Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
4 The Slaughter
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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4 The Slaughter

Looking at the child underneath the huge dead tree, the two of them couldn't believe their eyes. They didn't want to anyway. They never saw something like that even in their worst nightmares.

They could feel the sweat-drenched down their skins and the loud thumping sound of their hearts. They wanted to run but couldn't move a single muscle. The absolute horror completely paralyzed them. The more they thought about running away, the more they felt discouraged and utterly terrified. They didn't remember ever being that scared in their life.

And that was just the beginning, Just thinking about how they were planning on assassinating a top-class powerhouse of the Martial Sovereign realm, adrenaline couldn't help but flood their systems as their hearts pumped and beat like it was trying to burst out their stomachs.
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The idea of them trying to kill a Martial Sovereign while being merely at the late stage of the Martial Emperor realm was purely ludicrous and insane. It was like trying to break open a rock with an egg.

Mo Fan couldn't help but look at his companion with bitterness in his heart. He knew something was wrong ever since he stepped foot on that damn mountain. However, he ignored his intuition and his gut feeling that has saved his life countless times as his mind was clouded with greed.

At this time, Mo Fan finally understood why the elder of the Heavenly demon sect was looking at them with pity in his eyes. In the elder's eyes , They were nothing but two fools that were about to throw away their lives.

He has been stuck into the Martial Emperor realm for more than ninety two years and knew that he had exhausted all his potential . If he doesn't get help from any external material like the Soul Essence Crystal, he would be impossible for him to break through the next stage.

Because of his burning desire to breakthrough the martial sovereign realm, he has taken the mission of killing a small child who he thought was an easy kill or a small sheep, yet that small sheep turned out to be a vicious wolf. No!! a wolf was also an understatement......he was more like a vicious dragon because a wolf couldn't evoke that much fear in his heart.

If he knew that the little bastard had already broken through the Martial Sovereign realm , even if he had been offered a thousand soul Essence Crystals, he wouldn't dare to take that mission because this was simply suicide. Since when these bastards were so easy to kill?. Even a Martial venerable couldn't easily kill a Martial sovereign realm , let alone a puny martial emperor like himself that hasn't even open his upper dantian yet.


The reason the top powerhouse weren't able to easily kill each other was due to their domain and spiritual sense. As long as the weak opponent wanted to escape, the stronger wouldn't be able to stop him unless it's one against multiple opponents. It's also almost impossible to assassinate a top-class powerhouse because they could feel anyone's presence distance away with their spiritual sense and domain.

Once one opened their upper-dantian and breakthrough the Martial sovereign, one would awaken their nascent soul and have some control over heaven and earth. One could even said that the martial sovereign was the first step of becoming an immortal or a god. On that stage , one could finally feel and comprehend the heavenly law.

Martial sovereign was also known as the harmonization of the Spirit and the Heavens and Earth. Furthermore, one that stage one would be able to use Spiritual sense and also fly without any external help.

Stepping into Martial sovereign was akin to stepping into the sky . There were only a handful of martial sovereigns throughout the entire heaven desolate region. Martial Sovereign Realm Experts were powerful experts that stood at the pinnacle of the Heaven desolate region, If a sect has a martial sovereign experts, it would already be considered a large sect.

The difference between martial emperor and martial sovereign was like heaven and earth. The power of a martial emperor was like a drop of water compared the power of a martial sovereign powerhouse which was like a vast sea. A drop of water was indescribably insignificant compared to the vast sea.


Aside from fear , there was rage, unwillingness , and hatred in their hearts. Especially Silver Fang, he had spent four hundred years of hard work before he could get to his present stage which was pretty good. Four hundred years of slaughters and hard work, and he was also really proud of himself because of his achievement. Yet in front of him was little bastard that's even younger than his grandson's grandson that's already way more powerful than him so how could he not hate him ? How comes the Heaven be so unfair?. When he was at his age, he was still eating dirts at the side of the road let alone opened a single meridian.

He knew that the little devil was already at the Peak of Martial Lord when he was born so he was mentally prepared. At most that little demon would be at the peak of martial king realm or at the initial stage of Martial Emperor. However, seeing with his own eyes that the little devil has already broken through the Martial sovereign realm left him shaking and breathless.

Not even a month old, he was already at the peak of Martial Lord. Ten years later , he arrived at the Martial Sovereign realm. What about five years later?

If the other sects got wind of this, they would risk everything to try to kill off that devil. This speed of improvement was too frightening!

While Silver Fang was drowning in his sea of bitterness,

Pop!" Mo fan's legs gave out as he dropped to the ground and muttered in daze: No.....way! That's impossible!, he's not human , he is a demon ......a demon!!!!."

Seeing how his close friend was having a mental breakdown, Silver Fang didn't look down upon his friend or make fun of him because he understood the impact of it all. He was filled with regrets instead. He couldn't imagine that he was going to be killed by a ten years old child. He knew that he was already dead meat. All this shit about how he could escape from a martial sovereign expert unscathed was them boasting. If a martial sovereign was dead set on killing them, then they could only wait to be killed. Their treasures could only allow them to teleport about two kilometers away.

Even though that little bastard has closed his eyes , Silver Fang knew that they were already within that little bastard's domain, and he was monitoring their every movement even with his eyes closed. Within one's domain, even could see or feel even a tiny ant which means that before they could make a move , that little devil would able to feel it.

In fact , even before they made it to the top of the mountain, that little devil has already known that they were coming with his spiritual sense. In order word, he was waiting for them.

"Hahahahaha...... , it seems like everything was true and it wasn't a trap."

" How lucky are we!.....Hahahaha."

While Silver was thinking of a way to get out this sticky situation, a loud and evil laughter rang out as more than hundred men in black appeared out nowhere, and surrounded the top of the mountain with the little devil and them in the middle created an inescapable net.

This loud shout and laughter not only frightened Silver Fang, it also startled Mo Fan who was on the verge of having a mental break down.


A strand of boundless and vast emperor aura abruptly surged out as a young man appeared in front of them. This young man seemed to be the leader of the hundreds of people that surrounded the top of the mountain. He was extremely handsome and his blue robe was drifting into the wind. He has a starry eyes and sword sharp brows.

He even had traces of lightning arcs twined around him which means that it was cultivating a powerful battle technique with the lightning attribute. His imposing manner was exceedingly vast and sharp. From this alone, one could infer that he was at the peak of Martial Empror, only a a step away from the Martial Sovereign Realm.

When the young man saw the little devil sitting crossed leggeg underneath the giant dead tree, he couldn't help but revealed a trace of violent joy. The look of his eyes was that of a wolf looking at its prey.

looking at the group of people that surrounded the top of the mountain, Silver Fang and Mo Fan had a surprise expression on their faces because they didn't know this people. They weren't among the toussand of people that were taking the test with them. So how could they get this far without alerting the members of the Heavenly Demon sect?. How the hell did they get here?

At the same time, their eyes couldn't help but lit up as well when they saw this group of people. Because they saw an opportunity! an opportunity to preserve their meager life and get the hell out this abyss. Even though the most powerful of these people was the young man with the strength of peak Martial Emperor, and the rest of them were Martial kings and Martial Lords, combined with their large numbers, they had enough strength to keep the little devil busy for a while as they make their escape.

" It seemed that you don't know what kind situation you are in." the young man said with slight smile on his face as he was looking at the little devil who didn't even bother to open his eyes even when they surrounded him.

" We've been staying in that damn mountain for a year when when the previous group of recruits came. We dug a cave in one the mountain and used our Sect powerful illusion array that not even a Martial Venerable could see through to hide from your sects high-level spiritual sense just in case they came to the exam site."

" We've spent a year investigating you and making sure that you were really alone with no Dao Protector."

" Don't think that because you were able kill some Martial Kings trash, you would be able to escape from our hands. We'll take your head before you can even have the chance to call for back up" Said the young man with cold smile.

After staying in the Grey Mist Forest for a year, he had witnessed some of the kid's battle. He was strong enough to kill Martial Kings efforsely like chopping vegetables. His strength was at the peak of martial king at most, only a step away from the Martial Emperor realm. A ten years old peak Martial King, no wonder the sect was dead set on killing that little devil no matter the risk before his wings could grow hard enough to stand up on his own.

" Brothers, let's quickly kill this bastard!" Said the young man with a devilish smile on his face while looking at Mo Fan and Silver Fang. Although he didn't know them but he already knew why they were here.

The group came prepared and were determined to kill the little devil at all costs.

However, while the young man was blabbering, underground, many tree roots silently came out from the scorched ground between the littered crack. Some were as big as an adult arm while others were the size of a hair. They were like spirit snakes and were impossible to be noticed if one were not looking closely at the ground. And these tree roots were moving like a poisonous snake that hid in the darkness, waiting and moving.

Just as the group people were about to attack the little devil.


Suddenly, there was a miserable shriek. A tree root, the size of an adult arm, suddenly crawled out and penetrated the chest of a Martial king realm expert.

" Junior Brother…"

The abrupt change happened too quickly, rendering the others to be shocked.


But in a flash, the tree root drained the blood of this warrior and, like a snake, it drilled down into the ground. Then, it suddenly appeared on the other side and stabbed another warrior.

"Quickly kill this bastard eldest senior brother…"

One of the frightened warriors roared and slashed forward with his sword towards the tree root.

With a single slash, he cut through the tree root, but the remaining fragment still pierced through his chest like an arrow.


The dying warrior couldn't believe this scene. As the root invaded his chest, it sucked up all of his blood, like a leech, then it suddenly went underground again. It was as though the tree root was alive. If it wasn't for the fact that he could see and feel the tree root in his chest, he would have thought that it was snake instead of a tree root.

"What kind of monster is this…"

Seeing the events that transpired right before their eyes, everyone felt a cold chill that flowed throughout their bodies!

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…"

In the blink of an eye, waves of tree roots rushed out from the ground and attacked the other warriors.

"That little devil, if I don't kill you today to soothe the blood of my junior brothers then my name won't be Situ Nian."

Seeing how his juniors brothers were being slaughtered like pig, the young man couldn't help but finally took action as he unleashed his torrential aura and charged towards the little devil with his spiritual weapon. Even though he didn't know how but he was pretty sure that all these tree roots were being somehow controlled and summoned by the little devil and only by killing him could he stop all of this.

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