Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
6 The End of the Exam
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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6 The End of the Exam

In a blink in the eye, seven days have gone by since the new recruits had entered the exam site. During these seven days, many of them have died and became demon beasts' snacks while others were killed by their own human compatriots.

During these seven days, they have known the true human nature and the savagery of the demon beasts. They've been betrayed and used. They've known what it felt like to sleep with their eyes open. Furthermore, they were able to truly known themselves and their true strength when facing dangers. They've broken through their limits over and over during these seven days in order to stay alive. They've done things they thought they could've never done just to stay alive. In all, the seven days within the Grey Mist Forest have helped them discovered a new side of themselves.

At this moment, there were more than four hundred people standing at the entrance of the Grey Mist Forest. They all looked like a squad or a legion of beggars with their ragged clothes. Their hairs were messy and dirt literally was smeared across their cheeks and clothes. Their clothes were ripped and were stained with dried blood. Their messy hairs and dirty skins were sure a sign of rough living. Their bodies were also filled with scars, some small and some big.

However, despite their haggard appearance, they were all overflowing with confidence. The type of confidence of one who has suffered into the depth of hell and reborn into the flames of hot pain. Hard-Earned confidence which was engraved into their core and could grow from within.

Their eyes became sharper, and each of them had a resolute look on their faces. Their eyes were full of experience; they'd seen a lot, not all of it pleasant. Their hardened look and stone-cold gazes were a clue to their witness. Their previous calm aura became ferocious as though they were a pack of wolves instead of a group of young men.

They looked completely different compared to when they first entered the forest. It was as though their fears, doubts, insecurities have flowed out from them and their inner-warriors have broken free inside them, turning them into true warriors. They looked as though they could do anything, unstoppable, fearless and nothing could hold them back.

Looking at the hundreds of people in front of him, the elder of the Heavenly Demon sect couldn't help but nod in satisfaction. Like always, the seven days within the Grey Mist forest filled with many vicious demon beasts and Illusion array have truly changed them and brought out the true potential within each of them.

Not only that, their strength had greatly increased as well. And those who didn't, their aura became more stable. Within the short few days, all of the recruits showed clear signs progress.

"On behalf of the Heavenly Demon Sect, I welcome you all to the sect."

" From now on, you are all the outer sect disciples of the Heavey Demon Sect. Don't think that because you are all passed the exam that you are all safe. The true hell has just became."

" Now, follow me so you get can your new uniforms and identity tokens as well as your residence." said the elders with a smile on his face.

The elder was truly happy because he saw many good seedlings within this group unlike last year. Furthermore, almost half of them have managed to pass the exam and stayed alive. Last year was total disaster as many of them were some arrogant nobles who didn't know good from bad and entered the black mountain. Even though the black mountain was the safest place within the whole Grey Mist Forest as none of the demon beasts dared to venture there, it was also the most dangerous place because it was occupied by the most vicious beast of them all, the little devil of the heavenly demon sect.

"Elder wait, there's one more recruit coming." quicky shouted a young girl while they were about to leave the entrance of the forest. Without the elder accompanied then, none of them would be able to enter sect even though they passed the exam.

As soon as she said that, almost everyone looked back to see the person she was talking about. It's not uncommon for some people to unable to find their way out of the forest even after the seven days. However, before the elder was leaving, he has already received the green light from one of the martial sovereign realms elder from the inner sect after he had scanned the entire Grey Mist Forest, making sure no one was left behind.

According to the inner sect elder, there weren't anymore recruits inside the forest and all the survivors were present. It's unlikely for the inner sect elder to make a mistake.

However, as soon as the elder of the Heavenly Demon Sect turned around and saw the person that the young girl was referring too, everything became clear to him as he tried so hard to stop his trembling hand and masked his fear.

A few dozens meters away from them was a young man dressed in a white robe that's even whiter than snow. This youth was no older than ten. Furthermore, the young man was handsome to the point of being a bit demonic. He looked more like a little girl with lean physique and extraordinary beauty rather than a little boy. One might even think that he was a little girl disguised as a boy.

His long dark hair flowed down his back like black ink. His eyes were like two perfect pieces of gemstones. It was unknown if his eyes were black or blue as his right pupil was completely covered with red magic rune while the left one was cover with a blue magic rune or circle.

Each of his eyes gave off a different vibes. His left eye that contained the blue magic rune exuded a divine feeling while the right one felt rather demonic and evil. Nonetheless, he had a pair of demonic- divine eyes that were seemingly capable to see through everything.

His body wasn't emanating any powerful aura. He looked like a regular mortal rather than a warrior. However, once he scanned the group of people ahead of him with his emotionless pair of eyes, they felt a cold chill running down their spines the moment his glare swept over them.

" Elder Li Shan of the outer sect pays his respect to the third young master." Seeing the young man approaching him, the elder quickly bowed to pay his respect.

At the same time, both of his legs were shaking. Even though this young man was just ten years old, the fear he evoked from the people of the sect was greater than that of his father.
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This little devil was simply a legend within the sect. Not only he was born with the strength of the Martial Lord peak, he was also born with some demonic eyes power as well. No one except him truly known the extent of his eyes power. However, the little things they knew about it was enough to make them go crazy.

Listening the elder's greeting, the young man only nodded his head without stopping as he continued making his way within the sect. However, the elder let out a short sight of relief as though he just escaped from the jaws of death.

From start to finish, he didn't say single word, yet he left behind an inedible impression!

"Just..... just who is that young man?!" Even though the little devil was very famous throughout the Heaven Desolate Region, No one from the outside have seen his face except some people from the sect.

"Third young master Ling Chen, also known as the Little Devil !" Murmured the elder after he calmed down from trembling.

Very few people in the Heaven Desolate Region have seen the third young master, let alone know his real name. However, his nickname little devil was enough to shake everyone present.

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