hot topic for many disciples and elders, especially those who saw his displayed of power with their own eyes.

Wether it was those that witnessed the events or those who've heard it from their friends, they all had two words to describe the little devil, domineering and insanely powerful.

The way he overpowered and suppressed Ling Jian, a powerful Martial Sovereign, through sheer spiritual pressure and aura had stupefied everyone from the sect.

Aside from feeling shocked and stupefied, almost all the elders and disciples were ecstatic as well. The more powerful the little devil was, the stronger the Heavenly Demon Sect would be in the future.

Who doesn't want their sect to reign supreme throughout the whole world and enjoyed innumerable resources.

Even though they brutally competed against one another, they all wanted their sect to flourish and get stronger because their very livelihood and future was tied to the sect.


Heavenly Demon Palace, Ling Jian's Manor.

Soon after the Inner Sect Battle Ascension has ended, Ling Jian flew away from the Asura peak along with the thin old man in black.

As soon as he got home, he ordered all the maids to retreat. Once all the maids have left the house, he was all alone with the thin old man in black, who was his personal and most trusted servant.

The old man followed respectfully behind him without uttered a single word, waiting for his next order.

After making sure they were all alone, Ling Jian's cold and arrogant face suddenly turned deathly place. The old man who closely following behind him was startled by this sudden turn of event.

The young lord looked fine even after he had faced the little devil in a battle of spiritual pressure. Furthermore, he even stayed and supervised the whole Inner Sect Ascension Battle.

So how come his countenance suddenly turned ghastly pale!

He originally wanted to ask the young Lord if he was feeling well, however, after he remembered the previous event, he didn't dare to ask. He silently followed behind him, waiting upon him with a look of worried on his face.

As soon as Ling Jian made it to his chamber,

"Pass me the Soul Enrichment Pill, " Ling Jian suddenly opened his mouth.

The old man was taken back by the young Lord request. " what?"

Ling Jian slowly lifted his head and repeated. " give me one Soul Enrichment Pill."


At the same time, Ling Jian's figure quivered fiercely as he suddenly spat out a mouthful of red blood.

"Young Lord, you…" The old man was greatly shocked.

Ling Jian sliglty waved his hand, signaling him not to make a fuss of things.

At the same instant, the old man finally understood. He quickly took out the Soul Enrichment Pill from his interspatial ring and gave it to Ling Jian with his heart filled with tremendous shock.

He didn't know how, but the old man finally understood that the young Lord's nascent soul was injured after facing the Litttle Devil.

The Soul Enrichment Pill was a rare and precious pill used by the Top Class powerhouse to nourish and speed up the growth of their nascent soul. It was also used as a soul recovery pill as one can use it to nurse and heal injured nascent soul.

Even though the Young Lord was very calm and collected while he was supervising the Inner Sect Ascension Battle , after that incident, It was all a pretense.

He just didn't want to look weak in front the spetactors, as such, he put on a facade. Even himself, a top Martial Sovereign powerhouse was fooled by the Young Lord as he wasn't able to detect anything.

After taking the Soul Enrichment Pill from the old man, Ling Jian quickly put it in his mouth and swallowed it without saying anything.

Then, he directly sat in a meditative stance, circulating his True Qi essence to recover. Soon, the medicinal properties of the pill were integrated into his four lambs and his bones, and eventually merged into his large True Qi Essence, which flowed into his sea of consciousness where his nascent soul was nested.
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Within his sea of consciousness, the medicinal properties of the pill enclosed and engulfed Ling Jian's nascent soul like a warm current.

At the same time, Ling Jian felt as though his nascent soul was soaked into a hot spring. He felt so warm and refreshing.

As his nascent soul kept on absorbing the medicinal properties of the Soul Enrichment Pill. It was gradually recovering and strengthening, and Ling Jian's ghastly pale countenance was slowly returned to normal.

As for the old man, he stood there humbly behind him. Previously, when saw the young master was walking slowly when he got to his manor and sent the maids away, he thought the young master was pondering something. Now it turned out that it wasn't the case, the young Lord wasn't walking slowly because he was pondering something, but because he was severely injured and couldn't walk normally. As for sending the maids away, he didn't want them to know that he was injured and saw him in such a vulnerable state.

Time passed minute by minute.

Long Jian was still in his mediative stance recovering. Unlike physical injuries, nascent soul injury takes more to recover and it was also harder to recover.

A full hour has passed.

Ling Jian finally opened his eyes and his face looked more vigorous than before. From one glance, one could tell that his nascent soul injury was fully recovered.

Walking around his room, Ling Jian sat on a chair next to his bed, then let out a faint breath.

" This mixed breed's power is stronger than I anticipated."

"Especially that terrifying red eye of his, it was emmnatinating a sucking force as though it was about to suck out my nascent soul."

Saying this, he felt apprehension after the event.

The strange power of that little devil's red eye was like a magnet as it was trying to suck his nascent soul out of his sea of consciousness.

Even after he used his Spiritual battle techniques to fight against it, he still couldn't repulse that strong attracting force. If his father didn't stop the fight when he did, most likely right now he would have been turned into a corpse.

No matter what, that little devil has to die. Otherwise, even if he becomes the sect master of the Heavenly Demon Sect in the future, he still won't be able to fully control the sect with him alive, and all of his plans would be for nothing.

" Young Lord, right now… are you fine?" The old man asked anxiously. It was the first time the Young Lord has suffered such a loss.

Ling Jian gave him a glance. "I am fine, don't worry."

" Go and tell Grandfather the Emperor that as long as Ling Chen is alive, even if I become the sect master, we won't be able to carrying out with our plan." Said Ling Jian with a cold killing intent in his voice.

Looking at the murderous Young Lord, the old man didn't dare to say anything as he rushed out the room to indicate he understood.

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