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Heavenly Demon Palace.

Early in the morning, the sun has risen high up in the sky, opened up like flowers on the horizon.

In a wide spacious room within the heavenly demon palace, Ling Chen sat quietly by the bedside. He looked at the Heaven with his deep pair of demonic eyes that was able to see through anything in deep thought. It was unknown what he was thinking. However, he repeated the same movement every day for the past five years.

It has already been a week since he got back and returned to his dull and repetitive life. Like always, he sat crossed leg and tried to absorb the surrounding energy, however, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't absorb not even a single strand of true Qi.

It has been like that ever since he knew how to cultivate. Unlike other warrior, he couldn't absorb the energy of the Heaven and earth as his body was different from the others.

According that what he knew, the human body was composed of twelve standard meridians, eight extraordinary meridians, three dantians and 360 accupoints. Only by opening one of the twelve standard meridians one would be considered as a warrior and stepped foot into the Martial Warrior realm.

However, he was different. His body didn't have the so-called twelve standard meridians and eight extraordinary meridians, nor the 360 accupoints. Not only that instead of three dantians, he only had two. One below his navel and the other was located at his center point just higher than his eye brows.

Furthermore, the size of his dantian compared to the others was like heaven and earth. While the others were able to measure how wide their dantians were, He couldn't do that because both his dantians were like an endless never-ending void. In fact, sometime he even doubted that he's human.

As he was thinking about how different he was from the other human, Ling Chen couldn't help but close his eyes and used his spiritual sense or inner eye to inspect his lower-dantian.

Within his lower-dantian, there was nothing but an endless darkness. There's a vacuum of space with no light. The vast expanse of darkness or void expended as far as the eyes can see. However, within that endless void, there was a huge trunk of a tree with countless dark roots spread out through the endless space like octopus tentacles or snakes. These tree roots were moving and intertwined like poisonous snakes that hid in the darkness. It was as though each of them was alive.

Wether it was the trunk of the tree or its roots, they were completely dark in color and were giving off an ominous energy. The trunk of the tree and its roots were reeked of death. They gave of the feeling as though they were the root of all evil. In all, his lower-dantian was a dark and ominous place. Anyone who saw its appearance would be shivering with uncontrollable shock.However, That wasn't the case for Ling Chen because this trunk of tree and its roots were a part of him.

After checking out his lower dantian, he moved on up to his upper dantian. Unlike his lower-dantian, his upper-dantian was comprised of a brilliant white endless space. It was the kind of white that would even make the whitest snow looked grey. The kind of white that would scorched into your eyes and make you temporarily blind.

In the middle of this huge expanse of white space stood a dark tree. This tree wasn't incredibly huge. The tree has reached a height of more than fifteen feet and its trunk had a circumference of seven feet. Subsequently, it provided shade into this endless brilliant white space.

It was unknown what kind species was this tree. However, if one were to guess. One would said that it looked more like an oak tree , more precisely a dark oak tree. Wether it was its branches or its leaves, they were all dark as well. This tree was like giant black umbrella within the endless brilliant white space which was his upper-dantian.

After the opening of one upper-dantian, one would would able to awaken their nascent soul or spirit which was a miniature or baby version of oneself. However, Ling Chen nascent soul was none other than this Dark Tree after he opened his upper-dantian.

The dark tree wasn't always that size, but it had grown taller and bigger as he killed and absorbed the blood and vitalities of his enemies through the dark roots in his lower-dantian.

While Ling Chen was scanning and observing the changes within his upper-dantian, he suddenly heard someone's footsteps outside his room.

He quickly retracted his inner eyes or spiritual sense within his body and slowly opened his eyes which shone brightly, revealing a glare capable of seeing through any concrete or even crossing time itself. It eventually fell upon the the young man approaching his room.

After seen the person that was approaching his room through his left eye's ability, ling Chen closed his eyes again and returned to his meditation.

It didn't take long before the creaking sound of the door could be heard as someone has opened the door from the outside.

Soon, a young man that seemed to be around the age of twenty appeared in front In front of Ling Chen.

The Young man wore a crimson red robe with was the symbol of the elite disciple of the Heavenly Demon sect. He was also very handsome and looked almost like the sect master of the Heavenly Demon sect.

Aside from the powerful and godly aura that was being emanating from his body, he had an amiable expression on his face.

" Little Brother, it has been a week since you got back from your training, and you haven't left your room since then."
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" Why don't you follow me to watch competition of the inner sect disciples for the ten spots of the core disciple this year." Said the young man with a slight smile on his face as he was looking at Ling Chen.

This young man was none other than Ling Xiao, the second son of Ling Tian and also Ling Chen's half- older brother.

Ling Xiao was a renowned person within the Heavenly Desolate region. Not only he was rank fifth in the entire sect, he was also rank hundred and forty in the Earth List. The Earth List was a list that contained the most powerful and the strongest First Class expert throughout the whole Heaven Desolate Region. A hundred and forty might not seem like a big deal, but one has to understand that there are hundred of thousands of First Class expert throughout the whole region.

Listening to Ling Xiao, Ling Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked at his direction. When he turned to look at this older brother of his, a complicated look flickered across his face. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

" Ok." Ling Chen answered with his emotionless childish voice.

Ling Xiao was not surprised at his little brother's coldness and indifference towards him, so he didn't really care. In fact, he was already used to it since his little little brother has been like that since birth.

Ever since birth his brother rarely showed any kind of emotion and rarely talk. The only time he showed any kind of emotion was when he was born and his mother had died on the same day, that day he cried for about a few seconds.

Since then, his little brother has never showed any kind of emotion. It was as though he was a piece of wood. It even got worse when he overheard the oldest brother saying that he was the cause of death of the young sect mistress, and he was nothing but an abomination.

After Ling Chen was done changing, he left the room with his older brother to look at the so-called inner sect disciple competition. He really didn't care about the inner sect disciple competition, and the only reason he went along was to walk around the sect for the last time before he went to venture outside to complete the mission given to him by his father which would take some time to complete.