Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
5 The Slaughter II
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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5 The Slaughter II

As Situ Nian charged toward the little Devil with his spiritual sword while chopping off countless tree roots along the way,

Rumble!" Suddenly, the earth trembled and countless more dark tree roots erupted from beneath his feet. Each of them was at least ten feet tall and shaped like bamboo spears.

As he could feel the ground shaking beneath his feet, Situ Nian was able to predict their movement and dodged every single one them as he bravely charged forward.

In the meantime,


Horrifying screech resonated throughout the mountain as one warrior after another died horrifically under the assault of the tree roots.

It was one thing if it was only one or two tree roots, but there were dozens of them that erupted from beneath the ground like octopus tentacles.

Furthermore, like a virus, they kept on multiply and replicated themselves as they killed and absorbed the blood of the warriors.

Additionally, the dark tree roots were able to follow the movement of the warriors as though they were alive or have eyes. They were as fast as lightning and nimble as snakes.

Each of their movements was well-coordinated when one wasn't enough to finish up a warrior, the others would come as back up. Not only they were able to multiply by absorbing the blood of the warriors, but they were also able to strengthen themselves as their thickness and height increased after the blood absorption.

As the dark tree roots grew stronger, the evil aura emitted from their body grew stronger as well to point that it became visible. Each one of them were surrounded by a thin layer of black smoke like plasma. Not only the thin layer of the black smoke contained a corrosive power, it had the ability to paralyze the opponent which made it almost impossible to move after being stabbed by the tree roots.

" Mother, he's not a human. He's literally a devil......"

" What kind of devilish ability is that..."

Silver Fang and Mo Fan, along with the other warriors fighting for their lives were shivering as they watched the demonic tree roots pierced through their comrades like arrows and absorbed their blood.

It was their first time seeing such a demonic technique. They have no idea how that little devil was able to summon and control all those tree roots.

Seeing how the people around him were being kill one by one without the strength to fight back, Silver Fang's face became pale as he turned tail to run.

He had ready planned on escaping from the moment he found out that the little devil had already broken through the Martial Sovereign. However, he was delayed. If it wasn't for the fact that he was attacked by those damn demonic tree roots as well, he would have been long gone by now.

He knew that little devil hasn't even show his true strength yet. Hell....., that bastard hasn't even moved from his position. He was still in meditation with both of his eyes closed as though the ongoing slaughters had nothing to do with him.

For his planned to be successful, Silver Fang didn't tell any of them that the little devil was a top-class expert in the Martial Sovereign. Otherwise, they would have run with their tails between their legs already. Good thing that little devil has already redrawn his spiritual pressure before those bastards came.

Without any delay, Silver Fang quickly took a scroll out of his spatial ring and opened it. As soon as he opened it, he was surrounded by a white light and disasaperd.

Seeing how his companion escaped, Mo Fan immediately followed suit as he took his own scroll and disappeared as well.

When the other warriors saw how the two Martial Emperors expert had ran away, they've entered a state of pain and despair. Even the two Martial Emperors had lost their will to fight against those damn demonic tree roots, what about them.

At this moment they didn't care about the mission anymore and ran with their tails between their legs as well. There were over a hundred of them, but now, not even half of them remained, and they were still being killed by those demonic tree roots.

However, how could they easily escape the mountain with the legion of tree roots that surrounded the whole mountain top like an inescapable net with them in the middle.

They didn't have any rare teleportation scrolls like Silver Fang and Mo Fan, as such, they could only wait to become tree roots' nutrients.


Miserable cries continue to split the air as dozens of tree roots erupted simultaneously from beneath them. Each of them were like a bamboo poll over three meters high.

One sharp, gleaming dark tree roots after another pierced into the legs and chests of the warriors, filling the air with their painful screams as their blood were being suck dry as well.

After awhile, the wails and the painful screams of the warriors completely died down as they were all pierced and killed by the dense array of tree roots.

All that was left was the heavy breathing of Situ Nian as he continued to slash and dodge the attacks of the demonic tree roots.

As the strongest expert within the group and also a peak Martial Emperor, Situ Nian had an abundance battle experience. Even though, he hasn't open his upper dantian yet. He was still able to feel and keep up with the continuous attack of the tree roots that kept on erupting beneath the ground like endless streams and ambushed him.

However no matter how many tree tree roots he was able cut and crush, he was still unable to get close to the little devil. With every tree root he cut, five more erupted from the ground like an endless octopus's tentacle until he was completely surrounded by an army of large tree roots the height of an adult tree.

He was unable the see the front nor the back. The large amounts of tree roots formed a circle around him. They didn't attack him, instead they were tightening the circle around him as though they were trying to crush him from within.
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Nonetheless, Situ Nian was still marching bravely ahead as he continued to slash his way ahead. He was a determine and fearless elite disciple of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect, one of the chosen one. He had always used his sharp sword to cut through any obstacle, and today won't be any different.

As he continued to slash his way through, the top of the tree roots finally joined together. They intertwined between one another forming an umbrella on top of his head.

For the first time, Situ Nian couldn't help feel a chill ran down his spine. He felt terror for the first time. He couldn't even see the sun as the tree roots was pressed on him like a dark net.

It was as though he was in the bottom of an abyss where no light could penetrate. All he could see was the light emitted from his long sword.

Up until now, he never knew that he was afraid of the dark or maybe the thing looming over his head. It was as though he was inside the mouth of a huge monster. However, its terror didn't stop there. The most frightening thing was the fact that after he was completely surrounded, the little devil didn't order to the dark tree roots to finish him up.

It was as though he was toying with him and the suspense was killing me. He who was not afraid of death suddenly found himself trembling in fear. He could feel death's lips licking his skin.

He couldn't see anything , not even his own fingers, but he could clearly feel the endless evil presence around him as the dark tree roots were getting closer to his body. All of this caused his brain to froze, offering no course of action for his now trembling limbs to take.

After a while, he stopped slashing his sword through the darkness.

His palms were sweaty and the adrenaline coursing through his system was shutting down his ability to think logically as he yelled:

" Let me out you bastard, I'm one of the twelve elite disciples of the Supreme Sword Dao sect, if you killed me, my master would exterminate your heavenly Demon sect."

" Hey don't you hear me, let me out!"

" If you are a man, fight me you devil."

" You little shit!!, let me out and see how your daddy here will grind your bones to ashes!" Situ Nian madly uttered. He swore to never let this go!

Situ Nian was trembling with rage. His face was pale and his eyes were red; that little devil had killed off all of his junior brothers and he wanted nothing more than to eat his flesh and drink his blood!

Most of the disciples were inner and core disciples of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect. Each one of them was hail as genius within the sect and had made a name for themselves, and now they were all killed by a nameless bastard who haven't even leave his sect for experience yet.

" Ahhh......Please let me out, I don't want to die."

After an half an hour of threatening to kill the little devil and eradicate his sect with no avail, like any other human being, Situ Nian started to beg for his life as he wept in tears within the darkness.

However, the little devil didn't even bother to answer his called as he was still in a state of zen.

Suddenly, all of the dark tree roots rushed towards Situ Nian like a tsunami.

Situ Nian was scared out of his wits due to this horrifying spectacle and cried out: "No—"

Before the endless dark tree roots crushed him to dust and swallowed his blood. From the beginning to an end, Situ Nian had no idea how strong the little devil was and how he was and to control all those demonic tree roots. He didn't have time to think about any of that as he was trying his hardest to kill the little devil and saved his comarades.


An hour earlier, at the trunk of the black mountain.

"hahahaha....we're almost out of this danm place."

" I really thought that I was going to die. Thanks to those bastards keeping the little devil busy, we were able to get out this place safely."

At this moment Silver Fang was very happy as he was descending the mountain at an high speed. This was the worst experience of his life and he couldn't wait to quickly get out this damn devil forest.

" Silver Fang, wait until we get out this damn place before we can celebrate." Said Mo Fan with a ghastly pale face. Even though he was able to get out this slaughter house, he was still shaking with fear. This little child was too demonic and knew how to instill fear into his enemies.

" Don't worry Mo Fan, there's only a Martial King elder guarding the forest and overseeing the exam. By the time the heavenly demon sect realized that their elder had been killed, we would be long gone." Silver fang said with happy smile on his face.

Even though he wasn't able to complete the mission, he still got out alive and escape from the grasp of a Martial sovereign. How cool was that!

Furthermore, the informations they got from this brief confrontation against the little Devil's worth more than two soul essence crystals.

A huge smile could be seen on their faces as they realized how much money they could make just my selling that information. However, that happiness didn't last long when suddenly,


Two large tree roots the size of an adult arm simultaneously erupted from the beneath the ground and pierced through both of their chests.


Both Silver Fang and Mo Fan screamed as the tree roots pierced through their chests and sucked their bloods dry as they wrinkled up and ended up as a dry, empty husk.....Their eyes were wide open as they were dying. They had no idea how the demonic tree roots have reached this far. They couldn't believe that this would be the end of them.

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