Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
7 The shock within the Heavenly Demon Palace
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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7 The shock within the Heavenly Demon Palace

Heavenly Demon palace.

As one of the greatest and most important buildings in the Heavenly Demon Sect, the heavenly demon palace was not only intricaltely beautiful, it was also the most secure place throughout the whole sect.

Furthermore, the heavenly demon palace was also the most sacred place within the sect, whorshiped by almost all the disciple within the sect.

Because this place was none other than that person's home, Ling Tian also known as the Heavenly Demon Venerable.

Ever since he took the position of the sect master seventy years ago, he had completely unified the whole sect and killed off anyone who dared to pose a threat to the sect from within. During his first ten years as the sect master, he has bathed the entire sect with a river of blood as he dug out and killed off almost every single spies within the sect as well the oppositions.

He had gained the sole control of the entire sect and was respected and feared by everyone. His power had never even been questioned by anyone within the sect since then. He was also known as the most brutal and vicious sect master throughout the history of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

At this moment, within the main hall of the heavenly demon place, the sect master sat high up above in the main seat which represented his status as the sect master. Below him was six more seats that were occupied by six old man also known as the six protectors, and below the six protectors were the twelve great elders.

Right now all the high levels of the sect were gathered within the main hall of the heavenly demon palace which was something that does not happen often. Even though they were old, but their vitalities were off the chart and each of their bodies exuded a powerful heavenly auras.

They all have already reached the Martial Venerable realms. One or two powerful Martial Sovereigns was enough to destroy a large sect. So one could imagine how strong and heaven-defying a Martial Venerable was, Yet the Heavenly Demon Sect has nineteen of them. As one of the fifteen great influences of the Heaven Desolate Region, the strength of the Heavenly Demon Sect was truly frightening. No wonder they were able to stand tall as one of the fifteen great influences within region.

At this moment, all of the eighteen elders including the sect master were looking at a youth in front of them.

If it was any other disciples or even some of the elders, they would have been shaking and sweating profoundly just by standing in their presence, yet this youth remained calm while quietly looking at them with his cold and emotionless eyes.

" Little Chen how's your training?" Asked Ling Tian who sat in the sect master's seat with a slight smile on his face.

Ling Tian appeared to be around thirty or forty years old. He was very handsome as well and he exuded an air of elegance. Whether it was his image or behavior, they were all without flaws. As the sect master, his every moves carried a majestic momentum. However, at this moment, he looked like a loving father rather than the mighty and iron blood sect master.

" It was ok father. I was able opened my upper-dantian and broke through the Martial Sovereign about two years ago." Said the youth with a childish voice. His childish voice contained no emotions. He didn't look happy nor sad. Most children would be thrilled after achieving something so amazing and would await for their parents' praise. However, Ling Chen was different.

He never really need anyone's validation nor has he try to please anyone. He was neither proud nor arrogant. No matter how amazing people thought him to be, he's never felt any sense of accomplishment. He's never showed any type of emotions like anger, pride , happiness or sadness. It was as though his heart was frozen which made him really scary.

What?" Ling Tian was shocked, and murmured, "So fast?"

Not only the sect master, but all the elders were shocked. One has to understand they were all old monsters who had lived for hundreds of years and not many things could shock them as they've already seen it all. They've seen countless heaven-defying genius in the Heaven Desolate region. However, they have never encountered such a devilish monster like Ling Chen.

Seeing how shocked some of the elders were as though they couldn't believe it. Ling Chen suddenly released his spiritual pressure.


Suddenly a powerful spiritual pressure swept the entire main hall and pressed upon the elders like a majestic mountain.

At the same time, the bright main hall was turned completely dark as Ling chen released his domain as well. The entire room was shrouded and encroached by darkness.

It was so dark that one could not even see his own hand. Although it was very brief, it was still enough to send shivers down the elders' spine.
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"Martial Sovereign, Dark Domain, impossible!." Even the six protectors were startled as they couldn't believe it.

When one break through the Martial Sovereign, one would be able to feel and comprehended the heavenly law. Each person had their own affinity, some were able to feel closer to fire, water and earth etc. However, even though they were able to comprehend the heavenly law, it would still take them some time before they could fully develop their domain.

Some might take twenty or thirty years just to create a ten meters domain. Yet that little devil who just broke through the Martial Sovereign two years ago was able to develop his domain to the point where he could encroach the whole main hall with darkness. The main hall was at least ten thousands square feet.

" This little monster is too… scary. How could this be possible? It… breaks all common sense." After the news was confirmed, all the elders as well the protectors were stuck in a daze.

They all had mixed feelings. They were happy and sad at the same time. They were happy because Ling Chen was the pride of the sect and the more powerful he was, the more powerful the sect will be. Not to mention, he's most likely to become the future Asura of the sect. Even though the sect master hasn't said anything yet, but there's no one more suitable than him. As long as he's alive, it wouldn't be long before the heavenly demon sect dominate the whole Heaven desolate region and even the world.

They were sad because the pressure was just too great. The little devil speed of cultivation was too frightening. What about five years later?. He would be strong enough to beat the hell out of them. They've spent hundreds of years before they could reach their current realms. Yet, that little devil who was not even fifteen was already a top class expert, same as them.

" You did good Chen'er you can go back and rest now ." Ling Tian said after finally managed to suppress his emotion.

As a father, he was very proud of his third son. At the same time, he felt a huge pressure as well.

Looking at Ling Chen leaving, Ling Tian looked at the heaven deep in thought. He then muttered." I planned on giving little Chen the mission of cleaning out the rats as well the traitors that have been plaguing our territory in the surrounding influences and kingdoms."

"No sect master you can't do that. All the fourteen influences see little Chen as an eye sore and can't wait to get rid of him. If you let him out of the sect now, I am afraid they will take action." Said one of the elders with worried expression on his face.

" I also agreed with elder Jiang. Instead of sending the little master, why not send me. I don't mind taking that mission." Said another elder.

" Yes sect master, many high-levels of the other influences already associated the third young master with the events that happened ten years ago which is very dangerous, if we let him out of the sect now, they'll risk everything to kill him."

"Not only that, if they also find out that the little master has broken though the Martial Sovereign, they would be even more eager to kill him. A ten years old Martial Sovereign is no joke."

" The third young master is already at the center of attention because of the risk he represented. His existence alone could potentially disrupt the balance of power between the fifteen influences. Sending him out on a mission at this time would put his life at a great risk."

All of the protectors and elders voiced their disagreement with the sect's master decision. Ling Chen was the only hope for the sect to dominate the Heavenly desolate region. He was their secret weapon. They were old and already exhausted their potentials and had no hope of breaking the Martial Saint Realm.

However, Ling Chen was different. He just needed time to break through the Martial Saint realm. Once he break though the Martial Saint realm, their sect will finally have a Martial Saint expert and he will also the be the third Martial Saint in the whole Heaven desolate region.

"I understand your concerns but him being in the sect will not only put the sect at risk but also himself." Said the sect the master.

" Also, the other influences still made a move on him even though he was at the sect. Although there wasn't any Martial Sovereign, but there were at least five Martial Emperor and many martial kings who tried to kill him."

" I didn't do anything because I knew they weren't his match. I used them to train Ling Chen. The other influences have already put Ling Chen on their kill list."

"Furthermore, sending him to that mission not only would help him grow stronger, it will also gave us time to prepare. I don't want people to think my Ling Tian's son is a coward. I want them to know the consequence of messing with the little devil." Said Ling Tian as his body was emanating a powerful killing and murderous intent.

" Moreover, as a father I want to protect my child, however that doesn't mean I would stand in the way of his progress. Not to mention, I won't be here forever to protect him."

"Ever since Ling Chen knew that his mother had died while giving birth to him, he felt responsible for it. Especially when he overheard his big brother saying that he was the one who has killed his own mother, his personality has completely changed since then. He became colder and distant."

" He was only four at that time, and till now I have never see him smile or happy. He has no friends or people of his age to talk to. Everyone's afraid of him, even his own brothers due to his power."

" For you, his power might be a benediction, but for him it is a curse."

Listening to the sect master, the elders couldn't help but lowered their heads in shame. They've always been jealous of Ling Chen, but they never thought about what he's going through. No matter how powerful he is, he's still a ten years old child.

However, there's one reason that Ling Tian didn't mention to them. It's also the most important reason that he wanted to give Ling Chen that mission. He had long found out that Ling Chen was able to grow stronger by killing people and absorbing their life force. Ling Chen can't absorb the true Qi of the heaven and earth, he could only get them from others. As such, the more enemies he killed, the stronger he'll get. Unlike the other warriors, Ling Chen's way of cultivation has no bottlenecks.

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