Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
13 The Sect Master’s Intervention.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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13 The Sect Master’s Intervention.

Seeing how Ling Jian dared to yell at him in public and even treated him as though he was one of his servants, Ling Chen was beyond furious. Guess it's true what his father always say, give a person an inch and he'll take a mile.

Just because he made a small concession by apologizing to him, did he really think that he was afraid of him!. Did he really think that he was a rug that he could walk all over?

" Who the fuck you think you are?." Angrily shouted out Ling Chen.

His childish thunderous voice reverberating throughout the air, traveling through the entire Asura Peak.

All the elders, as well as the disciples, could clearly feel the burning anger from his voice.

At the same time,


Like a volcano that had suddenly erupted into life, the entire earth seemed to overturn instantly, and the entire fighting arena began shaking and quivering fiercely as Ling Chen unleashed his torrential spiritual pressure.

Under Ling Chen's vast and unparalleled spiritual pressure, the sturdy fighting arena was like a wore down little hut in a violent storm. It shook and quivered violently. Even the concrete ground began to fracture.

In the meantime, a massive wind kicked up within the fighting arena as a terrifying demonic aura gushed forth from Ling Chen's body.

Under that vile and evil aura, heaven and earth became pale and the sun and moon lost their brilliance.

Ling Chen was like a devil or a fiend god that just crawled out from the depths of hell. He was like a demon lord that had been slumbering for a long time and now has awakened. Anyone who saw its appearance would be shivering with uncontrollable shock.

He stood there motionless as his terrifying evil aura surged about like a storm. His entire body was shrouded by an apocalyptic pitch-black aura.

He was like a death god as his black withering aura was tearing apart and swallowing the sunlight around him. He stood still without any movement. Not even a strand of his hair fluttered as if the wind didn't dare to approach him.

At the same time, both of the Magic runes within his eyes shone brightly and radiated a frightening light, like a sharp blade seemingly able to tear apart the world.

Before this cold and sinister pair of eyes, all living beings were nothing but lambs waiting to slaughtered. With the ignition of the two magic runes within his eyes, Ling Chen's demeanor completely changed.

He was still the same person with no change in appearance. However, it felt as though something else had taking over his body.

He had a sinister smile on his face as he was looking at Ling Jian like a poisonous snake stalking its prey. Even his mouth showed signs of watering as though he was looking at the most delicious meal instead of a person. Not to mention Ling Jian, it even caused the others' hair to stand on end as they took three steps back.

At this moment, everyone was scared shitless; they became paralyzed for a long time. Even the arrogant Ling Jian was also deathly pale.

After Ling Chen unleashed his spiritual pressure as well as his evil Martial Sovereign aura, the Inner Sect, as well as the Core Sect elders that were dying to see the little devil in action, felt their legs give out. They were all shivering since even they wouldn't be able to withstand such pressure and sinister aura!

As for the disciples, they all lay flat on the ground after being completely horrified by the power and the look of the little devil. From now on, they were pretty sure that they would have nightmares because of what they've just witnessed.

Whether it was the elders or the disciples, they were so stunned that their mouths were opened so wide that one could fit an egg inside. It would be a miracle if some of their jaws didn't get dislocated from the shock.

" That little bastard has already gotten that strong!." There was surprised on Ling Xiao's face as he was looking at Ling Chen from afar.

Having said that, he felt his entire body become slowly drenched in sweat as his limbs went limp. At the same time, He was debating whether or not he should go along with his previous plan.

Three years ago, Ling Chen was just an Initial Martial Emperor according to his father. After leaving the Heavenly Demon Palace for three years, he had already broken through the Martial Sovereign realm. From his violent and powerful evil aura, he could tell that he wasn't a regular Martial Sovereign.

Indeed, the growth of that little devil's truly frightening. If given enough time, it won't be long before he breaks through the Martial Saint realm, and even the legendary Martial God Realm. At this moment, Ling Xiao began to re-evaluate the type of relationship he wanted to have with this devilish little brother of his.

Looking at his little brother that was akin to a devil from the depth of hell with his eyes that gave the impression that he would devour anything in his path, frightened Ling jian.

Ling Jian was truly horrified. Even though he was proud and arrogant, he wasn't stupid. The instant Ling Chen released his spiritual pressure and aura, his persona completely changed.

At this moment, Ling Chen wasn't the quiet and well mannered little brother he knew. What was in front of him right now was nothing but an ominous beast, a little devil. As for him, he was nothing more but his meal.

That was the feeling he got from facing his little brother. Aside from that, he felt as though he was stripped naked in front of him, figuratively. Whether it was his secrets or motives, they were all laid bare before his demonic eyes.

While Ling Jian was contemplating whether he should make the first move by attacking him or not, Ling Chen was already a step ahead of him.

" Die!" Ling Chen shouted as he pounced towards Ling Jian like a cheetah going for its prey.

However, before he could land his first blow,

"Stand down Ling Chen!"

From the highest mountain peak of the sect, a commanding voice, akin to thunder in the sky, rang across the whole Asura Peak.

That voice was filled with nobility and contained a mysterious power that made it impossible to resist or refute.

" The Sect Master!"
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After hearing that voice, not to mention Ling Chen, everyone from the Asura Peak knew who it belongs to. This was the Heavenly Demon Venerable, the leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect and also the most powerful experts within the sect.

He was one of the most powerful experts within the Heaven Desolate Region and ranked Seven in the Heaven Ranking List.

After listening to his father's voice, Ling Chen abruptly stopped his deadly and vicious attack. At the same time, he retracted his evil aura as well as his spiritual pressure. At this moment, he looked like a weak harmless little child.

Aside from that, all of the disciples and the elders were surprised. They have never thought that the Inner Sect Ascension Battle would escalate to the point where it would even require the intervention of the Sect Master.

"Ling Jian, That lass Fang Lan has already lost the fight and Lin Mu has won, taking his place in the Core sect."

" So don't make things difficult for your little brother. He doesn't know about the rules of the sect, not to mention he is still a child."

The sect master voice continued to echo through the sky.

"As for you Ling Chen, don't cause trouble for your big brother and come to the Heavenly Demon palace immediately, you will leave in two days for your mission."

At this moment, The mighty Heavenly Demon Venerable was like a responsible and loving father stopping the quarrel between his two children as he let his thunderous voice echoed in the Asura peak again.

After listening to his father's voice, Ling Chen didn't linger any further in the fighting arena as he left with the shivering Fang Lan behind him who seemed as though he has just been pardoned from a death sentence.

Ling Chen didn't even bother to give his older brother another glance as he left the fighting arena. As for Ling Jian, he was looking as Ling Chen with his cold and unwilling eyes that were filled with shame and hatred .

Also, the more he stared at Ling Chen's back leaving the fighting arena, the more afraid he became. Not only this little bastard's power was frightening, he had already grown strong enough to the point where he could stand on his own in this vast Heaven Desolate Region. The most frightening thing was, this little mixed breed was only ten years old.

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