Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
2 Annual Recruitmen
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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2 Annual Recruitmen

Time passed , and ten years elapsed in a blink of an eye. Although people still remembered the frightening event that shook the heaven desolate region ten years ago, but no one has ever found out the cause of it. Like this, most people put this event in the back of their heads as they moved on with their lives.

Like countless of big and small sects within the border of the Heaven Desolate region, today, once again was the annual recruitment of disciples for the Heavenly Demon sect. However, unlike the Seven righteous sects, there wasn't an ocean of people outside their mountain gate. Even though the heavenly demon sect was one the giants of the heaven desolate region , it was still an evil sect that was shunned by the masses after all.

Nonetheless, despite the heavenly demon sect being one of the five evil sects, there's still many people that were in love with his strict system and method of training. As such, in front of their mountain gate , There were still at least a thousand of people waiting to take their assessment in order to become a member of the sect.

The heavenly demon sect wasn't always an evil sect but labeled as one over the years due to its unique system and reputation. In fact, the name heavenly demon sect was also given by the people. In the distant past , the Heavenly Demon sect used to be known as Heavenly Saint Sect, a righteous Sect. The uniqueness of the heavenly demon sect can be seen through the ruthless competition between disciples. In the sect, the strong are like kings, while the weak are eliminated. The strong eat the weak; the law of the jungle, in the Heavenly demon sect is actively followed by all.
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In other righteous sects you may be able to have friendly competition, brotherly bonds and people working together to achieve the same goal. But in the Heavenly demon sect , you will have nothing but false bonds,as they used each other in order to rise to power. Stepping over each other's bodies was the only way.

Under heavenly demon sect strict system, it's well-known throughout the entire Heaven Desolate region. Although the number of their disciples was way less than the other four evil sects , but due to the brutal nature of their disciples, their might was second to none! This was also because, each disciples' skill was like a tiger and walking out, no one in all the heaven desolate region dared to provoke them. Not only that, they have produced countless of powerhouses which names have shook the heaven desolate region over years.

At this moment , the sun had just raised from the horizon, but there was already a long queue of people at the foot of a mountain of the heavenly demon sect. All the powerful noble families as well as royal families under the reign of the heavenly demon sect were already competing to send their children to the heavenly demon sect. All in the hope that their children would pass the test and finally become the disciple of the heavenly demon sect which was one of the fifteen giants of the Heaven desolate region. The heavenly demon sect only recruit disciple once a year , so no one was willing to miss this chance.

After a few hours of waiting , an elder of the heavenly demon sect eventually appeared before the waiting crowd. The elder was a middle-aged man and was not particularly eye-catching. He wore a plain black robe with the emblem of the heavenly demon sect engraved on his chest. The elder look more like a poor wretched beggar with his messy long hair rather than a powerful elder of the heavenly demon sect which was one of the most powerful sect within the heaven desolate region. However, no one dared to look down on him after seeing his eyes. They were especially sharp , like the eyes of an eagle.

Whoever his gaze fell upon, felt as if they were being eyed by a poisonous snake; their whole body felt a sudden chill. He had a cold aura, a clear sign of ruthlessness. The cold killing intent that was being emitted from his body showed that he was not a character to mess with.

The elder scanned all of the people in front of him before he said coldly, " welcome of all you to the annual recruitment of my heavenly demon sect. I am sure that all of you are already aware of our method of recruitment, so I don't need to explain everything again. Now , I will lead you all the the examination site."

After saying that , the elder didn't even give them a second glance as he took a detour and walked towards the mountains range that was behind the sect. It was as though the elder didn't give a rat ass about who they were or their background as he didn't even bothered to ask about it.

Indeed , they already knew that the heavenly demon sect has a strange way of recruiting disciples. All of the other sects, wether righteous or evil, did an aptitude test to see how high the talents of the examinees were before they were even allow to take the test of the sect , depending on how high one's aptitude was , some was even exempted to take the test and were directly admitted to the sect. However, the heavenly demon sect was different. You can even bribed your way into one of them , but the heavenly demon sect never attached importance to such a thing.

The sects had only one requirement, you have to be under the age of eighteen to take part of the exam. And the exam was very simple yet cruel, they dumped all of the examinees into the deepest part of the demon beasts forest in the back of the sect, and they were asked to spend seven days inside. As long as one survived for seven days inside the demon beasts forest that was fill with vicious and bloodthirsty demon beasts , you can be an outer court disciple of the heavenly demon sect.

The exam was extremely hard and dangerous which was why not many people dared to join their sect. However, those that were able to survive and enter the sect weren't small and soft characters. They were all dragons among men.

Not only that , the elders of the Heavenly Demon Sect had also laid down many illusions array within certain part of the forest as well. The Examinees would be shown realistic illusions.

For example, one could find himself trapped in a sea of fire. The body would feel as if it was actually entrapped; the mind would clearly feel the pain. The higher the level, the stronger the illusion would be.

It was a way for the Heavenly Demon Sect to not only check one's survival ability but Also one's willpower. The illusion array was in places where demon beast couldn't venture. It was so that the examinees won't be attack by demon beasts once fell into the illusion array.

After half an hour of walking , the elder stopped in front of a primitive forest which was filled with a milky grey mist. This kind of mist was extremely thick and difficult for people from the outside to see the inside.

Standing in the mouth of forest , the elder as well as the examinees were greeted by a dark atmosphere! Listening to the violent roars and the wails of the demon beats rang out from within the forest , the examinees couldn't help but feel a chill.

The elder looked at the examinees as he pointed at the grey mist forest with a light devilish smile on his face and said, " This is the exam site. Whoever can stay alive for seven days within that forest can become the disciple my heavenly demon sect."

"you can use any means at your disposal , your strength , wisdom , tricks and even murder. As long as you can stay alive for seven days, you are the disciple of my heavenly demon sect."

" Also those who do not wish participate in the exam, this is your last chance to back out ."

While the elder said , he looked at the people behind him . Seeing that none of them flinch and even had resolute look on their faces , he couldn't help but nod in satisfaction.

" Good." He added

" A word of advice to all of you , inside that forest there's a black mountain filled with dead trees and animal bones , no matter what happen , don't ever go on top of that mountain . In fact , as soon as you saw that black mountain , run as far away from it." Said the elder with a frighten look on his face.

" Is there a powerful beast that occupied that mountain?." Seeing the look of horror on the elder's face, one of the examinees couldn't help but ask with a worrying look his face.

From what they can see , the elder was at least a Martial King powerhouse. What Kind of demon beast could frighten an elder like that ? Was it a 7th rank demon beast.

Just like humans , demon beasts were rank from the 1st to the 11th rank which was similar to humans. The human cultivation system had 11 stages which were , Martial Warrior, Martial Master , Martial Grandmaster, Martial Ancestor, Martial Lord , Martial King , Martial Emperor , Martial Sovereign, Martial Venerable, Martial Saint, Martial God. Furthermore, each stage were divided into four minor realms , initial , middle , late and peak.

Most of them were just Martial Master realm , if there was a powerful demon beast inside that forest that could even make an elder of Martial King realm to scare out his Wits, then what about them . From what they heard from their families and friends that had already pass the exam , the most powerful demon beasts in the exam site were some high level 4th rank demon beast. So how could there be a more powerful beast that could even make a powerful elder of heavenly devil sect to Almost shit on himself just by talking about it .

Seeing the look of worried on their faces , the elder already knew what they were thinking.

" you don't have to worry , there's no powerful demon beasts above 4th rank inside the forest. As long as you guys don't go on top of the black mountain where that little devil is resided, he won't bother to kill you. Furthermore, he rarely leaves the mountain, so you guys are safe." Reassured the elder without explaining who that little devil was. However, that didn't stop them from knowing who he was referring to. There was only one person in the entire heavenly demon sect as well the surrounding power that people referred to as little devil behind his back.

"OK, begin!"

As the elder gave the order, amongst over thousands people present, hundreds of them rushed into the forest as fast as they could while some stay behind because they knew that the focus was not on who could can get inside the forest first or run faster but on staying alive . The exam was not a race but a marathon.

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